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Thursday, December 22, 2005

My Favourite Christmas Carol

Max I have pretty common tastes when it comes to the Christmas season; turkey, cranberries, sage in the stuffing. As I go through my pop culture checklist that prepares my mood for the holiday, I can tick off as already having absorbed The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (nothing more heartwarming that Max's smile) and A Charlie Brown Christmas (can't get in the mood until I've heard Sally say "All I want is my fair share."). Still waiting to see Alastair Sim in A Christmas Carol, but that's a given (for some odd reason, of all the great moments in that great film, it is the look on the face of the nephew's silent maid who urges Scrooge into the party near the end of the film to the strains of the cruel Barbara Allan, that trips my Christmas switch and I don't know why). One piece of the puzzle I am still missing is the hearing of my favourite carol, Bring a torch, Jeanette, Isabella. (In second place, Oh Holy Night. btw Maclean's is offering a Christmas station until the end of the month.) I'd be interested in finding out what others rank as their favourite carol or song of the season.

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Amazing. I have the same reaction at almost exactly the same moment of A Christmas Carol, which is not only the best Christmas film ever made, but one of the most evocative of all movies. I've seen it virtually every year since it was made, more than 50 years ago, and I get weepy at the same time...when the maid smiles, and the singers go from unison into harmony, I get tears in my eyes. It's the perfect combination of facial expression and music, and it stirs a deep sentiment of nostalgia.

Posted by: BillBC | 2005-12-22 8:38:35 AM

My favourite carols are God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen and We Three Kings (Myrrh is mine, its bitter perfume &c ;-)

Mom likes Silent Night and O Little Town of Bethlehem best.

Posted by: Vitruvius | 2005-12-22 5:00:42 PM

I like Silent Night too. Also Coventry Carol. We were nostalgic for a Canadian Christmas and actually went carolling in our neighborhood with a few neighbor families. Some people were very receptive, and others ignored us, or were afraid to open the door. It wasn't quite the same - we had fun anyway. Somewhat surreal in 80 deg. and palm trees, but we came back and had hot chocolate and cider. Merry Christmas Canada.

Posted by: lwestin | 2005-12-22 7:42:09 PM

I love the traditional triad:

We Three Kings
Hark The Herald Angels Sing
Joy To The World

Every Christmas Eve for the past 30 some odd years my family gathers at my cousin's house and sings all the traditional carols. We started when we moved here in the 70's. I was 13, now my son is 17 and one day I hope his children will join us.

Merry Christmas
God bless us every one.

Mont D. Law

Posted by: montdlaw | 2005-12-23 8:10:06 AM

Christmas wish at Duke's Place

Posted by: Duke | 2005-12-23 9:52:26 PM


Funny you should mention those three great Christmas classics. I have an old VCR tape I made during the Christmas season 1993, and the Grinch, Charlie Brown Christmas and the Alistair Sim 1951 version of a Christmas Carol are recorded on that tape in that very order you mention them. Odd coincidence, I think I will go and watch it, Merry Christmas to all!

Posted by: LGB | 2005-12-23 10:14:28 PM

I too am a fan of "the maid." From the moment she opens the door she gives a slightly surprised look and throughout the scene the hopeful, kind watchfulness on her face is marvelous. Would love to know if she was directed to play the scene this way or whether it was something she and/or Sims worked out. For a bit piece it is brilliant. What is the maid's name and whatever happened to her? Somebody please tell me that she went on to a satisfying career.

Posted by: ron green | 2008-12-21 5:12:38 PM

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