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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

More on Jews Killing Christmas

According to a BBC report, Joseph and Mary would not be able to get to Bethlehem nowadays, and Mary would not be able to give birth to Our Lord in a manger, thanks to the Israelis and their wall:

Had Jesus' parents Joseph and Mary tried to travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem nowadays, they would find it to be a near impossible task due to the IDF roadblocks and the West Bank security fence, a BBC reporter claimed in a televised broadcast this week.

Hmm. Even if this were true, it leaves out one important thing: If Mary and Joseph -- both Jews -- tried to go to Bethlehem today, without the protection of the IDF and the Israeli security barrier, they would probably get blown up by some Hamas or Islamic Jihad loon strapped down with dynamite. Personally, I'd choose going through some roadblocks and security checks over being brutally slaughtered any old day. And I suspect the parents of Our Lord would agree.
At any rate, the BBC appears to have left out this little tidbit regarding Christmas in Bethlehem, 2005:

The festivities capped the most peaceful year since the outbreak of Israeli-Palestinian fighting in September 2000.

The "most peaceful" Christmas in five years. Do you suppose the Israeli security barrier and the IDF roadblocks have anything to do with that?
Ah well. It's all right up there with Al-Reuters' recent Christmas greetings.

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I always knew it was the jews. Even when it was the terrorists, I knew it was the jews.


I guess the press corps might as well put up signs that say 'x-mas is for terrorists too!'

Posted by: Dishwasher | 2005-12-28 5:25:21 PM

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