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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Liberal pundits

From experience, I know it can be difficult to be a partisan political pundit. That is, if all you're doing is repeating the party line, you're not going to be interesting or even that credible -- but if you stray too far from the party line, you lose your inside "access" to what's going on.

That's why Warren Kinsella and Sheila Copps have turned into two of the most interesting pundits during this election. They have decades of inside knowledge about the Liberals, but don't give a damn if Paul Martin excommunicates them (he already has, several times).

Which is why no-one else could have written Sheila Copps' report on Mike Klander's potty-mouthed blog.

Interesting times.

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To wit: K reports AdSackcam Martin as a "hobby farmer"; great income tax break$ there, too.
Notice also, K's last words: "He never will". Ironic? Or prophecy? Or something else? Watch K's blog.>>> >>>>

December 2005


December 28, 2005 - This is:

1. yet more evidence why Chrétien is going to handily win his Federal Court case on bias (eg. Gomery candidly admits to hiring someone who would be seen as possessing same), and,

2. yet more evidence why the "newsmaker of the year" made news, alright - but in a manner a judge never should.

Even after everything that has happened, the hobby farmer doesn't get it. He never will. >>>

Posted by: maz2 | 2005-12-28 5:11:04 PM

Mr. Kinsella has this one exactly right. The mandate of the Gomery commission was clearly to assign blame to Chretien and leave Martin in the clear. It's always about Quebeckers. Always.

Posted by: Billy B. ByTown | 2005-12-28 5:43:37 PM

I read here a while ago that martin was the fourth quebec liberal lawyer to be prime minister, with a few nothings in between. I reckon that says it all, Alta.Sask.B.C. LETS GET THE HELL OUT.

Posted by: Western Canadian | 2005-12-28 7:27:38 PM


Posted by: Tozetre | 2005-12-28 9:38:52 PM

PMPM hails from Windsor Ontario, he's a wanna be.

Posted by: kelly | 2005-12-29 9:15:08 PM

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