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Monday, December 26, 2005

How to lose an election

Yesterday, the racist and sexist comments of a senior party executive were discovered on his blog.  This may derail the entire campaign and may just go down as the biggest series of gaffes so far.  It might just end up losing the election.

Developing story here...

Posted by Stephen Taylor on December 26, 2005 | Permalink


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... and winning it for the good guys!

Posted by: Stephen Taylor | 2005-12-26 4:52:50 AM

Ever watch coverage of Parliament in session? If the Conservatives so much as raise the issue of immigration to call into question any aspect of our less-than-perfect system, they are vehemently attacked with the R-word, by the Liberal party.

Since the Conservatives rarely accuse Liberals of racism, I believe they have a lot more credibility on this file.

Posted by: Joel K. | 2005-12-26 7:20:50 AM

Check out the anti-Semite, a Jew-hater, posting to tell us what's racist and sexist and what's not. Truly the internet is "vanity press for the deranged".

Posted by: calgarian | 2005-12-26 7:30:26 AM

"comments on the site are not sexist nor racist" R. McClelland, are you illiterate or are you simply a desperate liberal apologist whom has nothing left to say except what is so obviously untrue. My grade two daughter could read that site and tell you that it is hateful and wrong! If something like this had been posted on a Conservative party executive's website, you arrogant, hypocritical, dark side liberals would have been all over it!

Posted by: Eric Neilson | 2005-12-26 7:58:12 AM

Robert's no Liberal, he's a whackjob hardcore NDPer, about as politically sophisticated as the Khmer Rouge. He's also set himself up with a blog to promote his opinions and thereby voluntarily sets himself up for criticism. Like all trendy modern socialists, he hates Jews. Hate motivates him, he's not here to defend the Liberals, his constant chant is anti-Conservative, that's it, that's all...

Posted by: calgarian | 2005-12-26 8:38:23 AM

We note that there is an emerging pattern of spoiled brat nastiness and hubris from the Liberal sanadbox (actually, more like the Liberal kitty liter box)

This genetic pattern of nasty/snotty behaviour in the Liberal apparatiks in their larval stage reminds me of a universal true-ism once penned by PJ O'Rourke:

“At the core of liberalism is the spoiled child — miserable, as all spoiled children are, unsatisfied, demanding, ill-disciplined, despotic, and useless. Liberalism is a philosophy of sniveling brats.”

Absolutely true....and genetically visible in Klander,Reid and the prototype Kinsella .

Posted by: WLMackenzie redux | 2005-12-26 10:41:23 AM

If nothing else, it proves that rabid, hate-mongering idiots don't all come from the Right. And as, Lorne Gunther says in his national post column today - "at the very least a suspicion about the innate wisdom of average people".

Posted by: Shooter | 2005-12-26 12:26:49 PM

Why is the MSM still silent on this issue? I know it's boxing day, but CBC has updated its website to report on the approaching blizzard on the East Coast.

Has anyone here found any coverage of this story from somewhere other than a blog?

Robert, maybe it wasn't blatant racism, but it is disgusting. If you follow the link to Stephen Taylor's site, you'll discover that that was one minor part of Klander's disgusting and offensive posts which included blatant homophobia. (Isn't it the Cons who you accuse of being homophobic?)

Posted by: Angela | 2005-12-26 12:49:52 PM

The basic progress is through interaction with the individual.

When the individual hides behind a group or union or manifesters or socialist party or communists, there is no hope because the individual does not ask the right question to himself. And this is a hindrance to progress.

Instead the socialist people believe the group will solve their problems, which never happen of course.

This creates an irresponsible mentality. As an example, I went to a cross country ski place run by the city on Christmas Day. The parking was full but they did not open the chalet. Why? They could have at least open the door for the toilets. It is a no brainer to find one person as a replacemnt for the regulars for an afternoon.

If you tell that to the employees, they will answer it could not be open because of the regulations (union, whatever). So rather than seving the population, they serve themselves and their regulations.

This is an evil false principle. It has been largely exemplified by its total failure in USSR. Problems with North Korea and China are still going on today.

Consider the people responsible for real progress and discoveries. Never was it the fate of groups but individuals.
Examples: Albert Einstein, Werner Von Braun, Louis Pasteur, Albert Schweitzer, Charles De Gaulle, Bill Gates. I leave it with the reader who may find many more examples.

This is not to say that, because a person is a CEO, he will never be responsible for frauds as was the case with Enron or Permalat or some banks. But the solution is certainly not socialism.

Posted by: Rémi houle | 2005-12-26 2:29:39 PM

AAwww McClelland is just one very very angry guy. At what nobody is sure. He typically sputters, spittle flying, then drools whilst furiously pounding the keys on his key board. Spewing venom onto the screen in a impotant attempt at I don't know what?

Haven't you noticed that his ilke are mainstream today. The norm. After all we have Paul (intergalatic war) Hellyer as exhibit "A".

Canada has become Whackos R US. and damn proud of it.

Posted by: Jeff Cosford | 2005-12-26 2:43:30 PM

What would self-professed (but remains in denial of) Jew-Hater Robert McLelland know about what is racist?

Robbie, this sniveler is one of yours and he is indefensible no matter what you say. He is guilty in the public arena and in this election camaign that's all that matters.

This one is a big hole to plug for you most loving of humanity lefties ... This election campaign just keeps getting better.

The Liberal kings are truly not wearing any clothes.

Posted by: Duke | 2005-12-26 4:16:29 PM

Check out the post at Duke's place for a comic view of Mikey's gaff.


Posted by: Duke | 2005-12-26 4:19:04 PM

Sorry that would be.

Posted by: Duke | 2005-12-26 4:20:12 PM

So many erudite opinions here I'm getting dizzy........ A wise woman named Kate said " you don't speak for me " This coming election I'll be voting in my ignorance hoping to make a difference. If it goes against I'll protect my family the best way I can.

Posted by: circe | 2005-12-26 4:51:32 PM

UPDATE CBC Radio is reporting that Klander has resigned and is also calling him the first casualty of bloggers in this election.

Don't blame Klander, blame the bloggers who found him! Actually, it was the Toronto Star (definitely not a blog) that initially discovered Klander's crap. Paul Wells' blog, which is part of the Macleans website (also a traditinal source of media) was next to jump on this story before the independent bloggers began investigating Klander. It seems like perhaps the CBC wants this story to be about blogging, rather than a Liberal worker's comments.

Posted by: Angela | 2005-12-26 5:02:22 PM

First: Betito Resigns >>> SDA >>>

Second: Klander Resigns. >>> Star, Wells, Taylor, & etc. >>>

Third: CBC Resigns. (Not (yet))>>>

Angela (above) said: "UPDATE CBC Radio is reporting that Klander has resigned and is also calling him the first casualty of bloggers in this election." >>>>>>

CBC is wrong again. Wilfully wrong. Down with the CBC. How to out the CBC? How to take on the CBC? Report them to the CRTC? (Joke).

Posted by: maz2 | 2005-12-26 5:14:36 PM

I see Robert McClelland is a blatant practitioner of common leftist double standards. He knows damned well that if a Conservative had done what the reprehensible "Liberal" KKKlander bastard had done, he personally would be declaring it as another example of why he and other leftists fear the Conservatives.

He knows I'm right. He does it all the time for far, far, FAR less than the terrible crap of which we're speaking.

Truth is: It's the Liberals and NDPers and the left in general that spews the racist and other intolerant bile.

Robert McClelland, you have no credibility, sir, nor integrity. You are a brainwashed left-wing extremist who denies leftist racism (against all common and politically-correct sense) and turns around and accuses us of that of which it is YOU who is guilty.

Posted by: The Canadian Sentinel | 2005-12-26 5:55:38 PM

Canadian Sentinel is right.

Which political party enshrined group rights into the Charter? Which end of the political spectrum advocates racist affirmative action policies?
The opposite of racism or sexism is individualism. Currently, the party most committed to the value of individual rights, responsibilities and choice is the CPC. It not surprising they they have the most diverse caucus.

Posted by: Angela | 2005-12-26 6:18:50 PM

Well too be honest, I didn't read the whole article but can anyone really argue with the Fact that Layton is not a ahole?? As in fact, all diehard socialists are aholes....From Marx to Emma Goldman to Ed Broadbent et al!!!

As for Bobby McClelland, please do not feed the trolls......this man is a sick sick human....and I mean that seriously....he is not a well man too be sure!!

He deserves our pity and not scorn!!!

Posted by: Albertanator | 2005-12-26 6:19:02 PM

Canadian Gum* Long gun/handgun Registry:

Exhibit # 8,679,045 + 46 :

Comments are a must read!

Boxing Day horror downtown (Toronto Canada - gang bangers)
Toronto red-Star ^ | Dec. 26, 2005 | Staff

Posted on 12/26/2005 3:45:34 PM PST by GMMAC

Boxing Day horror downtown

Dec. 26, 2005. 06:26 PM

Shots rang out on busy Toronto streets crowded with Boxing Day shoppers today, killing one person and wounding seven others.

The first shots were apparently fired around 5:30 p.m. from a vehicle driving north on Yonge St. near Gerrard St., severely wounding one woman in the head.

Police received calls within minutes about seven other shooting victims — including one in the Delta Chelsea hotel, one at a Pizza Pizza, two in the doorway of the nearby Foot Locker and one at a Red Lobster restaurant.

Police have two men in custody in connection with the shootings. They were apprehended at the Castle Frank subway station.

One of the victims shot at the Foot Locker has apparently died. Two of the others shot are reported to be in critical condition at St. Michael’s hospital. One victim reportedly walked into Mt. Sinai hospital. >>>

* H/T; Liberal David Dingwall $1.29 cud of gum.

Posted by: maz2 | 2005-12-26 6:19:44 PM

Relax. Reporting the story today is known as burying it. Let someone discover it in a week.

Posted by: pete e | 2005-12-27 12:19:18 AM

Well I read through several of the cached blogshots and I was hardly deeply deeply offended. It's certainly rude and crude and pretty much bereft of any redeeming elements such as humor or wisdom, and although my opinion of Jack Layton is very low indeed, I don't see anything wrong with his wife's appearance. OTOH, Dalton McGuinty and Michael Ignatieff do look like Anthony Perkins geek clones, so one can hardly get too out of sorts about that.

What is problematic to say the least is that this is coming from an operative of the Liberal Party. The most striking thing to me that the blog tells us is that the Inner Party doesn't believe their own rhetoric. Remember, this is the party campaigning on a platform that says gay marriage is a basic human right, any criticism of any immigration-related issue is racist racist racist, and anybody who doesn't live in downtown Toronto or downtown Montreal is a rube and a boob. (Okay, I made up that last one -- it isn't part of the platform, and they really do believe it).

The single most bizarre thing in the blog cache is the entry for July 29, 2005. It's a riff about ridiculous government nanny-state over-regulation around the world, and gives a list of absurd but actual laws. Well, okay -- but this is coming from an Ontario Liberal !!! Like I'm trying to say, the story here is that the insiders don't follow ANY of the rules they prescribe for the little people.

Posted by: CJ | 2005-12-27 2:58:50 AM

Angela 6:18. My favourite, who gave First Nations people the vote?

Posted by: rebarbarian | 2005-12-27 7:45:15 AM

I find it hard to believe Mr McClelland is an NDP supporter given that he is trying to excuse a Liberal's comments that insult the wife of the NDP leader.

I don't think McClelland exists. He's a fictional character. He's too good to be true.

Posted by: The Fog is Clearing | 2005-12-27 3:02:50 PM

if this would have been a cpc member it would be breaking news story on cbc the kind that says we must interupt this program to bring you!!!!

Posted by: harold | 2005-12-27 3:25:56 PM

Isn't it odd how much time Rubert spends on conservative blogs?
And even if it wasn't racist, it's amazingly puerile and digusting for someone that's supposed to be important. Plus he's too stupid to understand that this newfangled internet thingy means you don't control who sees crap like this. For the amusement of his friends? How pathetic are his friends?

Posted by: nazz rune | 2005-12-27 3:35:27 PM

Bad taste for sure nazz rune, but also a far more serious crime that even some right-wingers are guilty of: bad taste that isn't even funny.

Ohhh, Olivia Chow's Chinese, the dog is Chinese and named Chow, hardee har har. (Would have been funnier if China didn't have some 244 million Chows, perhaps). Jack Layton is an "asshole"...was "Josef Stalin with a crappier moustache" unavailable? If you're going to say something that you know will offend large numbers of people, you'd better make sure the few who aren't offended find it entertaining, and even the detractors can at least credit you for being funny.

Posted by: Feynman and Coulter's Love Child | 2005-12-28 2:41:41 AM

Robert is a government employee, what can you say?

Posted by: Western Canadian | 2005-12-28 8:17:00 PM

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