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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Exploding Goodale's 'big hint' defence

Ralph Goodale has said--and continues to say--that the reason for the market spike prior to his Nov. 23 announcement on income trusts was good trading based on a big hint he gave to the national press the day before. From CTV today:

"The day before on the Tuesday late afternoon, coming out of the House of Commons, I indicated publicly in a scrum in the lobby of the House of Commons that I was concerned about matters related to uncertainty in this issue of income trusts, and I was considering the possibility of an early announcement," said Goodale.

"I did not indicate a decision had been taken, but I was looking at the matter. Now that comment by me was carried extensively that day on the wire services and it was a major story in The Globe and Mail ..."

Since the day of the announcement, everyone has concentrated on finding evidence of a leak, parsing emails for a hint that income trusts were not going to be taxed. But not enough attention has been paid to what might be called the counter-hint. Please recall this news story Nov. 24, the morning after, in the National Post, referring to that counter-hint;

But the announcement was marred by confusion after Mr. Goodale's parliamentary secretary, John McKay, said on national television that there would be a new tax imposed on income trusts held in pension funds. Mr. Goodale, at a news conference later, said there was no such tax.

I do not know the time of McKay's counter-hint. But obviously, different signals were going out. If anyone recalls when John McKay made his statement, please feel free to post it in comments. In light of this, I don't know why Goodale continues to use his big hint defence.

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he made it after the market closed on the 23rd on Politics or Mike Duffy Live

Posted by: choo choo man | 2005-12-29 12:21:31 PM

Thanks, choo-choo. I'll try to find the statement. If it was after markets closed, that might mitigate it somewhat, though it does indicate at least confusion within the department.

Posted by: Kevin Steel | 2005-12-29 12:40:06 PM

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Ok. I admit, I am a conservative.

While not a member before this morning, I have voted PC or CPC in the last few federal elections. I live in the riding of St. Paul's in downtown Toronto which has been held for the last while by a Carolyn Bennett, Liberal MP.But thats it. I have only voted thus.

Until now.At 9:01 this morning I became a member of the Conservative Party of Canada, and I just wanted to share my reasons.

Last night around dinner time, one of Ms. Bennett's campaigners came to my door. She then proceeded to tell me about Carolyn and then began to talk about her Conservative opponent, Peter Kent.The campaigner then told me that Peter Kent is anti-Israel. Not only that, but she pointed out that Peter has never supported the cause of Israel and that he has always come across to her as anti-semetic.I know this to be completely untrue, as I have spoken to Peter several times about this issue.

I just could not stand the hypocrasy of this anymore so I bit the bullet and joined the Conservatives. I will now be actvely campaigning against Ms. Bennett and her lying attack dogs.The Liberals are quick to attack the CPC on matter os Israel, and we need to stop the lying.

And so, I launch Bennett Watch. I refuse to stand by and let her spread lies. Its one thing to campaign, its another to smear. >>>
via newsbeat1.com

Posted by: maz2 | 2005-12-29 12:59:43 PM

Haven't found the exact quote, but apparently it was on CBC Newsworld just before Goodale's announcement. I guess my point still is; if his parliamentary secretary was confused about what direction the government was going on this, how can Goodale continue to maintain that his big hint of the day before was sufficient enough reason for people to start risking millions of dollars?


"However, the comments of John McKay, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Finance, on CBC Newsworld yesterday revealed the Liberals are planning to slap a new tax on income trusts. Solberg voiced strong concerns about whether the Liberals would maintain the Conservative plan on income trusts if re-elected."


"The policy was being developed with such haste, however, that John McKay, Mr. Goodale's parliamentary secretary, went on live television shortly before the dividend credit increase was unveiled and mistakenly suggested Ottawa was also implementing a small tax on trusts. Officials said yesterday Mr. McKay was misinformed about "the decision moving forward" and was not "up to date" on Ottawa's plans."

Posted by: Kevin Steel | 2005-12-29 1:04:54 PM

It seems like it's possible that certain Liberal insiders were more up-to-date than Mr. McKay. I wonder how he feels about that?

Posted by: Angela | 2005-12-29 1:23:16 PM

You may find the blog at: http://autonomoussource.com/archive/000746.html
helpful with background info.

Posted by: ann | 2005-12-29 1:44:24 PM

Pictoral view of the Martin Goodale defensive

Posted by: Duke | 2005-12-29 2:54:57 PM

The NDP has dedicated a page to exploding Goodale's defence;

The Facts On Goodale's Income Trust Announcement

Posted by: Kevin Steel | 2005-12-29 3:28:37 PM

Since it was the NDP who asked the RCMP for this investigation, could we conclude that they also gave the RCMP the facts posted on their website?

Posted by: old squid | 2005-12-29 4:38:41 PM

Here is the set-up; from CP, aka Canadian Press, aka Librano$ megaphone. Is the RCMP pulling a shell game for the Librano$?

Even G*d is on the side of the Librano$. >>>

Fate of Liberals rests on Goodale
OTTAWA (CP) - Will Ralph Goodale's reputation as Mr. Clean save or sink the Liberals' election prospects?

But if Goodale's reputation isn't enough to defuse the scandal, Liberals believe the fact that the criminal investigation was revealed in the dead zone between Christmas and New Year's Day, when few voters were paying attention, will save their electoral bacon.

"There is a God after all," chuckled one Liberal MP>>>> End of story.


Posted by: maz2 | 2005-12-29 4:52:06 PM

that NDP fact sheet is pretty damning.

Posted by: choo choo man | 2005-12-29 5:01:50 PM

This is also devastating to that whole "it was just savvy speculators" theory.

by M.K. Braaten

Tonight CTV National news had even more devastating news for the Martin Liberals. CTV has found individuals who offered evidence of a leak from within the Ministry of Finance. The main highlights of the newscast are as follows:

Don Drummond, VP/Chief Economist: CTV said that Drummond told them he first heard about the announcement via email, 4 hours in advance of announcement. Also, stated that Liberal strategists in Ottawa were the source of email. CTV quoted Drummond as saying “Alot of people seemed to know there was an announcement coming and a few people seemed to know what it was.”
Jim Leech, Teachers pension fund - CTV said that Leech received emails at about 2 pm stating that the announcement was guaranteed. CTV Quoted Leech “I got a bunch of emails around 2pm saying for sure Goodale was making an announcement after the close.”
Sandy Mcintyre, Sentry Select Capital: CTV reported he sent the following email: “There is a strong rumor out of Ottwa that Goodale is going to pronounce after the close today his trust solution…hope my sources are right!” Mcintyre said his sources were quoting ‘well connected Liberals’.
Richard Nesbitt, CEO TSX Group: According to CTV, Nesbitt purchased $759,000 worth of stocks hours before the announcement and made $100,000 in profit the next day. However, he could not be reached for comment, yet his spokesman said that he was only filling up his core holdings before the calendar year end.

Posted by: choo choo man | 2005-12-29 9:56:10 PM

With all we now know about the Liberals .. and many of us have known or suspected much of it before ..
Only a Zombie could vote for these scummers.

Of course they will get the votes of those on their payrolls and that may be all they need.

See Goodale tossed off the Stone wall at Duke's

Posted by: Duke | 2005-12-29 10:36:41 PM

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