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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Conservatives should chill a bit

What is it with conservatives (such as Stephen Taylor) joining in with the mainstream media chorus of playing the racism card on Mike Klander? Greg Staples put it best by describing the Liberal official's webstite comments as "adolescent" humour, but the feigned (or worse, real) outrage is too much. A visual representation of Olivia Chow as a chow dog is not a "racist" attack but obviously a play on her name. That is the understanding of Conservative leader Stephen Harper who said: "I don't think it helps itself by running a campaign of personal attack and slur, which is what it has been doing -- comparing political opponents to animals." But I think he misses the point, too. Klander is not running an official Liberal Party website and his blog is hardly part of the Liberal campaign. Truth be told, many conservatives have made similar comments and laughed about them at private parties and if conservative bloggers did not have the full hate-on for the Liberals -- an attitude that leads them to accept politically correct pieties if it means scoring political points against their nemisis -- they would, too.

Let me commit a conservative heresy and agree with Klander on several points. He refers to Rona Ambrose as "sexy." Stephen Taylor says that is misogynistic. I think both are wrong. Ambrose isn't sexy but it's harldy misogynistic to point it out if she was. More importantly, though is the hypocrisy of Conservatives on this. The unspoken assumption of Conservatives when they put her forward as the face of the Tories is that some Canadians believe she is not hard on the eyes and she is thus a great face to put on the party. That is, there is some "sex factor" being considered by the Tories themselves. Furthermore, I can't help but believe that Rahim Jaffer and other ethnics appear on stage alongside the party leader <em>because</em> they are visible minorities. It is not that Ambrose and Jaffer and others are not talented but that politics is so debased that the Conservatives must be "politically correct" in their presentation of their party. So Klander has a point. Even if he stoops to adolescent jokes to make some of them.

All that said, I think that Ezra Levant strikes the right tone in his earlier Shotgun post.

(Cross-posted at Sobering Thoughts)

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It is all about the money the Liberals, with the approval of the ND's, stole from the Canadian people. The shredders are running overtime as I write, idiots like this Klander fool are just media deterrent 'fall guys'; don't worry tax payers, Paule has paid the 'jester' off. He (Klander) will retire in the Bahamas with a big brown sack of OUR $$. The average person NEVER finds a brown paper bag of money in a restaurant or anywhere else, why would anyone vote for someone who passes out our money like candy? It was never the Liberano's money to divvy out but by casting aspersions on INDIVIDUALS, even in their own minions, the Liberanos are taking the attention of 'pundits' away from the REAL reason for this election - criminal corruption. Stephen Harper and Giles Duceppe are the only leaders who deserve the energy investment of a jaunt outside to the voting poll. I would walk ten miles to vote FOR Stephen Harper; I would not have bothered to vote when Malrony stacked the senate, had he been the only person I would vote FOR - I voted FOR Preso that year. The Liberanos with the tacit approval of the NDs stole money from EVERY taxpayer - why would ANY taxpayer vote FOR them _ esp when it is 20 below and you can't afford to heat your house?
The fools that the Liberanos are using will not starve - the brown paper sacks are going from hand to hand and the shredders are destroying the evidence. IMO.

Posted by: jema54j | 2005-12-28 9:52:30 AM

"Criminal corruption": jema54j has the correct charge against the AdScam Martin gang.
Lafleur & cronies stole millions from Canadians. Has Lafleur been charged? Search says No.>>>


Residents of an upscale Costa Rican neighbourhood are fighting to kick out a front-line Adscam player for his loud and rowdy all-night parties.

Montreal adman Jean Lafleur, who is under investigation by the Quebec Provincial Police for fraud and is facing a $5.9-million federal lawsuit, has allegedly been partying it up in a lavish San Jose apartment since testifying before Justice John Gomery earlier this year.

British-born investment adviser and author Scott Oliver, Lafleur's neighbour, is leading a concerted effort in the San Raphael de Escazu suburb to get Lafleur kicked out of the eight-unit apartment complex before he's due back in January. >>> more

Posted by: maz2 | 2005-12-28 10:21:56 AM

Everything is relative Paul. The Liberals have used less than this to tarnish all conservatives as bigots, racists and you name it. So you will have to forgive us, if it seems our indignation is a little forced. Blame it on the liberals for lowering the bar.

Posted by: MikeP | 2005-12-28 10:31:58 AM

Mike, you may blame the Liberals for lowering the bar, but I will blame the Conservatives for stooping to the Liberal level. By over-reacting to every Liberal idiot and idiocy you risk returning to the angry Conservative mould and potentially being led into a trap by the Libs. The old adage about the perils of entering into a urinating competition with a striped rodent comes to mind.

Posted by: Mark P | 2005-12-28 11:13:13 AM

The east has been telling the CPC to move towards the center for them to become comfortable with Stephen Harper. The east wants the CPC to be a carbon copy of the Liberals. The bar has indeed been lowered and it is obvious that the Liberals are the ones who are becoming uncomfortable in their new skin. The Lib's have moved out of the center & too far to the left, having to deal with their own extremism.

Posted by: Lemmytowner | 2005-12-28 11:17:25 AM

Mark under normal circumstances I would agree, but since the media is waiting to pounce on the conservatives for any minor transgression, I think its wise for us to jump in, so to speak. In the proecess we may make the press more accountable. After all whats good for the goose etc. etc. It also might make the liberals more hesitant to use these tactics in future.

Posted by: MikeP | 2005-12-28 11:32:42 AM

Chilling Out

Yes, it is time that a whole lot of people on all sides start doing this - then sit back and try to look at the whole picture of where Canada has been, where it is now, and ponder on what it might become. Looking at many of the why's (government policies/historically significant pieces of legislation) of it all can only help as well.

Canada is much more than what has happened/not happened in the past 12 years.

Electing people to the house of commons who have barely achieved the requirements for running for MP (Canadian citizen for 3 years plus 100 signatures and a couple of other minor details) can only exacerbate the political mess we are in.

The two party (basically) system has evolved over the decades and for many reasons. We are at the stage where it is now - and where it is now is not a very good place as far as I am concerned.

Now, it is sooooo all about political correctness, ethnic politics, promotion of women/aboriginals/visible minorities/bilingualism for many of the wrong reasons (delivering votes), and on and on it goes. Expressing a dissenting opinion on anything these days seems to incur the labels of racist/bigot etc, etc. The sensitivity level seems far to high these days - just like road rage is a relatively new concept.

Lost in a whole lot of this is common sense in favor of "loyalty" to the party. This loyalty should never be confused with the loyalty that is generally considered a significant component of ones's value system.

Perhaps the time has come for the voting public to take a serious look at who the candidates are in their OWN specific riding and vote for the person who will best represent THEIR riding's interests in Ottawa - forget about party loyalty, political correctness, blah, blah, blah and focus on competence. How novel it would be to have 308 representatives of Canada arrive in Ottawa during the week of Jan 23. They could decide among themselves about who among them would take the leadership positions from the top to the bottom. The civil service is so much in control, anyway, that it really doesn't matter much who the political front people are.

Surely this approach would have about as much success as a bare minority in the traditional sense being returned to Ottawa - whether it be conservatives or liberals with the NDP/Bloc holding the balance of power.

If the three main party organizers,candidates/inner supporters don't start chilling out, the voting people may just be turned off enough to support none of these parties on Jan 23.

There are a couple of reasons why voters might cast a vote for the Green Party.

One is that they have sincere people running and also seem to have some very good ideas.

A second reason, and one that is not likely lost on the candidates/organizers of the other parties, is that the Green has some 300 candidates running. While excluded from the debates (at least for now) they will be on the ballot.

Firstly,their support is likely to come from those who like their people/programs.

Secondly, what cannot be ruled out is that there may also be votes cast for the Green as a protest vote against all of the exisiting parties - a cry in the wilderness, if you will, for how politics is done these days.

This would not be a lost vote - it would have the potential of increasing the number of total votes cast for Green. This would increase their budget significantly to enable them to build further for the next(inevitable) election.

It could also register a protest that really has no other way of being heard. Would this be such a bad thing????

Posted by: calgary clipper | 2005-12-28 11:33:35 AM

The Liberal's shadowy release to key media reporters of a speech made 8 years ago when he was a private citizen was apparently "fair game" for them. As will be any gaffe by a conservative (not even big "C") during this campaign.

Let's not pretend show naivity, eh? Or write false outrage at what the Klander (and Reid) incidents were: the hidden values of Liberal Party executives and strategists coming to light. Oh, and the Gomery "mini-incident", too, while we are on the subject of "Liberal Values" ... which are no longer Canadian Values.

Posted by: Erik Sorenson | 2005-12-28 11:49:03 AM

Is Slander Klander one of these entitlees? Is Betito one of these entitlees? More corruption from AdScam Martin & the Liberal Party. >>>

The curtains are gone, right? Look through the windows; see the pigs at the trough.

Here is the "entitlement" mentality/culture/mindset of the Dingwalls & the Librano$, and AdScam Martin/Earnsclife/NDP socialists. Do not chill out. The rank corruption must be exposed; the fires of wrath must be kindled; "burn down" the Liberal Party. >>>>

304 top political aides eased into PS jobs

OTTAWA - More than 300 political aides - most of whom worked for Liberal cabinet ministers - took advantage of "priority entitlement" that gave them jobs in the public service without going through the rigours of a competition. (Ottawa Citizen)>>
link at: primetimecrime.com <<<<<<

Posted by: maz2 | 2005-12-28 1:52:47 PM

My first reaction to it was similar - this is faux outrage, based on a stunt that, while tasteless, is not restricted to Klander.

I therefore decided that, before passing judgment, I would look at all of Klander's blogs. I dug them up, and read through them. You should too. This is a man who, by his own description, is in the inner circle of the Prime Minister? Someone whose access to both the federal and Ontario Liberal governments allows him to make a lucrative living pushing the agendas of companies, organizations, and, of course, himself? I was outraged. Canadians are, rightly, outraged.

And if the Klander story becomes a cautionary tale for those on the right who aspire to power and influence, all the better. This election has been the first to provide a realistic alternative to ongoing Liberal corruption. Corruption starts with attitudes of arrogance, condescension, and entitlement. And Klander's blog contains compelling evidence of all those, in spades.

For those wanting to decide for themselves, the links to Klander's cached posts can be found here:

Posted by: Patrick | 2005-12-28 2:07:13 PM

The problem with buddy's blog is that it simply wasn't funny. Racist? Not sure about that. A Chow Chow is a Chinese dog and Olivia Chow is a Chinese woman so I can see how this could be interpreted as a racially charged "joke." If anything, it was grade 2 level "humour" which even Beavis and Butthead would describe as lame. I shed no tears for the Liberal apologists who are sweating buckets and hoping this goes away. First beer and popcorn, now Chow Chow. Quite the Liberal campaign, I must say.

Posted by: Michael Dabioch | 2005-12-28 5:28:53 PM

Don't forget the most rude "alberta can blow me" from Mr Popcorn man.

If this Klander thing is being played up it's because you cannot get zombie liberal voters to come to the CPC by telling them that we have a better plan and we are more honest blah blah blah

They need to find a reason to jump ship (or be pushed) and being tarred with a racist brush is perhaps enough reason for some to jump.

This is war, pal .. and you have to play to win, because the other side sure is.

Posted by: Duke | 2005-12-28 7:35:23 PM

The West DOESN'T WANT IN. The merry-go-round continues.

Posted by: Western Canadian | 2005-12-28 7:53:47 PM

Poor old Ned Klanders...it is amazing that the MSM is biting at the Liberals heels on this...sure if it was a Conservative he'd be crucified, but you'd think they would ignore one of Paul's boys...

Posted by: MarkAlta | 2005-12-28 8:28:45 PM

Kudos, Paul. Couldn't agree more. Conservatives have no right to complain when Liberals pounce on our every breath, if we are only going to snag the hair-trigger ourselves, when given the chance. Racist and misogynistic? No - just ignorant and stupid.

Posted by: Wonder Woman | 2005-12-28 8:37:29 PM


Twas the night before Christmas and through parliment house,
The Liberals were stirring like a laboratory mouse,
The people were voicing their concerns with care,
In hopes that a real leader would soon be there,
Canadians were restless while lying in beds,
While visions of democracy danced in their heads,
And MP's in their ties, with victory in sight,
Are all bunkered in for a long winters fight,
When out in our land arose such a matter,
The U.S. was upset over Paul Martin's chatter,
Away to the media he flew like a flash,
Tore up our relations and wasted more cash,
The sun and the moon looked down below,
To see our large country now absent of glow,
When what do our wondering eyes should we see,
More Liberal corruption for you and for me,
With bully like actions and a voice filled with loud,
We knew it was Paul Martin standing out in the crowd,
More rapid than cheethas our freedoms were maimed,
He shouted out loudly and called them by name,
Out with guns and democracy to,
We'll make promises that'll never go through,
Through all of the provinces I'll make with speed,
And throw out all freedoms we so desperately need,
Inside of his jet that he flies constantly,
Wasting more gas than hed needs to be,
With a campaign that he runs all full of lies,
Keeps them well hidden in his jet that he flies,
And then in a twinkling I saw on TV,
A federal debate discussing each policy,
After fighting to just stay alive,
Down in the polls Martin went with a dive,
Dressed in a suit and tired in face,
His feet looked restless like they wanted to pace,
His cheeks were pale like yellow snow,
Not a twinkle in his eyes not even a glow,
His mouth was open almost all of the time,
For it seemed to filter his life full of crime,
I thought to myself as I looked on,
Is this our leader whose time has gone,
A crooked smile, and a tilt of his head,
Soon gave concern and I started to dread,
In no time at all he was gone once again,
Walking away with nary a friend,
He walks on now proudly as if to say,
I will go on corrupting everyday,
In this country dwells no Christmas bright,
For it's a seasons greetings, and to all a bad night.

Posted by: David VanKesteren Jr. | 2005-12-29 5:05:15 PM

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