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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Classic Globe and Mail

This headline -- PM to get tough with gun violence offenders-- caught my eye. Of course, what the Liberals (and the Globe) call "get tough" doesn't mean amending the criminal code, or moving RCMP and cash away from working at the $2-billion duck-hunter registry and to redeploy them to the mean streets. It means joining Dalton McGuinty and David Miller to form a "multi-level government task force ".

That'll get 'em quaking at Jane and Finch.

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Nobody has the apples to do what needs to done...and I'm going to tell you now, nothing will change in Toronto. And the failing of any thing thought as a solution in T.O will infect the rest of this so-called Dominion called Canada.

Posted by: rednik | 2005-12-31 7:22:18 PM

Go to small dead animals, reader tips, click on policing has never been rocket science and you will see where this jerk off martin is coming from. Congratulations you toronto pieces of shit, the last time you voted you contributed to the death of a beautiful young girl. Keep it up you useless lice and may you suffer the same fate. Pass some more laws that are sound bite friendly, harass a few duck hunters and accomplish nothing, but whatever you do make sure you look good doing it. If you are what Canada is, what a pathetic hole it is.

Posted by: Western Canadian | 2005-12-31 8:09:01 PM

Hear nothing, see nothing and do nothing three prominent Liberal monkeys are going to set up a useless task force to try and solve the gun or gang violence in Toronto. Yea sure. I’m sure that they will come up with a solution. Just like the task force the Liberals set out on healthcare under Roy “commie” Rommino.

Posted by: Shawn | 2005-12-31 8:43:39 PM

I'm gonna buy some more guns so that I can become a criminal for the first time in my life! What a bunch of losers we have for governemnt officials//////maybe they should try actually having laws with teeth for real criminals. I'm sorry, did that sound too American.......

Posted by: Mike Schmidt | 2005-12-31 10:05:55 PM

Mike, there is no greater sin in Canada than sounding too American!!


Posted by: RightGirl | 2005-12-31 10:44:32 PM

> beautiful young girl

would you have been as enraged if she'd been ugly? Or an old man?

Posted by: Snowrunner | 2005-12-31 10:53:06 PM

Eat yellow snow, lice

Posted by: Western Canadian | 2005-12-31 11:22:20 PM

Western Canadian is absolutely right. The other murder victims in Tronna this year were non-white, and none of them mattered. But when a white girl gets shot, all of a sudden it's a major issue. Pathetic, absolutely racist city and province.

This shows how valuable human life is to Ontario. White people just matter more there than non-whites. In fact, they're a premium for employers. Whites enjoy high standards of living because they can get better jobs. Don't argue with me that this doesn't happen because I have seen this with my own eyes.

NYC tallied 537 murders in 2005, down from 572 in 2004, and the lowest number since 1963. LA had 480, which is up; Chicago had 444. When Toronto people look at those numbers, they look at their 82 in 2005 and think they're way ahead of the 'evil' Americans and see no incentive to change anything. The truth is their incompetence has made the social problems in Ontario much worse than they have to be.

I offer no solutions because I'm having too much fun watching the Ontarians fall all over themselves trying to handle the situation. They will only meet with miserable failure because of their racial prejudices. The white majority there refuses to believe anything is wrong because the bad things happen only to non-whites (or so they like to believe). Why should they care if a few non-whites suffer when there is plenty more waiting to take their place?

Those responsible for this catastrophe are: Paul Martin, Jack Layton, The Great McGuinty, David Miller (easily the most incomptent mayor in North America today), the other mayors in the GTA, Carolyn Parrish (the symbol of Ontario's greed and arrogance), and every white man, woman and child in Ontario. Only they can do something about it, but whether or not they can or will remains to be see. I am not optimistic.

Posted by: Scott | 2005-12-31 11:44:23 PM

I think your Blame Whitey arrogance is a bit much, Scott. You are starting to sound very much like the socialists themselves, crying out for help for those who won't help themselves. I am a white Ontarian (formerly a white Montrealer and then a white Glaswegian). I personally don't give a rat's ass if it was Jane Creba, or that 6 year old black girl who was shot on a bus two summers ago. All I care about is that it's the gangs - not the guns - doing the killing.


Posted by: RightGirl | 2006-01-01 12:00:56 AM

RG: if white Ontario won't help itself, no one will. Nor should they. If Ontario is a mature society, it will overcome its problems through its own efforts. I am, however, not optimistic given my own impressions of Ontario's racist society.

Posted by: Scott | 2006-01-01 1:00:28 AM

This is just one more example of the feds destroying any respect for due process.

What happens if the cops arrest the wrong guy? Why should the onus be on him to prove that he is innocent. This isn't how our system is supposed to work.

Posted by: Luc Schulz | 2006-01-01 2:26:58 AM


First gun murder on first day of New Year

Stupid Ontarians!

Posted by: Scott | 2006-01-01 5:20:02 AM

Luc Schulz I agree with you that we need to be careful. But IF you shoot at a policeman, (thank goodness he missed hitting the cop) then you shouldn't be given bail like happened to one of the recent Toronto murder suspects. Had he not been given bail then he could not have committed the murder that he is accused of committing while he was out on bail. IF you are arrested with a handgun as the result of ANY criminal investigation OR lawful search, and you do not have a permit to carry as legally required, you do not have it safely locked in your trunk as is legally required, and you do not have your permit to transport in your possession as is legally required, THEN off to jail until your court date. I agree with innocent until proven guilty, but there are already precedents for similar types of pre-emptive justice. In Ontario it is now legal for the police to immediately pull the license of a driver who tests over the limit.....BEFORE the driver has his day in court. One could argue that these are two vastly different restrictions on freedoms, one on the freedom to drive the other on freedom to remain loose in society, but we need to tailor the action to the seriousness of its impact on society. Drinking is still a legal activity in Canada (although driving while over the limit is not) but possession of a handgun is illegal in most circumstances already....of course the recent "banning handguns" announcement by Paul Martin indicates that the Liberals are not familiar with the current laws.

Posted by: Intcord | 2006-01-01 8:32:19 AM

Tronna people are so snobbish that they would rather build a new cultural center (i.e. opera house, ballet theater, etc.) than a prison, even though the latter would help clean up the place and make it more attractive to tourists and investors. The irony is that Toronto is a cultural wasteland.

If Ontarians are the only ones who can save themselves, I'd say they are doomed.

Posted by: Scott | 2006-01-01 10:01:32 AM

Fisher is worthy of a post. Have not seen one yet in the blogosphere. Could be a first; in addition, it would be a great tribute to a first-class man, veteran, journalist, Canadian.
(Competitions for commenters: Post your reasons for turfing Martin. Limit: 3 per comment.)>>>


Why turf Martin? For so many reasons!

Douglas Fisher notes a long list of Liberal foul-ups that dwarf the scandals of their much-maligned predecessor Mulroney

The best reasons for electors to rid of us of the Liberal government are its poor quality and arrogance, a blend of incompetence, wastefulness and amorality.

It starts with Prime Minister Paul Martin, who depends far too much on his personal coterie of advisors and handlers and counts little on the mandarins (deputy ministers) and his own elected cabinet and caucus. In consequence, the prime minister's office absolutely dominates cabinet and the House of Commons.


But the problems go back to 1993 -- and Martin bears considerable responsibility for the many stupid initiatives and glaring inefficiencies in governance since then. After all, in his lengthy stint as Jean Chretien's minister of finance, he played a prime and integral role through three successive Liberal governments.

Any fair retrospective of the Liberals' nearly 12 years in office suggests too much credit was given to Martin for leading us from big annual deficits to robust surpluses. To a large extent it was a sleight of hand, based on overestimating deficits and underestimating revenues. >>>
ottawasun via cnews

Posted by: maz2 | 2006-01-01 11:08:04 AM

Maz2 People seem to forget a lot of martin's surpluses were straight off the backs of the working guy. Check someones pay stub from 92 til now. Remember the billions overcollected in Workers Comp. alone.

Posted by: Western Canadian | 2006-01-01 11:38:58 AM

We already have laws letting a judge keep an accused in custody. A judge is supposed to weigh the evidence on a preliminary basis and exercise intelligent judicial discretion in either setting bail conditions or keeping an accused in custody.

The problem is that too many of the judges are Liberal/NDP hack bagmen with neither intelligence nor discretion.

Ontarians: you elected Liberal/NDP creep legislators at both provincial and federal level who appointed hack wanker judges, you're stuck with them, so suck it up and shut up. Pass any law you want and your hack wankers will bypass and evade them to let the bad guys out.

Posted by: Fred Z | 2006-01-01 12:17:21 PM

A funny from Question Period today...a liberal (forget who) said that Ralph Goodale needs to stick to his guns...hmm I hope they're registered, and God forbid, not handguns!!!!

Posted by: MarkAlta | 2006-01-01 1:29:05 PM


Does anyone know how many of the 52 gun killings in Tronna were solved ? How many of those were done by non-citizens? Just curious...

Posted by: MarkAlta | 2006-01-01 1:33:00 PM

When there is a car accident, we don't blame the car, but the driver. When there is a thug killing a person, the actual government blames the gun!

How can that be? Of course, it is much easier banning the guns than banning the murderers!

I suspect the real problem is the different levels of actual government don't really care and don't really believe they can do something. So they only try to appease the gullible crowd.

Posted by: Rémi houle | 2006-01-01 1:55:05 PM

So PMPM is for instituting a reverse onus protocol for those accused of gun crimes? This idea just happens to fly in the face of about a half-dozen charter decision cases by the SCC, starting with Oakes. I guess that means he's ready to use s.33 of the 1982 Constitution (Notwithstanding Clause) to take away rights after all. Go figure?

Posted by: herringchoker | 2006-01-01 9:27:36 PM

Of course Mr. Martian would use a reverse onus protocol to score cheap points with the Toronto socialists after crying about how his precious ' Charter ' would be violated by even discussing homosexual marriage. His is an equal opportunity dictatorship.

Posted by: Fidel K | 2006-01-02 1:24:44 PM

An excellent column in the Calgary Sun Jan. 1
by Ted Byfield, "Canada has been killed with kindness":


When I was a child, it was known as "Toronto the Good." Now it is known for mayhem, murder and carnage.

What happened?..

I blame what might be called "kindliness."

I think, sometime after the Second World War, Canada became too kindly. And since Toronto is our biggest city, it became, in a sense, the kindliest of all.

We were told all the problems of the world could be solved by kindliness. Just be nice to people, and everything will be fine.

Make love, not war.

Now we knew old Toronto the Good was not always kindly. Canada of that day had massive numbers of immigrants, too. Hundreds of thousands arrived just before the First World War, most from cultures very "foreign" to the English, Scots and Irish who populated Toronto.

But, truth to tell, they were never really accepted when they arrived.

They were not told they were doing us a favour by coming here.

They were not offered instant welfare.

Most were given farmlands cheap, and told to make a living from them.

In other words, to be really accepted, they were expected "to prove themselves."

And it's a matter of record they certainly did, and in the course of doing so, they made the Canada we know -- or used to know.

But then the kindliness set in.

How harsh and condescending it was, we were told, to treat these poor incoming people with brutal demands that they earn a living.

We must help and assist them, make them feel at home, make them feel wanted.

We were kindly in other ways. We were much kindlier to school children, for instance.

In the bad old days, we actually strapped kids if they misbehaved.

We made them write really crucial exams; and we actually made them repeat the year if they failed them.

We were particularly unkind to convicted criminals. Prisons were unpleasant places.

Sensible people were somewhat frightened by the police. To most children, the huge constable, with his ramrod back, riding his bicycle and looking coldly on everything around him, was an object for terror...

In sum, we had a pessimistic view of human nature, based upon our inborn prejudice that's the way the world is.

"Exactly," said the reformers. "And the only way to change the world is to change the way we treat people. If you're nice to people, then people will be nice to you."

Well, we knew this was often true. But it was also often untrue, and we also knew that, to depend on an unfailing reciprocal "niceness" was dangerous, because those who are prepared to exploit our "kindliness" could very soon render the whole community uninhabitable.

Anyway, the reformers prevailed, and that explains what's going on in Toronto.

It also explains what's going on in our school system, and in our court system, and it's one of the things going wrong with our economic system...'


Posted by: Mark Collins | 2006-01-02 2:38:56 PM

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