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Monday, December 12, 2005

A political break-in?

maz2 dropped this in comments about a break-in at the campaign office of Bloc MP for Compton-Stanstead, France Bonsant, and I thought it deserves a little exposure. CP: Bloc MP has office vandalized.

Vandalized? But the story says computers were stolen. Curious, I just called up Ms. Bonsant's office in Ascot, Quebec, and spoke with her political assistant Silvie Desjardins. Ms. Desjardins told me that not one but three offices had been broken into, all in the same building and on the same night, at around 11 pm Friday--Ms. Bonsant's campaign office, the electoral office of the Bloc Quebecois, and the building manager's office. Computers were taken from the two Bloc offices, but nothing was taken from the building manager's office. "Only papers moved around," says Desjardins of the manager's office. She confirmed that party member lists were on the stolen computers. Also, 800 stamps were taken.

Let the real campaign begin.

2004 Election Results for Compton-Stanstead
Bloc 20,450
Liberal 15,752
Conservative 4,589
Green 1,546
NOP 1,451

For background, here is the CBC election page on the riding of Compton-Stanstead.

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Maybe the Canadian public will get its own version of 'Deep- Throat'......

I guess we could call him 'Sore-ass'

Posted by: Rocks Off | 2005-12-13 12:40:08 AM

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