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Monday, November 28, 2005

"You undermine our laws and our people"

You should be shocked -- shocked! -- to learn that yet another level of government is being accused of criminal activity, this time in the form of neglect to enforce the law on Indian reserves. The Poundmaker Working Group, an association of ostracized Poundmaker Cree Nation residents, have sent a strongly-worded letter to the Hon. Frank Quennell, QC, Minister of Justice and Attorney General for the Saskatchewan government and Assistant Commissioner Darrell McFadyen Commanding Officer Saskatchewan Division of the RCMP, with regards to "white-collar" criminal activities being practised on the Poundmaker reserve and beyond:

For many of our youth, the example set by allegedly offending persons in positions of authority is the poorest of role models. These youth observe the alleged criminal behaviours and emulate them. To be powerful and thus comfortable, they learn, is to control and divert the money. To this they aspire, knowing that no one will stop them. Quite the contrary, they come to see this as acceptable behaviour. This is not our way.

You fail in your protectorate duties on behalf of the Crown pursuant to the Treaties between the Indigenous Nations and Her Majesty.

In facilitating and encouraging the alleged behaviours by failing to protect, Her Majesty's breach of treaty, you undermine our laws and our people. The effects, as you are beginning to understand, are not isolated on reserve but spill over into neighbouring communities, seriously taxing resources and affecting everyone's quality of life.

Special thanks to Dust My Broom for posting this letter in its entirety.

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Although the Poundmaker Group is news the information they bring forward is not......

Organized crime is "The Rule" on reserves and the only variation from one to the other is how successful the Bosses are.
Often reported in Local News sources always quickly squelched by the Mainstream Media.....people who work on or near reserves all have the stories.

Unless it comes from the mouths of residents it is allways branded "Racism" or "Racist Libel" slander , biggoted garbage.....BUT even when the communities Cry Out, whether demanding or begging for help to change the reality of their lives.....the story allways gets put on the back pages...and eventually forgotten.

It may not be the PC view but Natives ARE The Biggest Exploiters of Natives.
Who will help to change that?

Posted by: PGP | 2005-11-28 1:06:56 PM

I don't find the above letter much of a surprise. Given a choice most Indians I know want the same things everyone else wants. The big reserve chiefs are just like the liberals, take all you can get with no accountability and scream indignantly when questioned. The multi billion-dollar boondoggle recently announced by the liberals is just another appeasement attempt and an opportunity to look good feel good. You will see one hell of a pile of rich Political Indians running around with the third world conditions on the reserves unchanged. The more I watch the lib/left tactics the more it becomes apparent they are hideous, continually covering up their incompetence with more promises while those in need suffer. There isn’t even a national police force you can turn to anymore for help in sniffing out where the money goes. The upper echelon of the RCMP have been reduced to mere simple servants in uniform. This election is certainly going to resolve a few things in my mind.

Posted by: AsISeeIt | 2005-11-28 1:49:54 PM

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