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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Stop the shredders

Claudia Rosett in WSJ OpinionJournal explains why "The U.N. must not be allowed to destroy the Volcker investigation's archives"

As it happens, Rep. Henry Hyde, who has led the main investigation into Oil for Food in the House, introduced a bill on Nov. 17 urging that the U.S. withhold $100 million from its U.N. dues for each of the next four fiscal years, or until the secretary of state certifies to Congress that the Volcker investigation's archives have been transferred, intact and uncensored by the U.N., "to an entity other than the [Volcker] Committee or the United Nations"--and made available for public inspection, at the very least by law-enforcement authorities.

If $100 million a year seems a punitive sum, it pales next to the billions in suspect money that Mr. Volcker left out of the grand totals in his final report.

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And in other news, the first face transplant was performed in France.

Strange that. You wouldn't have figured they'd need one there in France given that every Frenchmen is born with two...

Posted by: Warwick | 2005-11-30 11:23:29 AM

Hear Hear!!!

Posted by: PGP | 2005-11-30 6:12:39 PM

Something is wrong with my computer...I couldn't hear the drum rolls on that one... :)

Posted by: MarkAlta | 2005-11-30 6:25:35 PM

Seems Volker was a natural for the Desmarais cartel's UN cover job.....hope this is another Powercor crime that gets busted in the public eye.

Posted by: WLMackenzie redux | 2005-12-01 7:56:14 PM

Me too, WL Mackenzie, I am waiting with impatience, I want to see pudding face Mo up frount, that dispicable waste of flesh with his inflated ego - reminds me of Baria - Stalin's butcher.

Posted by: jema54j | 2005-12-03 11:48:08 AM

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