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Friday, November 25, 2005

Review: "Rescuing Canada's Right"

Here, for my review of Tasha and Adam's new book.  "A good time was had by all" at the launch, last night, in Toronto.  Former Premier Mike Harris was in fine form and, as already widely reported, Lord Black's entrance created something of a sensation.  Mr. Harris made a point of making very complimentary remarks about Conservative Leader of the Opposition Stephen Harper and predicted great things in the upcoming federal election.

Both Tasha and Adam prefaced their remarks crediting their immigrant parents -- both in Tasha's case and his father in Adam's -- for instilling in them "conservative values."  But I thought one line Tasha said worthy of particular note (Sorry, Adam!).  She prefaced it by remarking that her dad arrived in Canada literally with two dollars in his pocket, and worked three jobs to support his family so Mrs. Kheiriddin could stay home when Tasha was a child.  Her mother later earned a university degree.  As Tasha described it:

"This is a Canadian story.  This is a conservative story."

Buy it . . . the book . . . and the sentiment.

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Caught the first part of Lowell Green's show this morning in Ottawa. One of the callers was an obvious Liberal plant, calling in order to run through all of the latest "talking points". Such as:

"Not a single Liberal MP or cabinet minister was named in the Gomery Report"

"Paul Martin was completely exonerated"

In response to a question about the gun registry:

"Stephen Harper wrote a letter to the NY Times apologizing for not sending troops to Iraq" (!)

About the recent accident in Afghanistan and the reports that there were warnings about the hazardous equipment:

"This is no time to be exploiting the death of a Canadian soldier"

When reminded that these questions were raised in the Ottawa Citizen, a well-known Liberal newspaper:

"In my mind, The Citizen is a very right-wing newspaper" (apparently she is out there somewhere left of Hugo Chavez)

And so on. Lowell was basically laughing at her, calling her a "spinmeister". I was thinking to myself: gee, she sounds a lot like certain members of the parliamentary press gallery. Maybe they get briefed from the same source.

Lowell went on to speculate about what kind of extreme, fear-mongering ads they would come up with this time, topping the last ads with aircraft carriers and pistols. He speculated that they would run ads showing body bags and claiming that Stephen Harper plans on killing Canadian soldiers.

It's just my hunch, but I don't think the spin doctoring and fear mongering will be as successful this time.

Posted by: Justzumgai | 2005-11-25 11:38:46 AM

I don't know about that, who was it said, the masses are asses. trudeau knew that when it came to voters only 10 to 15% knew what the hell was going on. On the rest, scare and fear tactics work, sadly to say.

Posted by: AsISeeIt | 2005-11-25 12:26:38 PM

Here's a speculation. Pure speculation. The Liberal Mafia Gang - the boys in the Montreal-Ottawa Cartel who control everything - are making plans.

They figure that Martin might, just might, lose to a Conservative minority. If that's the case, they have a plan for a successor to Martin. They've selected Ignatieff. They do things in stages; they've already, over the months, released 'sniffer leaks' to the press, to see how the public react to the idea of Ignatieff.

Now - they are getting him elected. They'll move him gradually into the spotlight and the Routine. If Harper is elected, they will first, make all hell break loose - they'll see that strikes develop, that this and that happens. It will be a set up to show that the CPC are incompetent.

Then, they'll have their coronation of Ignatieff as the new Liberal Leader, and, they'll continue to make chaos in the country - to make sure that the CPC falls. And - they then set up Ignatieff for a majority.

If Martin is re-elected with only a minority, they'll probably allow Martin a few months, and then, retire him for Ignatieff, who will then call an election, for a majority.

Pure, pure speculation. But remember, the Boys in the Montreal-Ottawa Cartel have only one agenda. Power. And for that, they need to control the political patronage jobs of Ottawa. And for that, they need to control a political party. Their party is the Liberal Party.

Posted by: ET | 2005-11-25 3:18:44 PM

ET, do you think Ignatieff can win a majority given his support for the Iraq War? The Bloc would surely bring that up in Quebec. Also, wouldn't the Liberals prefer a francophone leader in case of a referendum before the end of the decade?

Posted by: Alex | 2005-11-25 3:36:10 PM

Those are good points, Alex.

My guess would be that the Liberal Boys-in-the-Cartel-Band can easily spin a scenario where they can rewrite the Liberal ideology as having been in support of a Lite intervention in Iraq (using Ignatiaff's term from the Lite Empire)...and that the Chretien gov't was acting to prevent a heavy intervention.
That is - the spin-guys can get around anything, absolutely anything - and they'd rewrite the Liberal history to show that the Liberals would have supported a 'light intervention' -without saying what that would mean.

As for Ignatieff's not being a francophone - I don't think that makes any difference. Remember, Chretien was a francophone. The identity of the federal leader doesn't make any difference to the separatistes. WE've been indoctrinated to believe that we MUST have a PM who is a francophone. But - to Quebec - it's irrelevant. They are not interested in the gov't of the ROC. The gov't of the ROC has only one duty to Quebecers - to provide jobs for a huge civil service component and, to hand over the money and the contracts. The rest is irrelevant. But, having a francophone PM is for the benefit of the Montreal-Ottawa Cartel, because that person is always 'one of them'. They are busy making Ignatieff into 'one of them'.

What the Boys want, is a charistmatic leader - that's all. THEY run the country; they just want someone to get them the door to power - the House of Commons. THEY do the rest.

Posted by: ET | 2005-11-25 4:50:58 PM

ET is on the money. Dr. Michael Ignatieff: Whooo-hooo, a "Dr." Bigga deal! Dr. Faustus was a "Dr.", also. Bigga deal!! Scholar/Liberal hack & blah-blah speaking "with authority" to bamboozle the youth with his "charismatic" bullsh*t. >>>

BC Liberal Convention this day***


Dr. Michael Ignatieff Addresses Youth


BTW, Dr. has moved back to a plush job at some ivory tower in TO ( maybe where Spook lives. H/T R. Davies )

Posted by: maz2 | 2005-11-25 5:17:14 PM

Everyone here really should try listening to CFRA, Ottawa, online (except to Michael Harris):

Lowell Green suggests that the scariest of the Liberal negative campaign ads will reveal the Conservatives' intention to invade Brazil, once they get those aircraft carries to which the Liberals drew attention in the last election.


Posted by: Mark Collins | 2005-11-25 5:36:13 PM

Dr. now that’s scary. Beware the academic and his Pollyanna view of a future Camelot.

Posted by: AsISeeIt | 2005-11-25 5:36:42 PM

ET: You are on to something with writing about the power cartel in the Ottawa/Montreal corridor.

But now it goes even further. In the National Post today it seems that conservative Peter McKay is now dating the daughter of Paul Demarais.

It looks like the power cabal is now trying to infiltrate the conservative party also. Should the conservatives did win the election the cabal will have a contact within it.

Hows that for a conspiracy theory??

Posted by: MikeP | 2005-11-26 9:47:36 AM

So government corruption should be punished but a man accused of serious charges of fraud is welcomed by the right?

Please don't tell me that "Conrad Black will be completely exonerated" either cause when it happens to the Libs you ignore it but if it happens to Lord "please please please please please please tell me back into SOCIALIST Canada!" Black it'll be justice.

You people are such monumental hypocrites. Just like Conrad.

Posted by: Justin | 2005-11-26 9:48:03 AM

Conrad Black, Justin, didn't steal my money.

The oligarchy controlled by the Total Strong Power cabal does steal my money Justin, and it's not my choice, else they'll send the sheriff to the door. It's extortion. They're running a protection racket. It's a ponzi scheme. Get over it.

Therefore, it behooves me to oppose them, to do otherwise would be irresponsible.

Posted by: Vitruvius | 2005-11-26 10:46:05 AM

Oh sorry Vitruvirus - I thought we were talking about Justice not your own self-interest. I always make that mistake here at the ShotDumb. Thanks for reminding me where I was posting.

Posted by: Justin | 2005-11-26 1:28:02 PM

ET You are right on the money! Mike Igantieff is the son of Russian Emigres, his Dad was the last Education Minister of the late Czar Nickolas II. Mike grew up in Quebec. It all fits EXCEPT he supported going to Iraq, and he has written some excellent books that will haunt him in the Liberano Party agenda. The cartel must have promised him big bucks because he is well known by readers for his CONSERATIVE views. His books will disappear from the shelves of Canadian bookstores. Too late - he is already well known by people who know how to read. Join the Conservatives, Mike - we don't have a fur for you to lay on but we support your values!

Posted by: jema54j | 2005-11-26 6:12:38 PM

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