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Monday, November 28, 2005

Picking sides

Okay, the Tories already have a public endorsement . . . from an American,  D.J McGuire in Washington. Won't that go down like gangbusters in Toronto. (Did you catch Paul Martin giving his speech to his caucus following his defeat in the Commons? He attacked the "Neoconservatives, the NDP and the Bloc." LOL!) Ah well. China Support Network and the China e-Lobby are supporting the Conservatives. In an earlier post today, I mentioned some China watchers in the U.S. Well, D.J. is one of them. I should call him a "Canada watcher" as well because he knows an awful lot about Canadian politics and I hate it when he calls me up and starts telling me stuff I don't know about my own country. Just kidding, D.J. (if you are reading this). From his post:

Canada may not be aware of it yet, but it is now involved in the most important election campaign since its founding...

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This would be my agenda for the Conservatives when they win a minority government. Make real tax cuts that we citizens feel right away in the income segment. Next set aside a group of individuals that will do nothing but examine the public works records and expose Liberal corruption for an entire year (besides their excellent platfrom ideas of course). I would also get rig of the double taxation of the GST on gas. After a year of great initiatives, and exposing Liberal corruption, call another election and hopefully gain a majority. Then I would get rid of this "call an election whenever you want rule", and set an election date for every 4 years on the day. Next I would totally redo the senate, and how it is set up. Elected senators, and equal representation would be the final step. No more hand picking from the Prime Minister, they get elected, and the most important thing, EQUAL REPRESENTATION! That would do for starters.

Posted by: Dave VanKesteren Jr. | 2005-11-28 7:41:53 PM

Notice the use of the word "alliance" in Martin's phrase "alliance of neo-conservatives, bloc and ndp."

Posted by: Joel | 2005-11-28 7:50:51 PM

I caught the big money we gave him being used for the only thing these assholes can do, campaign (read:lie). They were actually giddy when they voted against the motion as if the candy truck just rolled up. They are insane. That would not be normal behaviour in anyone's books. Their government just suffered the only non-confidence defeat in Canadian history and their celebrating like drunken sailors.

Posted by: Ottawa Man | 2005-11-28 10:46:05 PM

I think the correct term is psychopath, as opposed to sociopath, but I'm no expert. Perhaps someone could fill us in as to which is more appropriate.


Posted by: Vitruvius | 2005-11-28 11:04:49 PM

did anyone else notice the extra large canadian flag behind martin as he gave his caucas speach, they're out branding, as harper only had a 'black' velvet curtain behind him, no flags insight! this will not be an easy campaign, and for the sake of canada, harper's team has to get they're crap together. i know the pain of being let down, i'm from saskatchewan, and in the last election the right was just not ready!

Posted by: Carl | 2005-11-28 11:17:37 PM

As if I don't know the answer to this question I am about to ask but did anyone notice the CBC bias last night on the election covering? What a joke.

Posted by: Dave VanKesteren Jr. | 2005-11-29 6:55:18 AM

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