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Monday, November 28, 2005

Martin, Chrétien, Gagliano, lalalalala

Give the Bloc Québecois some credit. I can't see the other parties bettering their catchy campaign theme song. It's clever. It's fun. And that little baby looks like he's having a blast.

(HT: Pro Libertate Veritateque)


Posted by Adam Daifallah on November 28, 2005 in Canadian Politics | Permalink


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That is hilarious! They'll pull it off too. As a young voter something like that appeals to me. If the conservatives would make something like that'd it'd be catchy if it didn't look to fake. Now if all the parties ganged up on the Liberals in the election they could beat them especially if they laughed at them in this manner.

Posted by: Andrew | 2005-11-28 9:48:03 PM

Havn't you guys heard this song yet? Its totally catchy, hip, and anti-Liberal...especially hip.


Posted by: friendly stan | 2005-11-28 10:10:48 PM

Thanks, Stan, we can use that. I just sent it to a few dozen people. And they send it to a few dozen people, and, well, you get the picture.

Posted by: Vitruvius | 2005-11-28 10:33:23 PM

I like the Bloc one better because it's more catchy. I am from Ontario(just moved to BC) so I understand French. If they weren't socialist buggers and if I didn't live in BC I'd vote for them. That's a good laugh.

Posted by: Andrew | 2005-11-28 10:35:41 PM

I still think a good Conservative jingo would be the one Capitol One uses on TV against the Banks,
Hands in my pocket Hands in my pocket

Posted by: AsISeeIt | 2005-11-28 11:17:53 PM

The conservatives need to do something like that that is funny but serious enough not to look fake. It would help their image. It would make them look "less scary".

Posted by: Andrew | 2005-11-28 11:28:27 PM

The Bloc jingle is so catchy, it's already annoying.

"je me sooooviens!!"

yep, it's stuck in my head.

Posted by: Huck | 2005-11-28 11:57:00 PM

For those of us with appalling French can anyone give a rough translation (I get the Je me souviens just not much of the rest)?

Posted by: boudica | 2005-11-29 6:28:07 AM

Rough translation (Obviously this is literal, so it would be somewhat different if actually sung in English)

Raise your hands, citizens,
Martin, Chrétien, Gagliano, Liberals
Pockets are full, purses are full
They assure they aren't corrupt
Easy to have a good conscience
When you don't remember anything
Easy to forget people
When you've done nothing!

Hole in the memory
Hole in history
Holes, holes, holes everywhere
In all the memories!

Raise your hands!

The thiefs are still thiefs
Happily, Quebec's motto is still I will remember!

I will remember!
Martin, Chrétien, Gagliano
I will remember even if those guys don't remember anything.

Posted by: Adam Daifallah | 2005-11-29 7:34:01 AM

Not everyone in the Bloc is a socialist. I think there is quite a difference betwen them and the PQ people. Remember, they came from the old Mulroney gang, starting with Lucien Bouchard who is not a socialist.

Here is a rough translation.

Hands up! Hands up! Hands up! Hands up!
Hands up, citizens!

Martin, Chrétien, Gagliano, libero (liberals)!
(note in French, Martin rhyme with Chrétien, Gagliano rhyme with libero)

Pockets full, handbags full
Swear they are not crooks

Easy to have a good conscience
When we remember nothing!

Remember anything?
(the picture shows a witness at the Gomery commission)

No, I don't remember the story

Holes everywhere in memories
Hands up!

Full is even more full
Great thing the slogan of Québec is I remember

I remember, I remember
Martin, Chrétien, Gagliano, liberos (liberals)

I rmmember if they don't remember

I don't remember etc. etc. etc...........

Martin, Chrétien, Gagliano, libero
Pckets full, hanbags full,

Martin, Chrétien, Gagliano, libero............

Posted by: Rémi houle | 2005-11-29 7:50:34 AM

Yes, thank God for Quebec otherwise this hemisphere would have no culture.

How about asking Alanis if the Conservatives could record "One Hand in YOUR pocket"? Since she sold out to Starbucks I figure she would be open to that kind of deal.

Posted by: Joan Tintor | 2005-11-29 10:46:21 AM

Thanks for the translations! Now I wonder does "liberos" resonate in Quebec like it does in English Canada (reference to Sopranos and organized crime)?

Posted by: Boudica | 2005-11-29 11:48:15 AM

I do not know if it would resonate the same as it is not spelled "liberos" but rather Libéraux. I don't think it needs to have the effect though. I think that Quebec, unlike Ontario, actually gets the point that the Liberals are a bunch of theiving bastards.

Posted by: Andrew | 2005-11-29 11:54:41 AM

Posted by: Duke | 2005-11-29 3:34:36 PM

img src="http://www.dukemcgoo.com/minkia.jpg"

This one is funny

Posted by: Duke | 2005-11-29 3:36:42 PM

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