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Monday, November 07, 2005

AWM - 07/11/2005

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Posted by digiteyesed on November 7, 2005 in Humour | Permalink


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Please stop these 'comics'. Does anyone really find these things funny? Maybe I'm in the minority here but I have yet to read one strip that has been funny.

Posted by: mark | 2005-11-07 11:57:17 AM

I dunno, Mark, maybe you have to live in Alberta/the prairies? (if you do live in out here, sorry, I can't help) The ones with the wisecracking math teacher are usually pretty good, IMO.

Though, personally, I like Tim's doughnuts, and I'm an American who was stuck on Krispy Kremes!

Posted by: Meg Q | 2005-11-07 12:12:19 PM

Don't eat Tim Horton's food. I worked there last summer and all of the donuts come frozen and then are put in a contraption that is similar to an easy bake open and heated for a few minutes then tossed on the shelf. The same is done with the bread and the worst is that chicken breast stuff. It's freeze dried crap that is boiled and then put in containers to sit there all day until some poor soul orders a piece of it for their sandwich. Ick, Tim's food is bad. Always fresh: out of a microwave.

Posted by: Andrew | 2005-11-07 3:05:23 PM

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