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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Anonymous Blogging At CTV?

CTV has launched an "election blog" with such distinguished authors as "CTV news editor" .

Get with the program, people - you represent a national media corporation. Sign your posts.

(Flashback - an unsigned email from a "CTV news producer".)

Posted by Kate McMillan on November 29, 2005 in Media | Permalink


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Ya! You crazy mainstream media, sign your posts!

Posted by: Angry Right Wonder Steel | 2005-11-29 10:38:05 AM

CBC has instituted the "anonymous" election commentator. Supposedly a political insider. You can guarantee what party they are not working for.

Totally biased against the CPC.

The new buzz is no longer the Scary Hidden Agenda. It's now the CPC is "too risky."

Our tax dollars at work. Bastards.

Posted by: Warwick | 2005-11-29 11:58:26 AM


Check that, total BS. I think I'll have to go start lopping off heads if we are to win this election. Well maybe I'll have to dip into my pocket and bribe them to shut up.

Posted by: Andrew | 2005-11-29 12:02:52 PM

Notice that the photo of the day is some corny Martin spread? Argh! We should all descend upon this blog.

Posted by: Andrew | 2005-11-29 12:12:29 PM

I suspect they are gatekeeping negative posts as well.
Old habits even creeping into blogs.
How can their news reporting be trusted by Canadians?

Posted by: Joseph molnar | 2005-11-29 12:26:26 PM

Warwick, Ukrainians have a name for that ... it's called "temnyky."

If you recall, that stopped about a year ago when a signer went on Ukrainian TV one day wearing an orange wristband and informed viewers in sign language that what was being officially broadcast was a pack of lies.

Canadians, meanwhile, e.g. the Communist Broadcasters of Canada (CBC), continue the tradition of temnyky.

Maybe someone should send some orange wristbands to the CBC in the off chance they may have a journalist with such integrity working there.

Posted by: PM | 2005-11-29 12:28:34 PM

Here's my take on their "advice for Tories"

* Focus on the positive. Canadians are fed up with the incessant talk of scandals, corruption, criminals, etc.

But what about the comments that will be made about the CPC - how they're scary? You first.

* Focus on your own policies that you believe can bring about a positive change for Canadians.

They all will. The Ontarians, however, fear losing control and will never be satisfied.

* Clearly articulate what you stand for, instead of constantly telling people what you are not.

See above.

* Like every party, you have members and supporters that operate on the fringes of sanity. Rein them in and send a message to them and all Canadians that you don't share such fringe views and opinions.

You first - just thank God Carolyn Parrish is no longer in your "party".

* Regarding Québec: let Quebeckers know that you don't hate or dislike them (this ties in with the point raised above). Do not oppose official bilingualism and, above all, silence those in and around your party who say things like "We'd be better off without Québec".

Quebec is the ally against Ontario. We need them and they need us. However, we don't need you.

* Clearly state your position on health care and what it is exactly you plan to do about wait times, etc. if elected.

Unlike Liberal "plans", the CPC will fulfill their health care plans. Actually, all of their plans will be implemeneted. Martin never had any intention of spending all that money he promised you. Shame on you for being so stupid. But then you are Ontarians...

* Regarding Alberta and "Western Alienation": most of your high-profile party members are from the West, particularly Alberta. Let Canadians know, in no uncertain terms, that you will not be an Alberta-centrist party. If elected, there is no way you could bestow special favours on Alberta without alienating the rest of the country and triggering a series of non-confidence votes (which you could not defeat).

Hey, all Alberta ever wanted was to be treated fairly. The NEP was NOT a fair act - it was an act of greed and a violation of our human rights. Try it again, and we leave, pure and simple.

* Don't portray yourselves to be superior to everyone else, as you have been doing so far. You are not above "entitlement" or corruption (as history shows). Stop selling Canadians ideas that beggar belief.

So it's okay for the Liberals and Ontarians but not for us?

* Tone down your social conservatism and rediscover the progressive policies that the former Progressive Conservative Party represented and that made the PC electable across Canada, not just in Alberta.

Not a bad idea. At least until the CPC is elected and we can act with impunity just like the Criminals have.

This is going to be a fun election.

Posted by: Scott | 2005-11-29 12:45:43 PM

Scott, when you're not smearing and generalization all Ontarions, you make good points.

Posted by: charlotte | 2005-11-29 1:05:43 PM

It's a win-win election for Albertans Scott.

Posted by: Speller | 2005-11-29 1:10:07 PM

Speller: it should be a win-win election for all Canadians, but the Ontarians will never accept losing control. This will be a bitter, savage and petty election like nothing before.

Here's proof of Liberal incompetence: in 1993, Toronto, their crown jewel, was thriving, clean, and safe. In 2005, it is in sharp decline, filthy, and extremely dangerous. If the Liberals can sabotage their most prized possession, imagine what they will do for everyone else.

Vote CPC - save yourselves.

Posted by: Scott | 2005-11-29 1:17:54 PM

I guess it's at the point where their credibility as journalists would plummet if the true nature of the work they're going to be doing in the next few months were to be attached to their names and their organizations. Oh well, in casually covering up this way (CBC's "un-named political insider" series during the upcoming campaign is duly noted) they are actually outing themselves as operatives of this out-of-control priestly tribe who have corrupted our nation's institutions, including the press.

Producers and reporters are now free to quote themselves as "anonymous sources" and "insiders", and we will be treated to much analysis on the significant implications of such "backroom" wisdom.

Only in Liberal Canada. We is up against it, folks.

Posted by: EBD | 2005-11-29 1:19:47 PM

Funny Scott,

You've spent I don't know how long saying Ontario is full of nothing but rich white people. Now we live in the hood.

Which is it?

Posted by: Warwick | 2005-11-29 1:26:29 PM

Warwick: Ontarians are so defensive and bitchy about the reputation of their land that they would never admit something was wrong.

To an outsider, the place is a hole. Crime is out of control, land values are declining, businesses are moving, and racial violence is increasing even faster. However, the white people don't care, the cops are indifferent and powerless, and Miller is completely incapable of doing anything about it (why did you people elect him? Even the TV salesman was better).

Yet you people will reward the Liberal Party with your votes. Sad. Truly sad. The power to reverse your decline is within your hands and still you do nothing. Maybe PM Harper should raize the GTA to the ground and return it to a pre-industrial situation. It'll be a fresh start for you people. Don't screw it up like you did last time.

Posted by: Scott | 2005-11-29 1:34:51 PM

Don't look at me, I live a few hundred km's to the west in London. I fled out of TO at my first opportunity. I was there for 5 long years.

Here in London, I bet 3 of the 5 London and area seats are going CPC this round including mine.

I can't stand David Miller (much like London, England's "Red" Ken, Miller is an unrepentant socialist.) I think Miller's days are numbered though. He won't win re-election with all the violence happening. Neither will the Ontario Liberals next round.

I'm even cautiously optimistic that the CPC will pull of a minority in January.

The point though, Scott, is that you have to get your story straight. You claim one minute that Ontario is nothing but rich white people then you claim the next that Ontario is a decrepit pit of death and misery. Well, it can't be both at the same time, can it?

Posted by: Warwick | 2005-11-29 1:42:19 PM

Scott & Warwik....
Both of you seem to really be getting your shit together about this election thing!

Then you go and start that old hissy spat thing again!

C'mon guys....This issue is Media bias/manipulation.

Posted by: PGP | 2005-11-30 7:17:41 PM

You don't think Scott is a conservative do you?

He's more likely to be NDP or Green.

Total paranoid nutter.

Posted by: Warwick | 2005-11-30 7:59:30 PM

I just want to save Alberta. Left-wing, right-wing makes no difference when we're all in a war for basic survival against Canada.

Posted by: Scott | 2005-11-30 8:11:53 PM

It is not the case that Alberta is in a war for basic survival against Canada, no way, no how, no matter what you measure.

Posted by: Vitruvius | 2005-11-30 8:24:46 PM

Like I said: Total Paranoid Nutter. Writ small.

Posted by: Warwick | 2005-11-30 8:26:17 PM

I put it this way: why can't Alberta have the same economic protection that Ontario has?

All we seek is fairness and equality, nothing more but nothing less. Unless Alberta has 100% guaranteed security for its economy, we will always be at odds against Ontario. There was already one NEP, and there is nothing to stop a second, even if disguised as Kyoto.

Ontario's people would not think twice about raiding us again. They'd justify it using any means, including social equality and fairness.

Just keep your greedy mitts of our economy, and we'll do fine. If we have to secede and become the 51st state to protect what we have, so be it.

Posted by: Scott | 2005-11-30 8:49:27 PM

You have a point Scott, but it's not the one you're making, or at least, it's not the one your readers are hearing. Try a little bit to consider your readers intelligence and sensitivities when you're writing. I mean, it's only common grace.

I'm Albertan, born and raised as they say, and I work with some good people from Ontario, and yes indeed some of them are well off, and some of them are white, and some of them vote Conservative. So I would thank you, sir, to stop slagging them. It is one thing to discriminate your opponents in this election, it is something else entirely to pre-judge all the citizens of a geographic region based simply on residency.

Posted by: Vitruvius | 2005-11-30 9:01:46 PM

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