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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

"Advance polls" the reason for a 56-day Writ period?

That's what Trent Stanley says, here, in his comment on my post and, here, on his blog.  That an Elections Canada official told him that the reason for January 23rd is that if it were earlier, the advance polls would fall on one or both the Christmas/New Year holiday weekends.

Not so, according to subsection 171(2) of the Canada Elections Act. Advance polling days must fall on "the 10th, 9th and 7th days, respectively, before polling day."  Ergo, if e-day were January 16th, the advance polling days would be January 6th, 7th, and 9th, all of which may be suitable days to be in Florida, but none of which is on a holiday weekend . . . unless, of course, you're counting the Orthodox Christian calendar.  But, then, as I mentioned Joan Tintor pointed out, here, that didn't stop the Liberals' dropping the Writ on Orthodox Easter in 1997.  And, in which case, the advance polls, therefore, fall on the New Year's weekend of the Julian calendar used by Orthodox Christians. If it were truly the case that e-day was delayed because of advance polls and holiday weekends, then e-day should have been January 30th. Or February 7th.  Or, oops, not the 14th . . .

"Memo to Conservative activists":  Don't fall for the Liberal talking points, whether they're coming out of Paul Martin's mouth or someone else's mouth.

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Thanks for the link. We all know that the three clear weeks in January are about smearing Harper, and the Libs have been hinting at an extended campaign since the spring for just that purpose.

Given Martin's prior comments about the need to be sensitive to Orthodox Christians, I wonder if he will be campaigning on January 7?

Posted by: Joan Tintor | 2005-11-29 10:20:29 AM

Fair enough - I will doublecheck with my source. I am fairly certain that this wasn't a Liberal talking point. Discussion was before the election and I met the person through an entirely Conservative connection.
On a related note, I think the longer election helps the CPC, better funding, younger leader.

Posted by: Trent Stanley | 2005-11-29 12:01:08 PM

Guess who's the largest Orthodox Christian cultural group in Canada.

Guess who's offended by the antics in Ectobicoe-Lakeshore.

Any questions?

The anthem of the Orange Revolution:
Together We Are Strong, We Will Overcome!
"Razom Nas Bahato, Nas Ne Podolate!"

Posted by: jwkozak91 | 2005-11-30 2:10:58 AM

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