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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Suddenly in Canada traditional marriage is important again

Well, for non-Canadians, anyway.

In Canada, we'll shred the institution of marriage and turn it into something unrecognizable and essentially devoid of meaning in order to allow homosexuals to marry, but when it comes to marriage ceremonies practiced for millennia in other countries, then we're sticklers for every last bit of tradition.

A Canadian man married a woman in India, but she was not allowed into the country because they skipped a portion of a Hindu ceremony that, in India, is considered optional given that this is his second marriage.

But for immigration, the marriage wasn't done right, and doesn't meet their standard for a proper marriage.

Canadian officials making judgments on what constitutes a proper marriage?

Have you heard anything so absurd?

You can read the whole thing at Angry in the Great White North, or just shake your head and continue to dream of the day in the future when Paul Martin's Canada is just a bad memory.

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So I suppose a Christian marriage without confetti thrown at the get-away car is not valid either.

Holy Cow (as it were).


Posted by: Mark Collins | 2005-10-05 1:51:18 PM

Markawl Lynns wrote:

"So I suppose a Christian marriage without confetti thrown at the get-away car is not valid either."

Get with the program, Mark, Christian marriage (indeed all traditional marriage) became illegal in Canada around 1984.

Posted by: Great Walls of Fire | 2005-10-05 2:45:16 PM

Yet CIC recognizes that Muslims can have a "proxy maiiarige" performed over the phone, with one party in canada, the other outside of the country.

Posted by: anon. | 2005-10-05 3:53:42 PM

So the poor woman and her wife will be separated until all this is straightened out. How sad.

Posted by: Raging Ranter | 2005-10-05 4:11:07 PM

Oh wait, a man married her. Now I get it. Well, no wonder it "wasn't done right".

Posted by: Raging Ranter | 2005-10-05 4:12:21 PM

* Marriage is a heterosexual concept. History, tradition, Spirituality and culture all informed the institution of marriage is exclusively for a man and a women union. Left-wing liberals ideology is against hetero exclusive marriage-liberals want to turn society side ways thus creating more dependency upon liberal government. NOTE->>[ DURING THE LAST FEDERAL DEBATE, MARTIN SAID HE BELIEVES IN RIGHTS. S.COURT ONLY STATED THE GOVERNMENT HAS A RIGHT REGARDING THE DEFINITION OF MARRIAGE. IT'S NOT A RIGHT PERSAY TO CHANGE THE DEFINITION OF MARRIAGE./HARPER MISSED THIS OPPERTUNITY TO EXPLAIN THIS SITUATION DURING THE DEBATE UNFORTUNATELY.]

Posted by: Larry | 2005-10-06 3:18:58 AM

* Liberal PM-Martin, claims to be a Roman Catholic but still changed the definition of marriage. The S.Court did not say he must by rights but rather the Fed-Government has a right/if it so wants too./->>> Jesus Christ is a real historical fact and the greatest Spiritual leader plus the universal King and above even the Pope. Although He condemn no person, He did reinform marriage is but a union of one man and one woman. {Religions were performing marriages before governments}.

Posted by: Larry | 2005-10-06 5:43:44 AM

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