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Monday, October 31, 2005

Medicare's dead end

The Fraser Institute has just issued a new report which finds that provincial healthcare spending in Canada is "unsustainable." The message to Ottawa and the provinces: act now before medicare bankrupts us, kills us or both.

Posted by Terry O'Neill on October 31, 2005 in Canadian Politics | Permalink


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Hooray! Can we get rid of federal funding for education, EI, CPP, Ministry of Transportation, CRTC and Industry Canada too? For starters? If we can get rid of the commies from Ottawa, then might have a chance of then getting rid of the commies in our provincial governments. After that, individual municipalities can figure out which ones want to go broke treating their citizens like drooling idiots, and which ones want to be rich and free.

I suppose that instead a half-assed solution is more likely to be implemented, as kind of a delaying tactic against terminal socialist decline. I think that in New Zealand they scrapped their free medicare for organic illness, but kept 100% free medicare for accidental injuries.

Posted by: Justzumgai | 2005-10-31 6:19:34 PM

Wait! Dosanjh/Martin/Layton's socialist carcasses are in the way. >>>>>

Dosanjh to woo NDP on health care
Party wants limits on private treatment


Monday, October 31, 2005 Posted at 5:52 AM EST

From Monday's Globe and Mail

Ottawa — Canada's Health Minister is preparing to offer the New Democrats some of the restrictions on private care that they have demanded in exchange for their continued support of the Liberal minority government.

Ujjal Dosanjh will meet today with NDP health critic Jean Crowder. He is expected to say he is amenable to tightening regulations that restrict for-profit health care.

Posted by: maz2 | 2005-10-31 6:28:35 PM

I'm all in favour of privatizing health care. Why, our own PM Martin uses a private health care clinic. Layton is an ignorant socialist who thinks that all private business is evil and all public business is good. The Soviet Union failed. I wonder why? Oh - in China, you know, you have to pay for your health care; they know that socialism doesn't work.

Public systems are notoriously inefficient. They are not set up to provide services but to provide jobs-for-life. These jobs are all unionized within the Public Service Unions. The system may start out with a focus on a service but it is impossible to maintain that within a public system with unionized employees. Therefore, the focus rapidly switches from its original primary agenda (health care) to its function as an employment centre.

Private systems are set up to provide services. If they can't provide those services - they go bankrupt. The focus is on the services; it is impossible in a private system for the focus to be on the jobs. It has to serve the customer.

In the public system, the customer becomes irrelevant, for the funding does not come from the customer. Therefore - providing fast, efficient and functional service becomes irrelavant to the system. What becomes important is better benefits, job hours, pensions etc, for the employees. That's why the unions become more important than the customers in a public service. Example - the BC teacher's strike. The interaction is between the employees and the gov't that pays those huge salaries. To hell with the clients and customers. They are utterly irrelevant. Your salary will be paid no matter how few people you treat, no matter how inefficient you are, no matter..

Since most of the money goes to salaries, there isn't enough for equipment and supplies. Unions, after all, aren't interested in money going to those areas; they want money to go ONLY to salaries. That way, as the salaries increase, the union dues increase. And the union gets wealthier!!!

The health care system in Canada is defunct; almost all the costs of the system go to those Jobs For Life.

That's why - we must go to private health care. So that the focus will be on the services and the supplies. Not on Jobs For Life and Union Dues.

Posted by: ET | 2005-10-31 8:38:31 PM

Health care is not private in the US. You have lots of private health care providers, and you have massive federal government programs like Medicaid and Medicare, plus various state and municipal plans, plus massive amounts of government regulatory interference in the free market.

This morning on WABC radio from NY, the uber-leftie co-host Ron Kube said that if government was to set out to invent a way of ripping off taxpayers and enriching doctors, they couldn't come up with a better system than Medicaid.

If you want to see examples of people being served to their great satisfaction, with steady or falling prices and increasing quality of goods, look at sectors where government interference is least: look at Wal-Mart, Costco, and practically any grocery store. Look at how good people's teeth are in wicked, capitalist Amerikkka, then check out the teeth on the average socialist Brit. When you want to see shoddy, over-priced and extremely unsatisfactory services, you will always find the hand of government: health care in communist systems like Canada and Cuba; public education throughout North America; food in North Korea; housing on Indian reserves; and so on.

Posted by: Justzumgai | 2005-10-31 9:52:21 PM

Medicare wouldn't be in this situation if the rich Ontarians didn't waste billions uselessly: the CBC, gun registry, Adscam, various government depts, submarines, etc. Levying some taxes on Ontarians would be a good start too. Spend less and raise more, and keep some form of discipline. It actually might work.

All they want to do is pick pointless fights with the US as a distraction from their greed and incompetence. Ontario's willful blindness is staggering, but then they never lose. Alberta, on the other hand, has lost in the NEP, and Kyoto threatens us again while Ontario gets a free ride. Never again. Secession or bust!!!

When we're free, our medicare system will make Canada's seem like Soviet care. Oh well, if that makes them happy, so be it.

BTW: Jack Layton's loyalties end at the Ontario border. He talks big about medicare, but he'll settle for less so long as Ontario is protected. He and Martin are twins as far as I'm concerned.

Posted by: Scott | 2005-10-31 10:08:36 PM

Robert Mc, the high cost of healthcare in the US is an X of the high cost of malpratice litigation. As all Canadians KNOW, litigation claims in Canada for death or a poorer quality of life resulting from malpractice or other malfeasence cannot exceed $200,000 and that, only if one can find an honest doctor as a swing witness expert at trial by Liberal appointed Judge.

Of course, in such a situation, the incompetent anonymous quack would continue practicing and the settlement would be at tax payers expense.

Because justice is a whole other issue by which the US differs from Canada by a factor of 100, your position, Robert Mc, is vastly over blown.

Posted by: Speller | 2005-10-31 10:50:10 PM

Speller - the high cost of us health care is motivated by litigation to a large extent but mostly due to paper work and ordering up needless tests to cover yer ass to head off future litigation.

A good portion comes from all the paperwork associated with private insurance.

Then there's the fact that US doctors are the highest paid in the world.

"and the settlement would be at tax payers expense."

In fact - it would be paid by the CMPA - a private insurance plan funded by doctors , not the tax payer

Posted by: Nbob | 2005-11-01 12:06:28 AM

In spite of all the evidence to the contrary Robert certainly does seem to have an overweening confidence in the integrity and competence of government 'managed' enterprises. Perhaps he could enlighten us as to the source of his faith - starting by letting us know which government teat he’s sucking on.

Posted by: JR | 2005-11-01 12:20:48 AM

JR: he's an Ontarian. Like all white Ontarians, he knows all too well that they are invulnerable. The system was designed to protect Ontario's corporate interests. So long as they are secure, nothing will happen without their permission. They will enjoy the best social services imaginable, no poverty, the best of everything.

Yet they are never satisfied, the inevitable result of greed. Sad. Pathetic. Dangerous.

They will never support a party that dared to change things. It's like they're afraid of an Alberta-based party redistributing their wealth, much like how they did to us in 1980. Well, when they're right, they're right.

My solution to the Ontario problem: dismantle all industry, tear down the cities, and return the place to a pre-industrial existence. Make it so even the Amish appear high-tech by comparison. I think that would teach them a valuable lesson in humility.

Posted by: Scott | 2005-11-01 12:56:19 AM

Denis Desautel, former Auditor-General, said that program success seems to be measured by money spent, not results achieved. I heard somewhere that our "free" health care costs every man, woman and child $3200.00 per year. No wonder our system is judged to be wildly successful. Pay no attention to the thousands that can't get a family doctor or can't get in to see him or can't get treated in a non death-defying amount of time.

Scott, your meds need adjusting. Again.

Posted by: Kathryn | 2005-11-01 7:51:40 AM

Hey Scott,

When you were typing, was the drool dripping down your chin or was it frothy enough to just bubble up on your upper lip?

I'd suggest taking off the tin foil hat and getting on some anti-psychotic drugs.

Purhaps you can't get access to a shrink?

Posted by: Warwick | 2005-11-01 10:58:26 AM


I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about but I'm sure it's as paranoid and delusional as Scott. You guys should start a club or something.

Posted by: Warwick | 2005-11-01 2:49:25 PM

Nbob, "In fact - it would be paid by the CMPA - a private insurance plan funded by doctors , not the tax payer."

So this conflict of interest is why no doctors can be found to testify against the incompetence or malfeasence of other doctors.

The Canadian system is so corrupt.

Posted by: Speller | 2005-11-01 10:29:50 PM

"no doctors can be found to testify against the incompetence or malfeasence of other doctors."

I didn't do malpractice but those in our office who did have never had a problem finding Doctors to give evidence

Posted by: Nbob | 2005-11-01 10:41:57 PM

I've known plenty of people who where given wrong diagnosis and wrongly prescribed drugs. No doctor witnesses.

One woman I know died just before christmas last year because of doctor incompetence.

Despite telling an East Indian doctor in a clinic 2 blocks from my home the dosage for our injections 3 months ago, his case file room was a mess because he keeps kiting the paychecks and can't keep any staff, this doctor injected us with twice the dosage and we were both very sick for a week.

He didn't even care to get it right.

I could go on for pages.

Posted by: Speller | 2005-11-02 8:56:02 AM

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