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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Making up for lost time

If you're one of the millions of Canadians who found themselves suddenly thinking reasonably while CBC workers were walking picket lines in recent weeks, and didn't like how it felt, be sure to tune into tonight's Passionate Eye feature about the beef industry. It'll set you right again.

How could  it be anything but a balanced and thoughtful look at the business of beef—with a name like "Frankensteer" ?

BY THE WAY: I've got ten bucks that says that this quote, which appears on the website and in the commercials:

According to Mike McBane of the Canadian Health Coalition, "When you bring a package of hamburger home from a supermarket, you have to treat it as toxic material…"

is being taken entirely out of context. I have no idea why a front group for the nurses' union, whose mission and goals are exclusively dedicated to preserving medicare, would even be consulted by any responsible journalist on the question of food safety in the first place. But that ellipsis tells me that McBane might just be talking about washing your hands after handling raw hamburger. Just a hunch.

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As I have said before - nothing less than the complete physical destruction of the CBC is acceptable. Tear down the buildings and incinerate the rubble. No trace of the CBC's bigotry and hate is to remain. It must be purged from the Earth like the Bastille in 1789, slavery in 1865, fascism in 1945, communism in 1989, and Apartheid in 1994; soon to be followed by terrorism.

If you love freedom, then you must seek the destruction of the CBC.

Posted by: Scott | 2005-10-27 4:03:28 PM

Prez Rabinosomebody of shehehec fell off his chair somewhere today.
Take One. Any videos online? Gotta be an omen of ????

Posted by: maz2 | 2005-10-27 4:21:43 PM

CBC's Wild Rose Country did an item this week on Genetically Modified foods. Their intro was from the movie Frankenstein (1931) "it's alive. ALIVE!".

Nope. No editorializing here. No way.

Oh, btw, I'm guessing the Health Coalition was trying to say you have to cook hamburger. Duh. And don't eat 10 pounds of it.

Posted by: Norman Lorrain | 2005-10-27 11:06:04 PM

Scott, I have many of my "dumb-luck" Albertan dollars that I would gladly donate to the destruction of which you speak. Only the CBC would kick a core industry in Western Canada when it is on the canvas from 2 1/2 years of body blows.

Posted by: Jim | 2005-10-28 11:20:36 AM

Jim: I admire your enthusiasm, but hasn't it cost us enough already? The CBC does not exist to be an independent voice; it is the apologist for the corporations. The CBC takes its orders directly from the Feds, who get their orders from the rich Ontarians. It has no objectivity, so we should expect none from it. All the more reason to get our trucks and cables and pull down the buildings ourselves if need be. Some might ask how much it could cost to do it (meanwhile completely ignoring the inexcusable $1b CBC budget, stealing money away from social programs - talk about two faced!). I say do it just to make it known to all that things have changed, like how the Saddam statue in Baghdad was pulled down for the cameras. The CBC is a symbol of oppression even if it doesn't do a lot and is easily ignored. Get rid of it now!

Posted by: Scott | 2005-10-28 11:29:08 AM

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