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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Major developments in the Abotech affair [major correction]

From Hansard:

Mr. Pierre Poilievre (Nepean-Carleton, CPC): Mr. Speaker, Frank Brazeau, the secretary of a local Liberal association and a public servant, used his influence to secure $1 million in contracts for the Liberal member of Parliament for Pontiac. The KPMG auditing firm has found irregularities in contracts totalling $15 million also given by Mr. Brazeau.     Will the Prime Minister release KPMG's report now?

Otherwise, what is he trying to hide?

The response was the standard "Can't talk, Ethics Commissioner, all hush-hush!"

But this is potentially huge.  François Brazeau is no two-bit bureaucrat.  He's a director general at PWGSC in charge of...

I had the wrong Brazeau! There is a Frank Brazeau (as opposed to François), and while François is linked to David Smith by virtue of both having worked for PWGSC, this Frank Brazeau has a different link:

Frank Brazeau was a contracting officer at Consulting and Audit Canada whose performance came under the scrutiny of auditors at KPMG. In their recent report, the auditors raised allegations of irregularities in Mr. Brazeau's handling of contracts, finding a lack of documentation, backdating of contracts, manipulation of requests for proposals and irregular invoices.

Mr. Brazeau was initially suspended with pay, but he is no longer receiving a salary "pending further review," according to a senior federal official.

What is the link?

It's amazing.  He helped coordinate the PSAB program for Indian and Northern Affairs Canada.  What is PSAB?

Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Business!

So there is the link to contracts that are supposed to go to aboriginal business.  As I suggested earlier, I wondered if David Smith's Abotech was a front for non-aboriginal business landing work that was supposed to be set aside for aboriginal businesses.

How many more aboriginal friends of Liberals are riding this gravy train?

And was Brazeau rewarded with any "success fees"?

Stay tuned.

[Expanded post at Angry in the Great White North]


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Would this be the same situation with the Ridley Terminal sale at Prince Rupert?

Somethings fishy.

Horny Toad

Posted by: Horny Toad | 2005-10-25 8:55:19 AM

SO, what else is new? Until these slightly retarded easterner's wake up it's not going to end. Remember how much sooner we had pierre the pig figured out?

Posted by: AsISeeIt | 2005-10-25 9:39:46 AM

The Fish Rots From the Head.

Chretien > Dingwall > Guite > Martin = The Fish.

Follow the money.

Posted by: maz2 | 2005-10-25 12:51:46 PM

This story is very disturbing, given the fact that I am a fully status native Canadian and that I come from the Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg community, which coincidentally Frank “CLAIMS” he comes from. What has got me extremely upset is the fact that he is claiming he is a status native Canadian, which people from my community know that it is a complete farce. By the way, claiming that you are native and not required to provide proof can really help someone when appointments or applications for any position are up for grabs in the government. The second most unsettling thing is that he was put in charge of a unit that was to ensure that native owned businesses got certain grants and contracts, and the president of Abotech is…..you guessed it, a non native Canadian citizen. I though this genius would have known that given that they are first cousins. Seems to me like both people love to claim things that will get them ahead and don’t think twice about who or what cultures they insult. I am as friendly as any Canadian person you may meet, but being native I have experienced certain disadvantage in my life because of my culture, language and skin color. It irks me when I hear about things like this and I had to voice my 2 cents.

Posted by: bidou | 2005-12-07 12:58:48 PM

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