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Monday, October 03, 2005

If you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao

On the New Criterion site, "Mao & the Maoists" by Keith Windschuttle which is largely a review of Mao: The Unknown Story by Jung Chang and Jon Halliday (to be released in Canada on Oct. 18). The book and article are a debunking of Communist heroism on the Long March as presented to the world back in ye dayes of auld by journalist Edgar Snow. I can't help but wonder if Canada's Norman Bethune myths are somewhere being prepared for the chopping block. Windschuttle I best remember for his Steinbeck's myth of the Okies, where he tore apart the cliché ridden, maudlin Grapes of Wrath. Windschuttle is author of the 2000 book The Killing of History: How Literary Critics and Social Theorists Are Murdering Our Past.

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Way off topic. Strike may be over at CBC.

Why is the CBC strike settled now when it dragged on all summer and it looked like both sides were so far apart that no settlement could be reached??

1. Liberals are gearing up for fall election.
2. Liberals tell CBC management to go back to the bargaining table.
3. Management/Union meet and settlement is reached with union winning its demands for less conracting out.

Conclusion: Liberals need their propaganda machine for the election, and voila, strike is over. Only in Canada.

Posted by: MikeP | 2005-10-03 9:08:09 AM


It's almost Freudian, how Mao would remind you of the CBC.

Posted by: surly | 2005-10-03 9:46:50 AM

The history of Communist China, down the memory hole.

Posted by: Speller | 2005-10-03 10:25:24 AM

Considering Norman Bethune was a proponent of universal "free" medical care long before anyone ever heard of Tommy Douglas, it's likely the Canadian elite intellectual class will be divided on whether his myth should be busted. On one hand, he could be quite reasonably considered the true founding father of medicare. But, many lefties might be resentful of anyone threatening Tommy Douglas's stature in that regard. One can imagine the debates amongst leftist circles in Canada over which communist was the true Canadian hero. Only in Canada you say?

Posted by: Raging Ranter | 2005-10-03 12:58:47 PM


Donny "Mash" Sutherland, aka "Dr. Bethune", toeing/towing the party line for Mao, the Red monster...... Crying/lying for 70,000,000 Chinese buried by Mao? No. He's a self-loathing moonbat. "A dramatic sit-down interview"...sit-down vs. a stand-up interview? Sitting on ??? Tears for himself: narcissist.>>>>



Choking back tears, COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF star Donald Sutherland warned this week: President Bush "will destroy our lives!"

The star of the new ABC drama, which follows the first woman President of the United States, lashed out at the real White House during a dramatic sit down interview with the BBC.

Sutherland ripped Bush and his administration for the war and Hurricane Katrina fallout.

"They were inept. The were inadequate to the task, and they lied," Sutherland charged.

"And they were insulting, and they were vindictive. And they were heartless. They did not care. They do not care. They do not care about Iraqi people. They do not care about the families of dead soldiers. They only care about profit."

At one point during the session, Sutherland started crying: "We've stolen our children's future... We have children. We have children. How dare we take their legacy from them. How dare we. It's shameful. What we are doing to our world."

Posted by: maz2 | 2005-10-03 1:30:36 PM

Remember when Donald Sutherland played the part of a Nazi spy in "The Eye of the Needle"? He's still caught up in that roll I guess. Only he's working for the Iraqi insurgents now.

Posted by: Raging Ranter | 2005-10-03 1:40:09 PM

Perhaps his judgment is a little off.

Remember that Sutherland took a $40,000 check for "Animal House" rather than a cut of the profits, which would have paid him $40m by now.

Posted by: Scott | 2005-10-03 1:54:34 PM

Only a capitalist pig would want $40 million in royalty payments.

Posted by: Raging Ranter | 2005-10-03 2:42:59 PM

"The future Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau visited in 1960 and wrote a starry-eyed, aptly titled book, Two Innocents in Red China, which said nothing about the famine."

On the New Criterion site, "Mao & the Maoists" by Keith Windschuttle.>>>>

"Two Innocents in Red China".... Who was Trudeau's travelling companion?

Posted by: maz2 | 2005-10-03 2:45:44 PM

Jacques Hebert & Trudeau, of course....>> Hebert's latest/(last?) book: "Good Morning Cuba!" Cuban cigars, amigo, por favor? Give one to Willy Clinton, compadres. And here is Comrade Fidel Castro, garcons. Si. Comrades-in-arms?>>>>

Mr. Hébert's numerous accomplishments in publishing include founding two publishing houses, Éditions de l'Homme (1958) and Éditions du Jour (1961), and being the president of the Association of Canadian Publishers (1965-74). He has also penned many books including: Two Innocents in Red China (in collaboration with Pierre Elliott Trudeau) (Oxford University Press, Toronto, 1968), The World is Round (McClelland & Stewart, Toronto, 1976), Have Them Build a Tower Together (McClelland & Stewart, Toronto, 1979), 21 Days - One Man's Fight for Canada's Youth (Optimum Publishing, Montreal, 1986), Travelling in Tropical Countries (Hurtig Publishers, Edmonton, 1986), Duplessis, non merci! (Les Éditions du Boréal, Montreal, 2000), Katima...What? (Cosmopolite Communication, Montreal, 2001), En 13 points Garamond (Éditions Trois-Pistoles, Trois-Pistoles, 2002), and his most recent, Good Morning Cuba!(SIAP Publishing, Montreal, 200>>>

Posted by: maz2 | 2005-10-03 2:55:00 PM

Good link, Kevin. Windschuttle's review of Change and Halliday's book serves as a good warning about the insidious damage caused by the intellectual left. There is a little bit of Edgar Snow in every leftist. His rosy-eyed depiction of a society where "humour, sarcasm and irony were banned", and where executions, beatings and denunciations were public spectacles lives on in our political life.

It's not surprising that after visitng China in 1960 Trudeau wrote "a starry-eyed book...which said nothing about the famine", or that France was the intellectual center of Maoism in the sixties and seventies. It's hip to be the voice of "the people" i.e. to be personally, privately ennobled by the suffering of others.

The left continues to derive it's political energy in prosperous countries by claiming an heroic concern for the lives of "the people", when in fact their legacy is of absolute, crushing state power.

Okay, now let's put on our Mao T-shirts and bash America. Don't look east.

Posted by: EBD | 2005-10-03 6:51:24 PM

EBD, Mao never was photogenic. Black seems to be in vogue with the nonindividualist set. Maybe next year it will be grey quilted stuff.

Posted by: Speller | 2005-10-03 7:15:52 PM

AdScam Martin's mentor, M. Strong, has long-standing connections to Mao, Chou, & Red China.... The Left is Red>> more

Elaine Dewar, author of Cloak of Green, says Maurice Strong is a Socialist, who has connections to Communist China where he is well received, partly because his cousin, Anna Louise Strong, a Marxist, and a member of the comintern, spent two years with Mao and Chou En-lai in China, where she was buried in 1970. Her funeral was personally organized by Chou En-lai.

Posted by: maz2 | 2005-10-03 8:14:40 PM

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