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Monday, October 03, 2005

Cornwall scandal

The folks who successfully pushed the Ontario government to launch Operation Truth, into allegations of a sex ring in Cornwall, and who then successfully pushed for a judicial review of the handling of the affair (after the courts failed to fry the dozen and a half people charged in connection with the scandal), are now calling for the head of that review, Justice Normand Glaude, to step down.

(I keep trying to cut and paste their press release to this posting, but it keeps disappearing. Contact Sylvia Maceachern at [email protected] if you want a full account of their reasons.)

Posted by Terry O'Neill on October 3, 2005 in Current Affairs | Permalink


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Do you mean Project Truth, that non-story kept alive for years by CBC Radio News, the last refuge for conspiracy theorists? You would think that after Martensville and the Shelburne School for Boys they would have learned the basics, that child sex offenders are loners, not prone to confiding in others for fear of detection. Instead the con-theorists delight in tales that inveigle the Catholic Church, the police and the Crown prosectors office together in sordid stories of abuse. All that is missing are the KKK and David Rockefeller & the Trilateral Commission. McGuinty should be ashamed for pandering to these people.

Posted by: herringchoker | 2005-10-03 1:24:48 PM

Well, the "non-story" called Project Guardian in London, ON -- so often protrayed as a homophobic pogrom -- resulted in several dozen convictions.

Posted by: Mike S | 2005-10-03 2:12:41 PM

Ah yes, Project Guardian. Fantino at his finest. But not exactly the same thing. As I recall, the London operation was basically the shutting down of a "rent-boy" operation the best way possible, by cutting off demand. Throw the clients and the pimps in jail and watch what happens to demand. The same things happened in Quebec a few years ago, but the victims were girls. Hardly new.

However, I don't recall Fantino ever alleging that there was a grand conspiracy, replete with Satanic rituals, passing the boys around. I think I would remember if he accused the bishop of London of being the head of the coven. Of course, perhaps he was a part of the coven, as the theorists in Cornwall suggest happened there. All in all, I think not. But I wasn't living there at the time, so feel free to point out if I am greviously in error.

Posted by: herringchoker | 2005-10-03 2:36:24 PM

Yes, I meant Project Truth. And I don't think it's a non-story. There might not have been an actual organized conspiracy, but my reporting has led me to conclude that there was probably widespread sexual predation of boys by men.

Posted by: Terry O'Neill | 2005-10-03 7:06:04 PM

Any pedophile convicted of sexual improprieties with a minor should have 25 years without parole for a first offence...then if a second conviction happens...for life ! No parole. The U.S. is beginning, state by state to toughen their laws. If only Gaynada would do the same. Of course with our NDP, Liberal and Blochead politicians voting to keep the age of consent at 14 we'll never see anything like that here. A sad thing for our children !!

Posted by: MarkAlta | 2005-10-04 9:23:58 PM

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