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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Will Subsidized Universal Daycare Solve Canada's Economic Problems?

Brian Ferguson, who writes A Canadian Econoview, is back, and his first posting upon his return is brilliant, witty, biting sarcasm about Paul Martin's recent pronouncement, (quoting from the New Brunswick Telegraph),
Canada's competitive edge in the looming economic showdown with China and India must be honed soon after its toddlers leave the crib, Prime Minister Paul Mr. Martin said Tuesday. The prime minister said his proposed national child-care plan will help Canadian tots get a head start in a global economy where only the smartest countries will thrive.
Brian Ferguson's reaction?
Well, that makes sense. Everyone knows that the reason the Indian economy is finally taking off is because they decided to put all their kids into daycare. State regulated, unionized daycare, of course. Certainly it had nothing to do with India's undoing decades of socialist regulation and letting entrepreneurs make profits in open markets.
He is relentless in is attack. Read the whole thing for sarcastic comments on how subsidized universal daycare will solve all of Canada's economic and educational problems.

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Definitely a fun read, Ferguson makes the points with humour.

But here’s the paradox of Martin. He’s also saying we need more immigration to pay for his socialist ideas like Day Care because Canadians aren’t having enough kids.

What we really need is less socialism so that we can have a vibrant globally competitive economy so that young people will have enough confidence in the future to have at least 3 kids.

Although not as jaded as Europeans, the fact is, young Canadians need to have enough confidence in their future to have kids.

Posted by: nomdenet | 2005-09-25 8:30:03 PM

Oooooo...this makes me mad! Institutionalizing children at a younger age will NOT make them smarter. If anything it will retard their progress and they will end up social misfits to boot. Let children have the benefit of home and parent as long as possible. That is the way to healthier well-adjusted citizens.

Posted by: Jack | 2005-09-26 12:20:32 AM

Its never too early to create another generation of Ritalin charged anesthetized Aldous Huxley uberdroids --who cannot string a sentence or paragraph together -- but who are more than qualified to drool out of the side of their mouths while rubber stamping another patronage appointment and stroking another cheque for the Harvard trained policy wonks at Rideau Hall.

However, since the Governor General's appointment is a "gift to all humanity" there is a slender ray of hope that we may yet save the human race.

Posted by: Plato's Stepchild | 2005-09-26 8:10:20 PM

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