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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Martin Government Would Never Do This

EU bans Tamil Tigers over murder

"The European Union has also agreed that each member state will, where necessary, take additional national measures to check and curb illegal or undesirable activities (including issues of funding and propaganda) of the LTTE, its related organisations and known individual supporters," the statement added.

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Unlike Paul Martin's Tamil-friendly (read vote-seeking/dependent) Canada.


Posted by: Mark Collins | 2005-09-27 5:47:55 PM

Google "The LTTE is banned in Canada."


Out of date?

"The U.S., Britain and Australia have designated the LTTE as a terrorist organization. The LTTE does not appear on Canada's list of banned terrorist organizations.

Canadian intelligence believes that there are 8,000 former LTTE guerrillas in Toronto. The LTTE draws significant financial and political support from the Canadian Tamil community. According to Canadian police and intelligence agencies, the LTTE raises money in Canada through donations, organized crime and LTTE front organizations. LTTE supporters in Canada are suspected of involvement in a number of illegal activities such as drug trafficking, human smuggling and passport forgery and fraud. They have also been a major factor in spawning Tamil street gangs in Toronto." etc

Posted by: asdf | 2005-09-27 7:19:36 PM

Robert McClelland: Being a bore is one thing. Being comprehensively wrong is not entertaining.

Please let us know where one might find the LTTE on the Government's list of banned terrorist groups, available at the web page below.

If you do not reply in a fashion that demonstrates the LTTE are in fact banned by the Canadian Government you are without credibility.

Though I will concede with considerable attitude.


Posted by: Mark Collins | 2005-09-27 7:22:08 PM

LTTE banned in Canada?

A quick check of Hansard for the 38th Parliament will show that Anne McLellan, Pierre Pettigrew, Irwin Cotler and Stockwell Day don't seem to think so. Nor does tamiltigers.net.

Posted by: JR | 2005-09-27 7:30:19 PM

LTTE banned in Canada? NO it isn't. And do you know why not? When asked the question, Foreign Affairs Minister Bill Graham answered that he believed that peace talks in Sri Lanka were progressing well, and he worried that banning LTTE at this sensitive time could derail the peace process. I'm not making this up. Graham gave the above answer (though not verbatim of course) when responding to questions by reporters about the Tamil Tigers and LTTE about a year ago.

Such a response begs two questions.

1. How does the "peace process" in Sri Lanka rank ahead of security in Canada with our government?

2. How is it that our government has deluded itself into believing that Canada is so influential, has such a big footprint on the world stage, that banning a terrorist organization here will "derail the peace process" in Sri Lanka? Or anywhere else.

Bonus points to someone who can link to an article referring to Grahams comments as noted above.

Posted by: Raging Ranter | 2005-09-27 7:46:36 PM

Raging Ranter: The influence is reverse. Tamils in Canada on government here.

Bonus points for this?

'Canada condemns Tamil Tiger actions: Pettigrew

Canadian Press

OTTAWA — Canada condemns terrorist activity by the Tamil Tigers, including suspected recruitment of child soldiers, but the Liberal government still isn't ready to outlaw the organization, says Foreign Affairs Minister Pierre Pettigrew.

Moving now to put the Tigers on Ottawa's proscribed list of terrorist organizations could disrupt delicate efforts to negotiate peace in Sri Lanka, Pettigrew said Tuesday.

He was queried at a Commons committee, in light of reports by New York-based Human Rights Watch and by UNICEF that the Tigers have been recruiting children orphaned by the Asian tsunami.

Tamil nationalists say they are offering charity, not forcing the children to join their struggle against the Sinhalese majority in Sri Lanka.

Pettigrew said Ottawa takes the reports of forced recruitment seriously and "we absolutely condemn the abduction of children and believe that it is fundamentally wrong.''

But he added that several countries including the United States and Norway -- the latter deeply involved in mediation efforts in Sri Lanka -- have asked Ottawa not to aggravate the situation by moving against the Tigers in Canada.

"We believe it is better to try to work and engage them in a very fragile ceasefire, to strengthen it and maintain it,'' he said.

"We honestly believe at this time that it would not be useful to list the Tamil Tigers (as a terrorist organization).''

The Liberal government has barred the group -- officially known as the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam or LTTE -- from fundraising in Canada.

But it has not taken the additional step of outlawing simple membership in the organization -- a move long sought by Conservatives, including foreign affairs critic Stockwell Day...'


Posted by: Mark Collins | 2005-09-27 8:05:29 PM

The Liberal Government's position is getting ever more lonely--though the EU is still rather wobblly:

"EU bans Tamil Tiger leaders over Sri Lankan minister's killing"
By Stephen Castle in Brussels
The Independent, 28 September 2005

'The European Union has barred delegations from Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger rebels from visiting its 25 member states and said it is considering listing the group as a terrorist organisation.

In a harshly worded statement, the EU apportioned blame for the rising violence in Sri Lanka to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, the LTTE, and said it deplored the assassination of the Sri Lankan Foreign Minister last month.

The Tamil Tigers have denied any involvement in the murder of Lakshman Kadirgamar, but yesterday's tough statement underlines the doubts of many diplomats about the group's claims of innocence.

"The European Union is actively considering the formal listing of the LTTE as a terrorist organisation," said yesterday's statement.

With presidential elections in November, the country's ceasefire is under mounting strain, with the Tigers blamed by the government for numerous breaches, particularly in the east of the island.

The EU condemned "the continuing use of violence and terrorism by the LTTE", while calling on the Tigers to "demonstrate their commitment to the peace process and their willingness to change". It also criticised the group's "abhorrent" use of child soldiers.

The statement marks a clear hardening of the EU's position against the group, while imposing little in the way of sanctions. EU member states are not, as yet, all ready to join Britain and the US, which already list the Tigers as a terror group.

The ban marks a significant shift since the previous Commissioner for external relations, Chris Patten, met senior representatives of the organisation. The current Commissioner, Benita Ferrero-Waldner, made it clear she was willing to do so during a visit earlier this year though the meeting never took place.

However, the measures announced yesterday do not preclude contact with the Tigers, or ban their leaders from travelling in a personal capacity to EU countries.

The European Union has barred delegations from Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger rebels from visiting its 25 member states and said it is considering listing the group as a terrorist organisation...'


Posted by: Mark Collins | 2005-09-28 6:57:48 AM

Not hard to find on the 'net.

suck up to terrorist/murderers: Tamil Tigers. Did not the Tamil Tigers invent suicide bombing? The left/liberals approve/condone suicide bombers>>>>

* Alleging Canada continues to support LTTE

Lankans protest in LA

More than 300 people converged on downtown Los Angeles, July 7, to take part in a noisy protest demonstration in front of the Canadian Consul General's office against what they alleged was Canada's continued support for Sri Lanka's separatist violence unhindered by the Canadian government.

In a 31/2 hour protest march they chanted relentlessly, "Paul Martin -Terror's Guardian" and "Terrorist counting - Paul Martin" in reference to Canada's federal finance minister who reportedly has taken part in a fund rasing dinner of a front organisation of the Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka in Toronto.

They converged on the city of Angeles from and around the city, the residential suburbs, cities in Northern California like San Jose and Sacramento and more distant places like Nevada and New York.

The protest demonstration, the first in many decades in front of a Canadian government office in Southern California, was led by Asoka Seneviratne masquerading as the Canadian death dressed in a black horror-cloak and a skull mask. The cloak was marked by Canada's national emblem, the red maple leaf. He was holding a specially created placard, the handle of which was made of four skulls marked LTTE.' A little Canadian flag was flying from one skull on the placard handle. The placard created by Sunil Ranjith de Alwis read: " I dine and wine with Tamil Terrorists."

Another placard with a huge cartoon of the other minister who attended the dinner Maria Minna drawn by local artist Kusumal Silva declared: "Canada's Minister of International Relations Supports International Terrorism."

Sharp at 4 p.m. Roger D. Chan, the deputy Canadian Council General climbed down from his ninth floor office to meet Walter Jayawardhana, president of the Califorina based Sinhala Defense League and spokesman of the demonstration. Chan said: "Mr. Jayawardhana, I wish we were meeting during bitter times." Jayawardhana read the four main demands of the demonstrators:" (1) We urge the Canadian government to put an immediate stop to the fund rasing activities of Tamil Tigers of their front organisations. (2) We demand the resignations of federal ministers Mr. Paul Martin and Ms. Maria Minna. (3) We appeal to your government to proscribe the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, following the United States. (4) We request you to secure the lives of the civilians of the United States from the armed Tiger terrorists now settled in Toronto since the LTTE is believed to have added the names of some US leaders like President Clinton and the Secretary of State Madeleine Albright to their hit list. ">>>>


Posted by: maz2 | 2005-09-28 7:16:53 AM

Robert ,
Good point those in glass house should be careful when they through bricks. So help me out here would you please name the Tories who met with them, as I would work to ensure that they are never elected to office in this country again. Were these Tories briefed liked Paul Martin that these were fronts for terrorists groups before they met with them? Have they since declared that they regrett having attended.

Posted by: CS | 2005-09-28 1:51:49 PM

There should be some fixed criteria for banning armed organizations. It should not be based on the lobbying effort of the opponent of the armed group. Also, any allegations of wrong doing must be independently verified before making the decision to ban.

If Canada made decisions based on Nazi lobby, it would have banned the French Resistance for example.

Posted by: Uccai Siravas | 2005-09-29 2:20:36 PM

did Paul martin not go to their fundraisers?

Posted by: ghollingshead | 2005-09-29 2:51:58 PM

foreign governments should ban srilankan government for killing tamils in srilanka

Posted by: perera | 2006-04-06 1:29:59 AM

until today srilankan government has killed 100000 tamils in srilanka

Posted by: ranga | 2006-04-06 1:33:07 AM

srilankan army killed 100 tamils today

Posted by: buddanads | 2006-04-06 1:35:35 AM

tamils being killed from 1954

Posted by: uthay | 2006-04-06 1:39:08 AM

Reasons why the LTTE are banned in Canada:

1) They hide under the cloak of fighting to get a separate Tamil state when in fact they terrorize and kill their fellow Tamils.

2) The top ranking leaders of the LTTE's children are illegally living and studying abroad when innocent child fighters are fighting in Sri Lanka.

3) Supporters of the LTTE who terrorize hardworking Tamils are stealing the funds they raise and living in the lap of luxury.

4) Hypocritical tamil supports who are members of the Tamil Eelam Society are persuading other Tamils to go to Sri Lanka and help the LTTE when they are safe and secure in Canada.

Posted by: TJ | 2006-04-23 4:27:14 PM


I had some thing about this a few weeks ago!

Posted by: Winston | 2006-04-23 4:54:50 PM

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