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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Question: Ontario currently has at least a couple dozen different graphic option license plates available. Do you think they'd ever pick up a design like the one above? I don't, which is definitely too bad for Ontario.

I think the problem is seeing a pro-life message is too often immediately equated with being unconditionally anti-abortion (as in, supporting a ban on the practice).

After not even a month of living & going out down here in Sarasota, it's been pretty evident to me just how strong the 'culture of life' here is. The majority of women in their twenties whom I've met here have children. This is remarkable and in complete contrast to what I'm used to in Ottawa. And it's not that these children were forced on them; contraceptives and abortions aren't unknown to Sarasota, these women simply chose and embraced motherhood.

In all honesty, a few years ago I was guilty of the common urban Ontario belief that any woman under 25 who had a child had obviously made some big mistakes. Now I've come about completely and think that any society that shuns young mothers are the ones who are making a big mistake. All the young moms I've met here are still enjoying life, have a never-ending source of pride in their kids, and for the most part are in school, working jobs or even their own business with the help and support of extended family & peers.

Being generally pro-life, without coming down on those who've made a difficult decision to terminate a pregnancy, isn't hard. Lending as much support as possible to a young woman or couple who've chosen to bring a new child on to this planet is critical. Florida is sending the right message with this plate.

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The reason that in the USA mothers are deciding to become mothers is because they have faith in the future. Contrast that with Europe with the heavy state burdens of socialism, high taxes and double digit unemployment in Germany/France and the consequence is a lack of faith in anything. Therefore Europe is barren, except the new immigrants who aren’t assimilating and we know what that is leading toward.

Canada needs to decide which model it wants to adopt. Quebec tilts heavily toward the European socialist model of state dependency and they have the fewest kids now. The problem was compounded in Quebec by the heavy hand of the church pushing parents to have huge families, which they could no longer afford in a non- agricultural society. The reaction to that in Quebec is understandably to have fewer kids and improve their education. Quebec does bring in immigrants from Haiti, some are doing quite well, but still Quebecois are not replacing themselves.

Ottawa gets most of our government bilingual leaders and employees from Quebec and they are socialists. This process tends to cause socialism to spill over into the ROC more so then would otherwise be the case. So with fewer kids the spigot is open for immigrants. Immigration is fine but it should be balanced with a culture of enterprise that encourages Canadian families to have as many children as their faith in the future justifies. So the ROC, needs to go to Sarasota and see for themselves that there are other options to “life”.

Posted by: nomdenet | 2005-09-28 6:54:21 AM

There does seem to be something about statism that sucks the hope out of people. But let's not ignore the fact that government has purposefully done many many things to discourage childbirth, from destabilizing the family to providing abortion on demand at any age and encouraging people to remain in school throughout their (re)productive years. So...there's also a need to reverse current policies. We are just barely waking up to the severity of this problem.

Posted by: Owen | 2005-09-28 7:43:40 AM

I have friends living in Fort Lauderdale. My sister was living there for a long time. They do have some problems in part because the people who left Cuba are now living in Florida. They are violent and the cause of many crimes.

Florida also have great Christian Ministries. Pst. James Kennedy from Coral Ridge Ministries in Fort Lauderdale is very active with "Reclaiming America for Christ". There is a famous Christian church in Pensacola, blessed with revivals and miracles.

I think they could have done more for Terry Schiavo last Winter. But they are heading the right way.

We cannot say that much from Québec and Ontario. Québec is almost like a pagan country now. It needs evangelization. So if any Christian read this comment, please think of coming in Québec to spread the Word. Ontario is not much better, although Rev. Tristan Emmanuel is doing nice work there.

As a joke, I might suggest as a graphic plate for Ontario, "choose money". For Québec, "choose corruption, homosexuality and irresponsability"!
How about that ?

Posted by: Rémi houle | 2005-09-28 8:34:03 AM

Fear not! I anticipate the imminent arrival of Just-In! to the blog to remind us all that yesterday's news story about a woman giving birth to a child that formed outside her womb will hasten the day when men can get pregnant. As soon as that happy day arrives, stay off the streets, lest you be stampeded by the hundreds of thousands of SS"M" couples racing to the IVF clinics with steely determination to reverse Canada's declining birth rate. I'm sure Little Paul and his band of merry sycophants are already plotting how to scoop more of Alberta's ill-gotten lucre to fund the additional spaces in his "national child care" system to handle the impending baby boom!

What's that, you say - there are only a few dozen, not hundreds of thousands of SS"M" couples, that have availed themselves of our shiny new "marriage" law the Lieberals rammed through in great haste? And the vast majority of those have no interest whatsoever in outdated neandrathal concepts like having and raising kids (or "fidelity" or "monogamy", for that matter)? Surely you're not suggesting we've been misled!!

Posted by: Great Walls of Fire | 2005-09-28 9:01:55 AM

It should not just be social conservatives who trumpet a 'culture of life' but anyone who cares about the future of the country - for certainly we must agree that if we don't have any kids, we don't have any future.

Steyn has written in several of his columns about the demographic death spiral that Europe is in as a result of not having near enough kids. And who will pay for the whole social welfare / healthcare / adscam system when there are no kids?

Remi - I agree with you - it is no coincidence that Florida has a stong culture of life and a strong concentration of evangelical ministries. It is one of my hopes for the future of Canada - evangelicals and conservative Catholics are having way more kids than the rest of the population, ensuring that they will always be well represented.

I also am concerned about Quebec from a spiritual perspective - last time I checked the evangelical population was estimated at around 1% making it the least evangelized place in the Western Hemisphere. I think this fact alone explains a lot about Quebec.

Posted by: timmyz | 2005-09-28 9:41:28 AM

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