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Monday, September 26, 2005

Polish Election

The voters of Poland have learned where a corrupt leftist government can take them and have thrown the bums out. Will the electorate of Canada get the lesson in time for the next Election?


Posted by Bob Wood on September 26, 2005 | Permalink


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Corrupt leftist governments? National Socialism? here is the near-end result. The next step? Prisons, gulags, and death by execution.
Not possible, one says? Tell that to Pol Pot, Joe Stalin, Mao, Castro, Mugabe. Tell that to AdScam Martin/Jack Red Layton/Gilles Bloc Duceppe/GG M. Jean, et al>>> they will deny, deny, deny>>>

Down with National Socialism.
Down with the Librano$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$>>>

Sierra Times ^ | 9/27/2005 | Andrew Walden

Posted on 09/27/2005 6:18:50 AM PDT by ElCapusto

What is it that bends and twists the soul of man in New Orleans such that he shoots at his rescuers, steals televisions while others drown, and then blames all and sundry for not helping enough? Biloxi and the rural areas of costal Louisiana and Mississippi have similar ethnic makeup and are equally hard-hit; yet they were not witness to the self-imposed parts of New Orleans’ devastation.

The answer lies in the peculiar political economy of dependency in New Orleans, home to some of America’s last remaining old-style housing "projects," home to legions of life-long welfare recipients and home to the bureaucratic and corrupt political structure which sustains itself by maintaining its "clients" -- in poverty. While the American economy has boomed for two decades, New Orleans remains a city where over 100,000 people cannot afford their own car.

A sedentary life of welfare check cashing combined with the feelings of futility and depression which naturally result from the lack of a guiding purpose in life leads to poor nutrition, alcoholism, drug abuse and then chronic health problems such as hypertension, diabetes, emphysema, and heart disease. New Orleans’ public hospitals service these new clients but do not (or cannot) cure the chronically ill, creating yet another layer of dependency and the corresponding income stream for bureaucrats.

The chronically ill are too weak to work, creating another reason to stay on welfare or disability. Their children are raised by a parent who is herself completely at the mercy of "the system." To the child, the government’s power and responsibility looms larger than mom’s and the father is usually nowhere in sight.

Thus the culture of dependency continues into the next generation as does the culture of "being owed." Since society "owes" them, there is no moral argument against property crimes. Once that slippery slope is reached, violent crimes follow along. The police sometime catch the criminals and they enter the criminal justice "system" becoming, in yet another way, wards of the state. These wards of the state might have benefited most from the jobs created in America’s booming economy -- but they rarely take the initiative to even apply for work. When they do, they usually don’t have an understanding of what it takes to get and keep employment. Without realizing it, their cycle of dependency gives them one excuse after another to feel trapped, "owed," and oppressed -- while living on the dole>>>>>


Posted by: maz2 | 2005-09-27 7:29:33 AM

Bob asked "Will the electorate of Canada get the lesson in time for the next Election?".
Wrong question Bob.
The important question is "Will the electorate of Ontario get the lesson in time for the next Election?"

I don't think they will.

Posted by: Dana | 2005-09-27 2:27:06 PM

A better question is "How long can Dithers ignore the calls to deliver some of Alberta's oil wealth to Ontario?" We just went through a whole summer of having to turn our A/C down or risk a complete blackout. This thanks to years of mismanagement and incompetence at Ontario's crown utilities. Now we're paying over a buck a litre for fuel. And the media here in the East is full of references to Alberta's "mounting surpluses" and "burgeoning wealth" and the "gouging, profiteering oil firms". Even the normally right-leaning Ottawa Sun has been screeching away about the gasonline "rip-off". Watch your wallets Albertans, the socialist cry-babies in these parts are coming to get you.

Posted by: Raging Ranter | 2005-09-27 6:48:10 PM

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