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Monday, September 26, 2005

Naomi Klein: Communist Now A Race-Baiter

It was just a matter of time before everybody's favorite opportunistic communist, Naomi Klein, weighed in on the catastrophe in New Orleans. (See previous blog entry on Klein.) The celebrated anarcho-syndicalist writes in "Purging the Poor” in The Nation that the Bush administration and big business are using the natural disaster that hit the Crescent City to expel black Americans from the city. The black neighborhoods are still under water while the white neighborhoods are nice and dry, she writes. Klein sees conspiracy even in the corporations that expressed interest in being part of the rebuilding effort: the evil companies are poised to come in and –gasp—provide the city with help (of all things!)
I guess when you get to be as famous and successful as Klein is, you don’t need to be a careful writer anymore. Slant the piece to appeal to the prejudices of your audience and no one will object.
There was one section of the article in particular that got my attention. Early in the piece, she writes that she was “struck” by the reference of a white lobbyist to African-Americans in New Orleans as "the minority community." At “67 percent of the population, they (blacks) are in fact the clear majority, while whites like Drennen make up just 27 percent,” Klein writes. “It was no doubt a simple verbal slip, but I couldn't help feeling that it was also a glimpse into the desired demographics of the new-and-improved city being imagined by its white elite..."
No, no, no. Words don’t have different meanings when you leave the city limits. Anybody who knows anything about America knows that when an American uses the term “minority,” he is referring to minority groups on a national basis. Just because a group that is a minority nationally is in the numerical majority in a particular city, doesn’t mean that the group ceases to be a minority, according to the American way of thinking. For example, here in the District of Columbia, which is somewhere between 60% and 65% black, blacks are referred to as belonging to a minority group. (Don’t bother complaining to me about this lack of precision. I didn’t start the linguistic practice: I’m just reporting on it.) The District of Columbia government, like other city governments across the nation, even has offices that provide services catered to minorities, including to that specific minority that happens to be in the majority in the nation’s capital.
So, my question is: is Klein really as dumb as she seems, or is she deliberately trying to fan the flames of racial antagonism?

(from vadum.blogspot.com)

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Why does every Ontarian reduce things to racial issues? What is it with the East and non-whites? If/When Ontario is hit by a natural disaster, whites will be affected the least. Ontario is just as racist as any place - every single gun murder in 2005 in Tronna has involved non-whites. Face the facts: Ontario is a man-made disaster.

Posted by: Scott | 2005-09-26 11:10:59 PM

It's pretty much the same thing we'd expect from Maureen Dowd and Paul Krugman over at the NY Times: "it's always Bush's fault, blah blah blah."

Posted by: Shameer Ravji | 2005-09-27 12:16:35 AM

* Noami Klein, is far left. Smart,articulate and pretty but misunderstands U.S. reality much also her politics are too simplistic. Her book covers are attractive-HERE CONSERVATIVES can learn. The content of many conservative books are great but their covers and layouts often are dull and borring. Consevative authors need to have sharp artful attractive book covers and layouts to sell their books more.

Posted by: Larry | 2005-09-27 4:57:09 AM

Both dumb and fanning the flames.


Posted by: Mark Collins | 2005-09-27 6:09:06 AM

I think she's stuck on stupid.

Posted by: the wolf | 2005-09-27 3:56:48 PM

Naomie Klein is a true product of the left. An academic reality hick. It always amuses me that people react to the silliness the likes of her put forth as rational thinking. Most of this literary trite is the product of them having to keep up their academic standing within the academic community. Pick a subject, carefully choose whatever facts fit then have it published in some academic journal. In the case of the real world their just as illogical ramblings are picked up by the liberal press and put forth as realistic comment or solutions. In the light of the day most of these people’s ideas should be treated as you would some pre-schooler’s thoughts , smile, be nice and roll your eyes. I know quite a few academics and there are none I would follow around in the corner of life as practically not one of them could find their own ass with their hands tied behind their back.

Posted by: Jim Alexander | 2005-09-29 7:13:53 PM

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