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Sunday, September 25, 2005

My little blog is a Conservative Party plot to "jam" CPAC phone lines...

... at least according to Carol Jamieson. No Carol, I'm just a regular member with my own blog. However, I'm working to help the party get elected, while you're working against it.

I called in, but was put on hold through a significant portion of the show.  "We have too many callers from Ontario."

Oh well. Maybe I should have followed my own advice to call before the show. Or maybe I should have told them I was calling from Nunavut.

There were some familiar callers that made it through and Powers, Kenney and Ivison had their turns turning down Carol Jamieson's delusions. I think that the main point was vocalized was that Stephen Harper was elected democratically and that Jamieson is following her own undemocratic agenda.

I would have liked to see more questions about Paul Martin's leadership and the lack of attention focused on the Prime Minister (he does deserve the scrutiny, doesn't he?).

Stephen Harper's leadership is being questioned by Jamieson and a handful of members? Didn't The Economist question Paul Martin's ability to lead and didn't they name him "Mr. Dithers"?


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I had the sense Goldhawk couldn't get enough of Jamieson's vitriol of Harper.
Geez what a breath of fresh air conservative voices like Limbaugh or O'Reilly would be in Canadian radio or TV communication !

Posted by: Joe Molnar | 2005-09-25 8:11:38 PM

It was quite interesting to hear Ms. Jamieson keep plugging her long time personal relationship with Goldhawk, and he continued to distance himself. The panel contribution was balanced overall and legitimate points were raised and debated; Issues that Conservatives will have to expect. With the exception of only a very few thoughtful callers, the phonecalls didn't add much at all to the program. The conclusion is that the Leadership of Stephen Harper is the business of the Party members. To win votes, the Party has to continue to clarify its message and ensure Canadians hear and understand its policies - in their Ridings. It may be true that the majority of Canadians are socialistic, but Conservatives have to be true to their policies and their message for the "right" reasons.Democracy should be given a chance. It can only function well if voters are informed, not simply influenced.

Posted by: Ann | 2005-09-25 8:40:30 PM

Joe, I'm a card-carrying CPC member (for the first time in my life) but I must say that were Rush Limbaugh to come to Canadian TV or radio in support of Harper and/or the CPC, I'd probably re-think. (I've never been able to handle more than 2 minutes of him, at best.) I may still support, but with much more caution than now.

Replacing the Carol Jamieson's with a conservative version isn't the answer. As Ann points out, voters need to be informed, not influenced.

Posted by: Candace | 2005-09-26 2:16:06 AM

Robert M,
Is everyone who supports the Conservative a "rube" to you? After reading so much of your crap in cyberspace, I wonder what label would apply to you. Nothing intelligent, for sure!

Posted by: old squid | 2005-09-26 3:20:08 PM

Robert McClelland is apparently a myopic, elitist, probably financially spoiled Librano.

Of course he feels threatened by the prospect of real democracy, gov't accountability, transparency in everything, increased national security, increased law and order, a strict adherence to the BNA Act and the Charter as they're written and intended, etc. just like every good "liberal" the federation over.

No surprise he throws all this stinky dung our way as would an angry simian.

No surprise at all. Does a bear crap in the woods?

Of course he'll probably be offended now, but he threw down the partisan gauntlet as we enter a long election campaign...


Posted by: The Canadian Sentinel | 2005-09-26 5:36:59 PM

The same could be said for every leftist in Canada. They want Canada to be about only themselves, to hell with the rest of us, even though we have equal rights under the Charter.


Posted by: The Canadian Sentinel | 2005-09-26 5:39:08 PM

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