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Friday, September 30, 2005

Multiple Scandals in Ottawa? Scott Brison slips up

Did Scott Brison, Minister of Public Works and Government Services, let the scandal cat out of the bag?


Martin: Ix-nay on the andal-scay.
Brison: Huh?
Martin: Shut up!

From Hansard:

Mr. Jason Kenney (Calgary Southeast, CPC): Mr. Speaker, is that not interesting? The minister will not deny that he claimed yesterday that an invoice was seized when in fact, by all appearances, over 100 boxes of evidence were taken from the offices of his department.

Hon. Scott Brison (Minister of Public Works and Government Services, Lib.)
: Mr. Speaker, the fact is that there are several ongoing RCMP investigations and Public Works has cooperated fully with the RCMP.

Beyond that-

Some hon. members: Oh, oh.

Scott Brison needs to explain himself. He announced "several" ongoing RCMP investigations on the floor of the House. That was captured in the official transcript. He should be required to enumerate each and every investigation, when it was started, who is running it, and the nature of the allegations being investigated.

Let's see what happens on the floor of the House next week.

[Extended entry at Angry in the Great White North]

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Strangely high crown corp. salary: check this:

"Dominic Taddeo, président du port de Montréal
Le mieux payé en Amérique", Jean-Maurice Duddin -Le Journal de Montréal, 30/09/2005

May have been a friend of the Gagman.


Posted by: Mark Collins | 2005-09-30 2:18:14 PM

brison and stronach, two political whore’s of the same gender that compliment each other and their new party.

Posted by: Jim | 2005-09-30 2:54:36 PM

Right on Jim. I thought Brison's comment was hillarious when I was watching QP live that day.

Posted by: Shameer Ravji | 2005-09-30 3:42:51 PM

If the RCMP are investigating Public Works -- which at this point is starting to sound like the name of a criminal gang -- shouldn't the people of Canada know who is being investigated, and over what? The sort of procedural dodginess that surrounded the Murphy/Dosanjh tapes, when it appeared that RCMP decisions regarding Liberal malfeasance were worked out in camera between the RCMP, the Liberals and their media outlets seems to be happening again. Are criminal investigations regarding the use of public money, really just between the Liberals and the RCMP, or should the taxpaying public who fund both the corruption and the investigations get a wee briefing once in a while?

Maybe we could just solve everything by calling Public Works "The Ministry of Publicly-Funded Private Works".

Posted by: EBD | 2005-09-30 5:58:29 PM


If Canadians are ready for integrity to surface with trasparency, then our socio-cultural healing must set sail to land into the organic spiritual unity of humanity, renewed from the old backroom deals.

How can we actualy proceed? Click my name for more thoughts on the matter of national unity, grown from the ashes of the scandal,
with regards

Posted by: Benoit Couture | 2005-09-30 7:12:41 PM

.....a freaudian slip that no doubt will be picked up by a sharp eared opposition house procedure analist and the open wound will now be worked on by searing QP cross examination.....but what will filter through the newsprint curtain?

This Liberal criminal syndicate that sits in power has been found to have defrauded the public, breeched public trust and conflict of interest as well as criminal misappropriation of public funds so may times it is painful to recall them all....yet they are still painted as the great red hope and natural governing party. They rule because the media is a big a whore as Stronac or Brison. Until Media is detoxified we remain a corrupted nation.

Posted by: WLMackenzie redux | 2005-10-01 7:19:57 AM

Politic scandal is the one constant in the Liberal government.

But hey, is it just me or doesn't the "Video Professor Guy" on the TV commercials look an awfully lot like Jack Layton?

There is the same "begging" typical of the NDP too...

"try my product"....


Posted by: James Murray | 2005-10-01 9:56:04 AM

The comment about Brison and Stronach: "...two political whores of the same gender" makes it pretty clear why they are NOT in the CPC.

Posted by: Chris | 2005-10-01 4:39:57 PM

Now, now, James, at least the Video Professor's products are useful in practice.

Oh, and EBD, perhaps we should just call it the Criminal Division, Ministry of Silly Walks: http://tinyurl.com/77ec6

Posted by: Tony | 2005-10-01 4:48:57 PM

Since when have their NOT been several investigations going on within any given department? It wouldn't surprise me if the RCMP was covering up for the Liberals. Think of all the jobs the Liberals create for them. They must have a dedicated staff of 1000 or more officers just to handle Liberal corruption.

Posted by: Raging Ranter | 2005-10-02 1:20:42 AM

Send your lying resume to: S. Robinson, c/o, Hedy Fry, Socialist Party HQ, 24 Sussex Drive, Ottawa.
Att: AdScam Martin, CEO/CFO/BS/Auditor, $Librano$$$$$$$$ Quote File # 300. >>>>>>

Feds set to improve oversight mechanisms
OTTAWA (CP) - The federal government is preparing to hire 300 new auditors to help update oversight measures that it acknowledges are archaic and dysfunctional.>>> more canoenews.ca

Posted by: maz2 | 2005-10-02 3:32:15 PM

Raging Ranter, imagine the cost of the shredders they are burning out. If only there was whistle blower protection legislation and the FOIP Act didn't exist.

Posted by: Speller | 2005-10-03 10:23:47 AM

Open letter to the Prime Minister to Stop his cabinet minister of Hate against Canadians
Re: The Conservative Party’s unfulfilled commitments to provide the proper mandate to administer the Conflict of Interest Code for Members of the House of Commons ( The Code) and the Conflict of Interest Act ( The Act).
We are writing to you as the largest non government organization (NGO) – not for profit corporation Lobbying, Journalism, Advocacy and Immigration Practitioners organization who share the Conservative Party’s stated belief in the ideals of transparent government, an informed electorate, and enhanced government accountability for all Canadians.
As we are concerned that your government’s cabinet minister the Hon. Minister Jason Kenney’s latest actions since he assumed power on October 30, 2008 for the position was appointed Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism have not matched the commitments you made as leader of the Conservative Party during the 2006 election campaign – specifically, your commitment to open up the inner workings of government to scrutiny by reforming Canada’s Accountability Act.
Due to many speeches, Statements, and visits he made or attended on behalf of the Government, Now there could be no better time to ask why the Accountability Act does not apply to your Cabinet Minister’s actions and certainly so far this Act was not fulfilled during your first term of office, and whether or not your party intends to fulfill by having full and open transparency to allow all kind of investigations to all types of actions made by any Minister of your Cabinet.
The Conservative Party’s original intent was to include many reforms in the Accountability Act, and one of them was in particular given the mandate is to administer the Conflict of Interest Code for Members of the House of Commons ( The Code) and the Conflict of Interest Act ( The Act) .
Your government was elected on a platform of accountability and transparency.
We, along with many other Canadians concerned about openness and accountability in government, have been disappointed that to date your Cabinet Minister, the Hon. Jason Kenney have not followed through on his campaign promise to speak on behalf of all cultures, all Canadians, and respect all Canadians without Conflict of interest between his private interest and his public duties
Can you let us know before the end of this month what you intend to do in this regard, and specifically whether or not you will agree to fulfill your 2006 campaign promises on implementing the Accountability Act to all Canadians without exemptions to your Cabinet Ministers.
We believe this is an important issue, and we plan to share your response with the Canadian public to bring the Accountability Act to all.

Posted by: The Canadian Society of Immigration Practitioners | 2009-02-18 6:05:50 PM

Here we have The Minister of Citizenship and Immigration and Multiculturalism and master of none, taking it personally and being an immature little boy about all of it in respect to taking away financial support to the Canadian Arab Federation. It seems that if you disagree with The Honourable Jason Kenney then he takes it personally and gets very vindictive and venomous.

It seems that this kind of immature little boy attitude is prevalent throughout the Conservative Party which is a collection of hard liner unreasonable Reform and Alliance Party members. There is nothing Conservative about this Conservative Government.

... ask Danny Williams, the Liberal Premier of Newfoundland and a former Progressive Conservative, a real Conservative and not the collection of incompetents that we have now masquerading as Conservatives.

It seems that Danny Williams instituted the A B C program in Newfoundland during the previous Federal Elections.
A B C stands for ANYTHING BUT CONSERVATIVE. Newfoundland elected all Liberals and NO Conservatives.

The Prime Minister of Canada became very vindictive towards Newfoundland with the previous budget where Newfoundland would lose billions of dollars per year.

May I remind The Prime Minister Stephen Harper and MInister of Citizenship and Immigration and Multiculturalism and ‘master’ of none that they are elected by all the people for all the people. Harper and Kenney are PUBLIC SERVANTS. It’s about time both of these two immature little boys realized this. They are not elected to put their personal and own agenda forth. They are elected by all the people for all the people to govern in the best interest of all the people and all of Canada. You are only public servants and nothing more so lets get back down to earth and do what you are supposed to do that being governing in the best interest of all Canadians and of all Canada.

Jason Kenney has got to be the most incomplete individual I have ever come across as a politician, ... a real legend in his own mind and the most incompetent person that is not suited for the job in the least. If Jason Kenney is truly concerned about serving his country the best way he can do this is to immediately resign. I am not impressed in the least nor am I impressed with Cane and Abel, two more immature little boys that cannot get along no matter what. Draw a line somewhere in the sand and live happily ever after, ... it’s as simple as that. Everyone needs somewhere to live.

Now we have Bob Rae’s wife being frowned upon for supporting Israel, ... well, isn’t that a horrific crime. I don’t mind that Mrs. Rae supports Israel just as long as she understands that she is Canadian and that Canada comes first and not Israel. I don’t mind that all Canadians celebrate their heritage and practice their religion however do these things from a Canadian perspective, that Canadian perspective being Canada first along with Canadian ‘core’ values.

Canada is a unique entity among all countries in this world with a great and wonderful Mosaic rich and diverse culture, a collection of different people from all over the world working together as Canadians first for Canada first while celebrating their heritage and their own religion, ... this is the way it is supposed to be if this country is going to work. It can’t be any other way otherwise we are going to have a collection of different cultures drawing a line and warring against each other.

If Cane and Abel want to live in Canada then they will have to get along and that is all there is to it. Put forth Canadian core values and a Canada first attitude and half the problems are gone immediately and that is all you need to get along, ... Canadian core values and Canada first.

We don’t need immature incompetent hard liners like Harper and Kenney in Government. If I don’t like what Kenney is doing then I am going to tell him that I don’t like what he is doing without any worry about reprimand.

A healthy disrespect for government is required to keep things in balance and to keep things going in a steady progressive and prosperous way and manner.
All Canadians must realize this especially new Canadian immigrants. It is OK to criticize your government. It is expected in a diverse mosaic democratic culture. It’s the Canadian way. Everyone must help their government govern otherwise the government will screw it all up just like they are doing now. Feel free to criticize your government. It is a must for good government. Write letters. Keep on writing letters and at election time vote YOUR government in or vote YOUR government out. The Government is YOUR servant. YOU are NOT the Governments servant and never will be.

Canada is a nation of celebration!
Immigrants bring wonderful gifts with them and make invaluable contributions to this country. Lets keep it positive. Lets keep it Canadian. Lets keep it Canada. There is no other country in the world like Canada.

The world need more Canada

Posted by: The Canadian Society of Immigration Practitioners | 2009-02-18 6:06:53 PM

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