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Friday, September 30, 2005

Like holding a rally for lower taxes and inviting the Klan

That's the foolishness of these anti-war rallies which invariably become free-for-alls for the death-to-Israel, Bush=Hitler crowd, Lileks notes insightfully. It doesn't broaden the base. "Middle America might have legitimate gripes with the Administration’s war policy, but they’re disinclined to side with hairy people who paint Bush as Hitler with dripping fangs."

Oh  well. That doesn't mean they can't keep trying. Here's some photos from the Sept. 24 San Francisco anti-war rally that were taken by someone who genuinely seems to support their cause. Which makes you wonder, what kind of image they're after, exactly. If you don't think the guy with the "Blackwater Mercanaries out of Iraq and New Orleans" sign on his walker isn't a bit much, then there probably ain't nuthin that is.

UPDATE: My bad. Seems the fella posting the photos was trying to discredit the anti-war movement after all. The folks in the photos are the ones doing it inadvertently.

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Zombie is a conservative who has infiltrated the hard left in San Fran. He pretends to support them so he can get good footage.

He's a regular on Little Green Footballs.

Support them in reality he does not. Check out his main page.

Posted by: Warwick | 2005-09-30 1:20:10 PM

The other pictures on that site are equally disturbing.

Posted by: Scott | 2005-09-30 1:25:33 PM

Those creeps and their signs look the same the world over.

Western Canada

Posted by: Jim | 2005-09-30 3:01:26 PM

Yeah it's shocking the types of signs you can see at rallies:


But content and message aside, what's worse is when the signs use bad grammar. That type of thing reveals a real lack of education and I would never trust anyone like that with anything important. Though maybe I'm just being too much of a traditionalist:


Course it could be the speechwriter's fault:


Posted by: Justin | 2005-10-01 3:14:27 PM

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