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Monday, September 26, 2005

Happy birthday to you people

Who says the folks in the centre of the universe don't know the rest of the country exists? Check out this month's issue of This magazine. You know, the publication that Margaret Atwood calls "smart" and Mark Kingwell calls, um, well, "smart"?

"Alberta takes the cake" is the cover story. "Celebrating 100 years of progressive thinking from Canada’s most conservative province ." The cover image even features a cowboy-esque fella holding a cake, inscribed "Happy Birthday Alberta!"

Wow, those Torontonians sure do know how to wish Alberta a happy centennial. Alberta sure has a lot of dear friends out East. I can't help but wonder, though, if it ever occurred to these "smart" folks to ask how exactly Alberta came to be—and if there might be another province somewhere out in these parts that was created, oh, round about the same time.

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Could "This Magazine" have survived all these years without government subsidies?

Posted by: Matthew Vadum | 2005-09-26 9:43:52 PM

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