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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Global warming will save lives

CO2 Science points to studies in China, Israel, Japan, Korea and Russia that indicate cooler climates are corelated to increased (early) deaths and concludes:

"In conclusion, the results of these several Asian studies suggest that low temperatures tend to foster a number of life-threatening maladies that could be considerably reduced by a good dose of global warming everywhere, but especially in (1) cold climates, during (2) the cold season of the year, and at (3) the coldest time of the day, which is precisely when and where most real-world warming typically occurs.  Clearly, therefore, global warming must be acknowledged to be good for our health, and for our prospects of living long and productive lives, which is exactly the opposite of what climate alarmists continually preach."

The Japanese study, for example, found that "deaths due to infectious and parasitic diseases including tuberculosis, respiratory diseases including pneumonia and influenza, diabetes, digestive diseases and cerebrovascular and heart diseases rose during the most "bitterly cold" time of year.

So the question is: doesn't Prime Minister Paul Martin and his ilk who push Kyoto and other anti-global warming schemes care about the lives of Canadians?

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I think it is highly likely that the Lieberals and their ilk are interested in getting their greedy paws on the oil money from Alta., Sask., NFLD.and NS. The only way to get at that money is through Koyota regulations. The vinal (see through plastic) crowd have no use for the people that employ them; why would they care about the health of the said 'peons'(that is us, the taxpayers,in 'liberal-speak') - especially if the same said people are retired and poor - thus costing rather than paying into, the government coffers? The Premieres, who are responsible for the medi ocer care joke, should be yapping - have they a case of collective lock jaw? (In other words - have they been 'stonicised')?

Posted by: jema54 | 2005-09-25 11:25:13 AM

This is such a stupid post. I feel like I just lost minutes of my life reading it.

Posted by: Bob | 2005-09-25 12:41:04 PM

Socialists love tuberculosis, respiratory diseases including pneumonia and influenza, diabetes, digestive diseases and cerebrovascular and heart diseases. They are also partial to starvation, poverty, insurrections, natural disasters, etc. Because, hey, more jobs for their friends in epidemiology, public health care, foreign aid, drafting legislation, tax collection, policing, inspecting, regulating, prosecuting and defending, and so on.

Our socialist governments don't just hope for crises, they don't just create crises, they are the crisis.

Posted by: Justzumgai | 2005-09-25 12:52:22 PM

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