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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Dingwall's Resignation?

I just picked this up via Dave Rutherford's radio show and Neale news:  http://tinyurl.com/a7fjr

Why should he bother to try to clear his name? After the Coffin sentence he need fear no serious punishment. He can then just shrug it off and count on a new Liberal bestowed lucrative patronage appointment to the senate or other taxpayer funded niche.

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My guess is that he's resigning, as part of the Liberal strategy towards a majority government.

Dingwall is a current member of the Liberals; he must be presented, by the Liberal propaganda, as a 'genuine Liberal'. He's ethical you see; if he does 'bad things' - he'll resign. The Liberals are 'ethical'; they are 'all about unity'; they are all about 'freedom'. Those are the buzzwords for the election.

The Liberals have presented the Adscam people repeatedly, as 'rogues and aberrants'. They are not 'genuine Liberals'. The Liberals have 'tossed them to the courts'. So, the Liberals can say that the 'justice' handed out to Coffin was the court's decision.

Most people forget, don't know, ignore, that with our corrupt Westminster system, ALL the judges are Liberal appointments, and, with the narrowing of our gov't pool to the Montreal-Ottawa corridor, all these appointments - whether judicial, political, civil service etc, are all part of the same network.
So, the 'go give a few talks on ethics to students' sentence to Coffin, was a Liberal Sentence, not one by an 'impartial justice'.

Now, the trials of Brault and Guite have been put off until May, as the Gomery Report is expected in November. Hmm. Again, it's all strategy and the Liberals are in almost complete control. They wouldn't want the results of Brault and Guite, who will also receive 'Home Care Sentences', as fodder for the CPC in an election. They've tried to delay Gomery but it hasn't worked. So, I maintain they still have to silence Gomery. I'm not sure how they will achieve this.

I'm suggesting they'll send Jean on a Love and Unify Canada tour very shortly, with Martin and Liberals in constant PR imagery with her. I'm not sure how they'll deal with Gomery. Their current tactic is to show themselves as Ethical and Pure..and the bad guys as 'aberrants and rogues'. This might be strong enough..if they can use Jean as the tactic to Paint Over the Rot.

The CPC have the slogan; 'Stand Up For Canada'. The Liberals are now into 'Dance For Canada'. The sad thing is, we, the citizens, are the puppets in this dance.

Posted by: ET | 2005-09-28 12:06:26 PM

A wealthy Chretienite is offed by a wealthy Martinite. I'm stifling a yawn. I must be suffering under the shadow of solitudes.

Posted by: Plato's Stepchild | 2005-09-28 12:20:53 PM

I think it likely Dingwall/Wallding has some nice pension arrangement with the Mint--even if he retires "voluntarily".


Posted by: Mark Collins | 2005-09-28 1:46:46 PM

Funny that they only discovered his failure to register as a lobbyist - a clerical error - AFTER the 2 year statute of limitations on the offence ran out. What are the chances of that happening to you or I?

Coming after Adscam, it sound vaugely familiar.

Posted by: BBS | 2005-09-29 2:33:31 AM

Hey!how about a package of $1.29 chewing gum as a properity bonus for all Canadians. That should almost be enought to convince the entire country top vote Liberal in the upcoming federal election. Maybe the flavour of choice will be federal mint.

Posted by: Bob Freeman | 2005-09-30 8:47:53 AM

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