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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Carol Jamieson to appear on CPAC call-in show

Carol Jamieson will be appearing on Goldhawk Live, a CPAC current affairs call-in television show to harp about Harper.  Get the details and talking points!

Posted by Stephen Taylor on September 24, 2005 | Permalink


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If you've seen October 2005 Saturday Night magazine that came with today's National Post, you may be as disgusted as I was to see that this magazine is running a Caption Contest for the photograph of Stephen Harper...yes, wearing his now famous cowboy garb. Of course in context, this outfit was worn in good fun. What bothers me most about this particular contest, is that the magazine plans to publish the "3 wittiest captions" on December 1st 2005!!! They have the intention to keep this photo alive and the winners receive a free T-shirt. What does this accomplish? Is it really that "funny"? Entries are being received at [email protected] Maybe the editor would like to hear what you think of this contest in lieu of a caption? (Unless of course you're really dying to win a T-shirt)

Posted by: Ann | 2005-09-24 5:46:17 PM

Oh, great! We get to have our very own @$#$%^%& Cindy Sheehan. Media, um, soul-seller extraordinaire (gotta be politically correct, eh, can't say the "w" word unless it applies specifically to someone of the male gender, in which case it'd be ok...).

A traitor to the CPC, no argument. Longstanding record of anti-conservative behavior, whatever the incarnation.

New stuff on AdScam:


Posted by: The Canadian Sentinel | 2005-09-24 5:47:05 PM

Ann, you've provided us with new proof that the National Post has defected to the cash-rich ruling class.

It's almost like all we have left is, perhaps the Sun group, maybe Global National under Kevin Newman (I should watch it more) and the blognet.

But y'all know what? We're growing fast, scaring the LibEstablishment with our newfound ability to express ourselves and promulgate truthful information to the population that they wouldn't otherwise receive.

Enter the blognet:


(Scroll down to Wed. Sept. 14, 2005)

Posted by: The Canadian Sentinel | 2005-09-24 5:56:06 PM

"see that this (National Post) magazine is running a Caption Contest for the photograph of Stephen Harper...yes, wearing his now famous cowboy garb.

So in fairness, will the National Post (well okay maybe the Western Standard or at least some blog) run a parallel contest of Paul Martin in the little pointed red number we saw him in a while back?

Both were dressing in honor / respect for a particular culture being celebrated were they not?

Posted by: Thots | 2005-09-24 7:03:56 PM

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