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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Accounting issues at FNUC

First brought to my attention by Dust My Broom, the excessive operating budget of the Board of Governors of the First Nations University of Canada (FNUC) is brought under scrutiny by Shaky of Moldy Peaches:

Why does an institution with only 1,200 students need a 32 member Board? My first thought was that that number is outrageous, however, a closer look and one can see how that number is achieved - not justifiably. The SIFC Act specifies the composition and responsibilities of the board of governors. Two members of the board are appointed directly by the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations (FSIN). Other members (partners) are appointed by the senate, Agency/Tribal Councils of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan universities, Department of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, Saskatchewan Learning, First Nations University of Canada faculty and the First Nations University of Canada Students' Association.


There is, however, one large unjustifiable expense. There is an annual $125,000 "management fee" paid to the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations for political lobbying and connecting with other institutions. This is an utter shame. What is the FSIN lobbying for? Doesn't the board connect with the University of Saskatchewan and Regina representatives when they attend board meetings? Plus, shouldn't the FSIN lobby on behalf of the countries only Aboriginal institution because they believe in the model not to pay the bills? That is a disgrace and only emblematic of larger problems within First Nations governance models.

Perhaps the government should allocate some of that billion dollars towards hiring FNUC an auditor or two.

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When a name was being discussed the initials FNUC was vehemently opposed by students.

So as they say in Regina "funuck you!!

Hoiny toad

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