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Monday, September 26, 2005

Why conservatives are more reliable defenders of free speech, the university, and "difference"

Harvard professor of government Harvey Mansfield rehearses, here, the imposition and abolition of "speech codes" in North American universities that enforced "political correctness" and proscription -- elimination, even -- of certain kinds of speech on university campuses against students and faculty. After taking us through the liberal squelching of free speech, Mansfield observes that while conservatives are quietly excluded from university faculties, they are the more reliable defenders of both free speech and a university open to free inquiry . . . for more, go to Burkean Canuck.

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Like the conservatives on the Surrey, B.C school board?

Posted by: Justin | 2005-09-26 2:40:53 PM

“Diversity will replace truth”

That maybe explains the Canadian propensity to want the CPC to be more central. They want choice as long as the choice is the centre.
The centre of what? 2 extremes? If people will vote for the centre then let’s move to the far right and the centre will then move right to where we wanted it in the first place … if you’re still with me.

Basically people want the centre because they don’t want to have to choose. Choosing would take analysis and hard work and they’re already working hard to earn after tax dollars to feed the kids. Plus it would cause dissent and dissent would make us look like Americans on Crossfire. As you say, “differences” would become evident and liberals want to eliminate differences. That’s why they want multiculturalism and relativism, everything becomes equal, no differences. Liberals prefer all parties in the middle, little choice on policy, just choice on leaders. Who has the best teeth?

However I would quibble that “diversity” will replace truth. I would argue diversity is a good thing. It recognizes and tolerates differences. I would say "multiculturalism" will replace truth. Therefore conservatives accept and tolerate diversity but we find multiculturalism suppresses truth.

Posted by: nomdenet | 2005-09-26 2:51:08 PM


Don't keep us in suspense . . . fill us in on the Surrey school board -- it's been awhile since I heard what was going on, there.

Posted by: Russ Kuykendall | 2005-09-26 6:41:34 PM

The leadership of The B.C. College of Teachers was co-opted by the homosexual agenda who felt that James Chamberlain would make an excellent test case in spite of the fact parents felt they should be the ones teaching their children morals.

Posted by: DJeffery | 2005-09-30 1:40:24 PM

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