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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

90,000 Square Miles

More context in one post by a Saskatchewan blogger than Charles Adler, Pierre Bourque and Stirling Faux were able to scrape together over an entire week;

Now imagine the British trying to cope with their entire Island in shambles, and having to evacuate an entire city under horrific conditions and provide housing and care for the flood of displaced people.

Or, imagine the entire bottom third of the province of Saskatchewan being without infrastructure; in other words all the roads in the populous part of the province being either blocked by trees or under water, with power and most utilities out. And then, imagine having to evacuate a million plus people… and then some.

Another way of looking at the scope of things might be to imagine the coastal countries of Belgium, Holland, and Denmark, with all coastal regions of Germany being either destroyed or compromised to the point where most infrastructure was unusable. How well could the EU respond, and how quickly?

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