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Friday, August 26, 2005

"One doesn't give independence, one takes it"

An email originally read on the Charles Adler show on August 17th written by Bruce Vallance of Winnipeg;

I visited the site and watched the film clip. To say that I'm offended is to understate the case. The people she is cavorting, laughing and toasting with are some of the same people who tried to kill me.

During the FLQ crisis I was stationed at Canadian Forces HQ in Ottawa. The bomb they placed outside of my office window was meant to kill those in the room and I suppose make a statement.

They succeeded only too well The lady they killed was not only a co-worker, but also a friend.

After I picked myself up off the floor some thirty feet from where I was standing I saw my friend laying on the floor. I remember kneeling in a pool of her blood trying desperately to staunch the flow. Her eyes seemed to be pleading for me to help her.

This tiny middle aged French Canadian single mother of two who had been so happy. She had been talking for several days about her up coming vacation. The first in twenty years. Now she lay struggling to breath through her torn throat. Desperately I tried to staunch the flow of blood. I watched as the light in her eyes slowly dimmed and then disappeared.

Here was a grown man and soldier kneeling in the welter of her blood crying like a baby as I cradled her in my arms.

My next conscious memory was lying on an operating table as a young doctor probed my back and side for glass. He continuously apologized for the pain, but explained that he couldn't anaesthetize me because I had to be able to tell him when he pressed on a shard of glass. It took 43 stitched to close my wounds. I still occasionally have pieces of glass surface.

Am I offended? You bet I am offended. This appointment is an insult to me and to Pierre La Porte and most importantly to Jean D'Arc St Germaine.

Paul Martin has insulted all of Canada including the people of Quebec.

Via Black Rod where they provide a brief history of the carnage perpetrated by the FLQ.

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What can one say anymore? Words fail.

Posted by: John Crittenden | 2005-08-26 11:21:26 AM

REPORTER: How far will you go to court the votes of separatists and terrorist sympathizers?

PRIME MINISTER: Just watch me!

Posted by: Justzumgai | 2005-08-26 12:06:17 PM

A rather sick-making article in the National Post today: "Martin's PMO is thin on Quebec talent", by
L. Ian MacDonald.


'Michaelle Jean appears to have weathered the summer storm over her nomination as governor-general...All it took was a three-paragraph statement affirming the couple's commitment to Canada...End of story, one that was becoming ugly, but not before the Prime Minister himself released a statement certifying that the incoming governor-general, symbol of Crown and country, was not a separatist...

Martin and his aides were so caught up in her compelling story, no one thought to ask whether she had a spouse problem. Like, what kind of documentaries did he make? One of them turned out to be a reunion of the 1970 FLQ terrorists. The very worst of them was Jacques Rose, who did time for the kidnapping and murder of Pierre Laporte. Lafond hired him to build a bookshelf in his home. Another film features Pierre Vallieres, author of White Niggers of America, and it's in this one, in a typical Montreal bistro scene from the early 1990s, that Jean herself joins a toast to sovereignty...

Documentary filmmaking and journalism in Quebec is an inter-connected and incestuous milieu. Many practitioners are assumed to be sovereigntists, and no one thinks anything more of it. RDI, the Radio-Canada all-news channel where Jean was a host, is still living down its early reputation as a den of separatists...

The silence of the Bloc Quebecois and the Parti Quebecois throughout was also rather eloquent. Both parties knew that the appointment of an attractive and articulate representative of federalism...'

Has anyone yet seen one example of Michaelle Jean's articulating support of "federalism", using the f-word itself?


Posted by: Mark Collins | 2005-08-26 12:11:22 PM


only good thing that bastard trudeau ever did.

Posted by: Warwick | 2005-08-26 12:19:51 PM

Paul Martin is showing us the moron's pathway to the fulfillment of Canada's 'Great Liberal Deathwish'. Etiquette-driven appointments like Jean for GG undermine respect for the substance of Canada and give comfort to the jeering brigades of anti-Canadians like the now wintering FLQ thugs. It also announces that once again the ordinary virtues and beliefs of Canadans are eclipsed by whatever the Liberal cadre-du-jour finds exotic and enthralling.

In 1968, they gave us the obscure dilettante, Trudeau. In 2005, obscurity and insignificance once again have Liberal cachet.

Posted by: Barry Stagg | 2005-08-26 2:50:01 PM

Next Librano$$$$$$$$$$$ Leader/Mouthpiece: The code words: "internationally respected academic"; "returning home"; "prestigious post"; "University of Toronto"; [blah blah blah]. (Translation: Best Librano$ for you, suckers. Enjoy your serfdom.)>>>

Ignatieff leaving Harvard for Toronto university
CTV - 8 hours ago
TORONTO — Internationally respected academic and author Michael Ignatieff is returning home to take on a prestigious post at the University of Toronto. The 58-year-old Ignatieff is leaving Harvard University ...

Posted by: maz2 | 2005-08-26 6:54:01 PM

Ignatieff, unlike almost all Canadian intellectuals and public policy types--and Liberals, understands the need for the military and one that can kill.

See his book "The Warrior's Honor": note the word "warrior".


Posted by: Mark Collins | 2005-08-26 7:22:01 PM

Throwing laurels at Ignatieff on the basis that he uniquely understands the need for Canadian militarism gives his liberal portion of the Canadian intellectual community undeserved credit. In fact,I suggest it amounts to self-denigration of the conservative sector in Canada which does recognize that issues of freedom and security are inextricably linked.

Above all, we must not slip into the belief that only a mildly pragmatic liberal can lead this country and free it from the plague of lazy utopian liberalism. That is how Trudeau got his way with English Canada, by persuading us that our conservative intellectual modesty was justified because, to paraphrase Sir Winston Churchill, 'we had a lot to be modest about'

Thanks to Robert Fulford for the quote: http://www.robertfulford.com/NihilistSpasmBand.html

Posted by: Barry Stagg | 2005-08-27 8:26:01 AM

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