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Monday, August 01, 2005

Most annoying Canadians

Aaron Braaten has a list of the 40 most annoying Canadians. While it is unfortunate to see David Frum and Stockwell make the list and it would have been nice to see Rick Mercer, Scott Brison, Justin Trudeau and Celine Dion a little closer to the top (bottom?), overall it is quite amusing and I found myself nodding in agreement. Consider numbers 7 & 11:

11. Lefty-WASPS with Dreads. Sons and daughters of establishment types who find the NDP too conservative and insist on free everything. Stop drinking your bong water.

7. Naomi Klein. If I ever want to consume a worldview that has been prepackaged for me to communicate with Lefty-Wasps with Dreads or the Spare Change guy, I’ll drop 30 bucks on one of her books from Canada’s most monopolistic bookseller, Chapters. Especially if it were printed on hemp paper by a synarchist collective of book printers.

Posted by Paul Tuns on August 1, 2005 in Weblogs | Permalink


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What about Ken Dryden who drones on and about "early childhood education", clearly demonstrating that he has lost the capacity for rational thought or discourse?

And what about Gordon Pape, the fellow trying to prey on seniors in his endless CHIP reverse-mortgage commercials?

And John Ibbitson of the Globe: "You Albertans and rural idiots throughout the country just do not comprehend what dinosaurs you are compared to diverse, mulitcultural, progressive, same-sex marriage loving, etc. etc. etc. Toronto."



Posted by: Mark Collins | 2005-08-02 8:34:33 AM

It's not a scientific poll, and I guess a more rigorous system of ranking is in order. But it's just having a little fun during the dog days of summer. Hopefully it pissed some people off, made others laugh, etc.

You know the saying - you can't please all the people all the time, and today those people are dropping by my blog. Allright.


Posted by: Aaron | 2005-08-02 9:10:00 AM

I omitted The Horrible Harridan, Heather Mallick of the Globe (column 1: "I hate Bush and Americans and Blair and love the French; column 2: Lefty-chic shopping). My words fail to express how cosmically she annoys me.


Posted by: Mark Collins | 2005-08-02 11:50:28 AM

I agree with Paul Tuns that this list compiled by Aaron Braaten is quite amusing for the most part. I also could have lived without the inclusion of David Frum and Stockwell Day, but it's a personal list and I accept that.

Although I posted this on Grandinite, there is one interesting name that is missing -- former Prime Minister Jean Chretien.

I am surprised that Tuns, the author of an excellent book on Chretien's reign of error...er, reign of terror...er, time in office, made no mention of this.

Posted by: Right Ho | 2005-08-02 11:56:54 AM

Yes, I can see how Conservatives would lament the inclusion of Frum and Day as well as the exclusion of Chretien.

I should have included screechin' Annie.

Maybe this will tip off a series of other lists by other people. I hope so.

Posted by: Aaron | 2005-08-02 1:14:26 PM

How did Paul Martin not make the list?

The pained facial expressions when he's trying to look concerned (or constipated, one never really knows) as well as the patronizing double talk whenever his lips are moving.

Maybe there should have been a spot on the list for politicians who are lawyers. ;)

Posted by: Hank | 2005-08-02 9:20:58 PM

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