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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Gomery Wants to Hear from You!

From Politics Watch:

Canadians who have followed the sponsorship scandal will now have their opportunity to participate in the public inquiry examining it.

Justice John Gomery has launched the public consultation phase of his inquiry into the sponsorship scandal and is now taking input from the public.

"Justice Gomery, in preparing his report, would welcome the views of Canadians on three themes: responsibility, accountability and transparency," the inquiry's Web site explains.

Gomery is using the web where people can fill out a questionnaire and leave comments at the inquiry's official Web site.

You can respond here

You can also send your views to Gomery by mail at P.O. Box 1388, Station "B", Ottawa ON K1P 5R4.

Hat tip: Krista

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So, let's get this straight... I'm supposed to email Gomery???!!!! I have no way of knowing that my submission will ever be read. I have no way of knowing what special interest groups will spam Gomery. I have no way of knowing if submissions represent fairly the demographics of the country. And, I have no way of knowing how submissions will be cataloged... and even if there is a method, that it'll be followed. Ironically, Gomery himself has no way of knowing whether submissions are demographically representitive and are not special interest spam. Get Serious Folks!

Let's do a little review of what formal commissions have accomplished. The Spicer Commission, after millions of dollars and thousands of formal submissions produced recommendations... which were completely ignored. Romanow spent millions in a formal process and what has become of that? Why, would anyone think, that a lone judge, without the infrastructure of a formal commission, without any checks and balances as to who he hears from and who is represented, and without any transparancy into who actually submits suggestions, would be "above board". This is likely the most cynical PR attempt I've ever witnessed. If Gomery were serious, he'd be suggesting that a formal commission be set up with all the appropriate infrastructure... but then again, nobody in Ottawa ever listens to commissions... even multi-million dollar commissions are no more than PR exercises.

Here's my suggestion. Just like Saskatchewan did to Grant Devine when corruption became evidant, the public should punish liberals at the polls. That is the way you do it in a democracy. You hold corrupt politicians accountable. But, that's not going to happen is it. The Eastern population is immune to corruption, they reward it, they do not hold it to the fire and destroy it the best way possible in democracies. How many eastern corrupt party members and MP's have to look over their shoulders? Gomery's little PR game would be completely redundant, if all politicians knew, that if they are found out for corruption, they'll be dead at the polls. Nothing digusts me more, as a Canadian, than the fact that corruption in Eastern Canada is rewarded. I hope all those Liberals out there realize where this reality is taking the country. I'm not saying vote CPC, I'm not saying vote conservative... just dont' reward the fox by putting it back in the henhouse.

When you fail to do that as a country, you've just handed you country to the crooks. Personally, and as a conservative, I'm proud of the people of Saskatchewan for teaching Sask. politicians that corruption gets you and your party destroyed... to bad the arrogant Liberal masses in the East don't get it. They could learn a thing or two from little ol back woods hayseed Saskatchewan.

Posted by: Debris Trail | 2005-08-30 9:56:07 AM

The questionnaire is meant for serious proposals though, so we should probably refrain from saying things like the Liberals are a bunch of lying corrupt thieves that are wrecking our country and giving us a worldwide bad reputation when they should be spending our tax dollars on oh say I don't know maybe health care and national defence and infrastructure or something....

Posted by: ld | 2005-08-30 9:56:35 AM

"Nothing digusts me more, as a Canadian, than the fact that corruption in Eastern Canada is rewarded."

Glen Clark was from Lotus Land, no?

Glen Clark and BC Transit
Limericks and discussion of issues arising from the NDP reign in BC Today the
Honourable Premier Glen Clark (Glenoccio himself) is featured.

To support many government hacks
The taxpayers were mercilously sacked.

These deeds grim and dark
Are told now by Clark

Who should know, since he led the attack.
www.sfu.ca/~finley/clark.html - 11k -

Posted by: maz2 | 2005-08-30 10:40:01 AM

Gomery inquiry begins cross-Canada tour

FREDERICTON (CP) - The Commission of Inquiry into the Sponsorship Program and Advertising Activities is taking its probe on the road, starting in New Brunswick>>>>> more

Posted by: maz2 | 2005-08-30 11:20:07 AM

I think it's important to send something to Justice Gomery. Any reasons for silence - including 'no-one will listen' are invalid, for a silent people will remain controlled and controllable.

I sent two; one using his site, and one via email. I received an acknowledgment for both. Whether my views are accepted or not, the point is, I am 'among those who have spoken'.

I think that Gomery is trying to get a validity for his conclusions which are not reducible to only himself. What if he makes a recommendation to reduce the powers-of-appointment in the PM's office? If this recommendation is perceived as only his own - the Liberals will denigrate and mock it. But, if he can support this recommendation by saying that he received, of the thousands of letters, at least 75% of them on their own, supporting such a recommendation, then, his report has to be taken just a tad bit more seriously by the Liberals.

That's why I think Gomery is 'going to the people'; he's trying to set up a scenario where the Liberals can't reject his Report as 'his and only his'..and We, The Liberals', can ignore it.

So- write. There may be a percentage of hard-working Liberal sycophants, all told by The Boss of Da Liberals to write and support them. So what? Don't give the power ..to them. Write.

Posted by: ET | 2005-08-30 11:59:31 AM

ET: Just about every possible recommendation ever made to improve democracy in this country has been made by intelligent people in important places. From commissions to submissions to pundits to MP's to premiers to ordinary people, they have all submitted, at one time or another, valid concerns and recommendations. None of these have been adopted. Spicer alone had input from thousands of Canadians in well televised hyped conditions. Who listened in the end? Who acted? Not one single thing he had to say ever got traction. Do you think for one second, that the Liberal Cartel will give one little itty bit of its grip on power away. They've spent decades building a liberal judiciary and bureaucracy that has a strangle hold on the country. They've spent million on PR "look good" commisions etc, only to continue in their divisive way. The only way to break this is through the polls. The rules are all in place. The means are all in place. The political will is not, and the only way to get politicians in democracies to heed, is to kick their currupt asses out... permenantly, when they fail us. Look at what happened to the Mulroney PC, look at what happened to the Devine PC... yet the Liberals continue to pit region against region, continue to corrupt government, continue to lie, to waste, and to show disregard and arrogance that is at times stunning. Yet, they are in all likelihood going to form the next government. To even for one second blame Liberal sucsess at teh polls on the CPC is laughable. There is no excuse. Neither the CPC nor NDP are so extreme in their politics that they'd ruin the country. Neither party, if they prove to be incompetant, can not be hoofed out next round. What on earth, would the harm be in 4 years of either an NDP or CPC government. It'd simply show us all what either party is truly about. Yet, the sheeple will vote Liberal. Nobody has an excuse to reward corruption, yet that's exactly what's going to happen.

Gomery is powerless against a population that returns crooks to the scene of the crime to rob again. Gomery is powerless without massive public anger and a willingness to punish those who are corrupt. Gomery is powerless, if a sizable enough portion of the population see Ottowa's cash dispensing and regional pandering as more important than ridding the house of corruption and patronage. No amount of rules and recommendations will fix it. But, a devastating election result for corrupt parties will fix it. Who needs Gomery? We need voters who are more farsighted than their immediate petty regional politics.

The last time I voted NDP was to send a message to the Saskatchewan PC party. It was corrupt, and it paid the piper. I was a conservative voting to oust the gold-diggers who'd soiled our legislature. Thousands did exactly as I did... they held their nose and they did the right thing. Collectively we destroyed the PC of Saskatchewan, even though we were conservatives. Without that kind of attitude taking hold in the East, Gomery is no more than a lot of noise in the wind... I'm willing to bet that history will prove me right.

Posted by: Debris Trail | 2005-08-30 12:35:33 PM

Debris Trail - I fully and completely agree with you. I mean it - everything you've posted is exactly accurate.

I'm not, even for one second, thinking that Gomery's Report will 'save us'. That's not why I'm advocating writing in. I have two reasons for promoting writing him. One - to be part of an activist rather than passive electorate. The other rests on this activism...you are saying that the only thing that will save us - is an active electorate who will vote the Liberals out. Well, an active electorate is the only means of doing this; a passive electorate won't do a thing; they'll just vote the Liberals back in..exactly as you say.

Posted by: ET | 2005-08-30 12:52:18 PM

ET: Without a formal and public structure, the submissions will merely give Gomery's recommendations a false sense of legitamacy. If he's serious, he'll go across the country, will take at least a year, and will hold public hearings, above board, fully recorded, and reported. Email and the web are likely the least reliable formats for something of this magnitude. Think of it... Gomery is charged with digging into one of Canada's watershed criminal events... and he requests emails??????????????

By the way, this is not democracy in action. This is passing the buck, this is pacification of public anger, this is a PR stunt. You can't tell me that a long time judge can't make a rational, clear, timely, set of recommendations completely on his own. He's been doing that his entire career. A Monkey could find solutions to this Canada's problems!

If Gomery is this stupid and dependant on "emails" to help him make recommendations... no wonder he was chosen. What you are witnessing is more Liberal manipulation. But, you gotta admit, if staying in power is the game... nobody plays better than the Libs.

Posted by: Debris Trail | 2005-08-30 1:08:12 PM


The public submitting recommendations or their thoughts to Gomery via email is ludicrous. This is not democracy at work. This is a ploy to delay Gomery's decision so the Liberals can avoid a spring election in the hope that voter anger and voter memories fade. Every month that goes by brings the Liberals closer to the majority government they are now campaigning for.

As a Westerner, I am tired of the East Bloc re-electing criminals and a blossiming socialist/communist government. Quit preaching to the West. Preach to your fellow Easterners and get their heads out from under the Liberal cabbage patch. Saskatchewanians threw out Grant Devine and his gang of crooks in short order.
What the hell is wrong with Eastern voters!

Gomery is a farce and meant to pacify Eastern voters while the Liberal machine has time to smooth the waters and buy votes. And the sad part, is Easterners lap it up like candy.

Western divorce papers can't be drawn up soon enough! The East Bloc is not my Canada. It is not worth wasting my time, money or energy on!!!

Posted by: Old mother | 2005-08-30 1:37:00 PM

No - I disagree with both old mother and Debris Trail. I may be very wrong, but I'm assuming that Gomery is NOT a Liberal. You both seem to be assuming that he IS!

Of course it doesn't take any brains to see what is wrong with this country - but - there's a lot of people, some of them post to this blog (they are Liberals)..who don't agree with what so many of us are saying. Gomery doesn't need input from the people for HIM to make up his mind; I'm saying he needs input to provide legitimacy to his report. The Liberals will try to denigrate his report - as they have already tried to denigrate him. So, if he can show that people support his conclusions, the Liberals can't dismiss those conclusions that readily.

Now- my analysis is based on my seeing Gomery as NOT a Liberal. Your analysis is based on your viewing Gomery as 'a Liberal'.

Posted by: ET | 2005-08-30 1:51:25 PM

You know ET, I don't think it matters what Gomery's politics are. The governing Cartel will make a mockery of any recommendations no matter where and who put them forth; especially if even one little recommendation would reduce their stranglehold. Belinda will put out some initiatives, just to satisfy the die-hard liberal crowd that all is well, that they can now return with heads high, and it'll be business as usual. It's worked for decades now. But, if you feel better, submit away. I've got to agree with Old Mother, it's getting time to draw up divorce papers. How many times does an abusive spouse have to hit you before you walk out?

Posted by: Debris Trail | 2005-08-30 2:50:24 PM


The latest news is that Gomery will be not only taking submissions from the public, but will also travel throughout Canada hosting town hall meetings. Recall that the Libs will be holding the next election 30 days after Gomery's report is completed. So, are we looking at 2006, or 2007?

I stand by my assertion that Gomery is nothing but a Liberal puppet. Either that, or he will blame Canadians for whatever recommendations Canadians come up with. I don't recall reading public submissions and town hall meetings in Gomery's mandate. How did this suddenly arise?

I smell a huge Liberal rat in all of this and I am sure Martin is grasping at all straws to hold power. As David Herle said at the Liberal "We Love the West" caucus meeting in Regina; the Libs are now campaigning for a majority because that is what all Canadians want. How about that for delusional spin!! Funny how his statement came out about the same time as this new Gomery twist of events.

How can anyone not be suspicious or skeptical of Gomery's motives? And even if Gomery is sincere in his recommendations, the Liberals will not implement any just as they did not implement anything from the Spicer Report nor the Romanow Report. Another make work project to put Canadians back to sleep paid for by our tax dollars.

The Liberals will denigrate Gomery's report no matter how much Canadians say. They have no intention to give the report any credence. At this point, the Liberals will only listen at the ballot box when the Eastern Bloc gets the courage to resoundingly vote them from office. But, we won't hold our breath for that!

Posted by: Old Mother | 2005-08-30 4:25:51 PM

To both Old Mother and Debris Trail - I agree with both of you, in that the Liberals will completely ignore Gomery's recommendations. They have no intention of losing their totalitarian grip on power.

To my knowledge, he has to submit his report this November-December. I agree with you - the sudden news that he is asking for public input is suspicious. Can he do make this request on his own, without authorization from The Masters?? So - it IS suspicious.

And I agree that Herle's comments that 'Canadians want a Liberal majority' are disgusting. That's typical Liberal tactics - they manipulate the public by telling them WHAT they think, WHAT they want. It's quite something to watch them.

And I don't think that the Gomery report will change a thing. The Liberals will ignore it - just as they ignored the no-confidence vote, just as they ignored the other commissioned reports, just as they are ignoring the Supreme Court decision on health care, just as...etc, etc.

But, I, myself, have to say something to him. So - consider that I'm doing it for myself.

As for leaving Canada, I wish I could. It has become a shameful embarassment of a country. I'm waiting for my lottery win...I'll either head south (I'm a US and Bush fan)..or..to Europe. I don't at all agree with European welfare statism, but, I'm rather fond of Amsterdam...'dans le port d'amsterdam, 'y'a des marins qui boivent..

Posted by: ET | 2005-08-30 5:35:42 PM

ET: I'd like to make one comment to temper the thoughts we've all expressed. As a whole, Canada is still a very decent country. It is her politics that disgust a lot of us. Compared to the despotic and violent countries around the world, Canada is a wonderful place to live. But, this in no way justifies what she is becoming, and it in no way diminishes the grievances of the West. Very few first world people want to immigrate here; and that alone should tell Canadians a lot.

Very few of us are planning on leaving to find greener pastures though; but, some of us believe we can create greener pastures here. I do think however, we need to occasionally take a deep breath and keep all of our impassioned discussions in perspective.

As always, thanks for the enlightened discussion.

Posted by: Debris Trail | 2005-08-30 7:45:53 PM

WTO backs US in lumber spat

International Herald Tribune - 3 hours ago
WASHINGTON The World Trade Organization ruled that US duties on Canadian softwood lumber are legal, according to US industry represen- tatives, contradicting findings from a North American Free Trade Agreement panel. "This is big. ..

AdScam Martin tossed his cookies when told by Frank McKenna...

Posted by: maz2 | 2005-08-30 8:16:09 PM

Gomery is a Liberano appointee. I don't know if he supports the present outfit but some Liberals in the past must have liked him. PMPM appointed Gomery even though the latter was on vacation at the time and thus delayed setting up the 'inquiry shop' for two months. It is worth mentioning that the House of Commons committee was doing MUCH better work than Gomery has done - the committee was SHUT DOWN by PMPM to call an election. What is wrong with this picture?

Posted by: Jema54 | 2005-09-01 3:28:22 PM

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