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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Gas Attack Foiled In London

Times of London is reporting that codebreakers have thwarted an Al Qaeda gas attack on Parliament.

The plot, hatched last year, is understood to have been discovered in coded e-mails on computers seized from terror suspects in Britain and Pakistan. Police and MI5 then identified an Al-Qaeda cell that had carried out extensive research and video- recorded reconnaissance missions in preparation for the attack.

Via Hugh Hewitt who observes "Nothing yet at the Washington Post or the New York Times, where staffs are probably too focused on Crawford demonstrators to notice the news from London."

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Domine Quo Vadis? "Time to speak clearly is nigh."
"Is it possible to dismiss Christ and everything which he brought into the annals of the human being? Of course it is possible. The human being is free. The human being can say to God, "No." The human being can say to Christ, "No." But the critical question is: Should he? And in the name of what "should" he? ... You must be strong with love, which is stronger than death. ... Never lose your trust, do not be defeated .... Never lose your spiritual freedom." Pope Benedict.


Some commentators may view Benedict's remarks as inflammatory, akin to mentioning the old feud in a room of Hatfields and McCoys. It may have the opposite effect. Perceptive Muslim leaders will understand that the West is awakening, and that the time to speak clearly is nigh.

Posted by: maz2 | 2005-08-21 5:04:44 AM

Hugh Hewitt might be right. But I've been monomaniacal about Cindy Sheehan, and I managed to notice this.

And that it was 400 years after the Gunpowder Plot.

Posted by: Angry in T.O. | 2005-08-21 7:41:44 AM

Hugh Hewitt noted the Gunpowder Plot link as well. Can't get anything by that guy.

Posted by: Angry in T.O. | 2005-08-21 8:04:29 AM

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