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Monday, August 29, 2005

American style gun violence

I'm sure you recall the story of Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh getting stabbed to death in a Stockholm department store. At the time it seemed astounding that bystanders would stand by passively and let the perpetrator escape.

Well, recently a fellow with a long history of domestic violence and a restraining order in place tried to stab his ex-wife, except this time it happened in a Wal Mart in Albuquerque:

The victim in this case is 46-year old Joyce Cordova. She is in critical but stable condition at this time at UNM Hospital.

Albuquerque Police say Cordova had a long history of domestic violence with ex-husband Felix Vigil. A co-worker says Cordova was working in the deli was attacked by her ex-husband.

Vigil was shot to death by 72-year old Due Moore. Police won't say how many shots were fired, but some witnesses tell News 13 they heard at least three shots.

Police say Moore had a concealed carry license....

So a 72 year old bystander comes to her aid and saves her. I can never comprehend why so many are committed to disarming the law abiding.

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The gun-grabbers go after legal ones because they can be affected. There's nothing they can do about illegal ones, so they go after the legal guns to show they are doing something about gun violence. This explains why Toronto is such a shooting gallery these days.

Sadly, for every incident like this, there are far more where guns are used for more destructive reasons. Given the circumstances, this seems like a justifiable homicide - no New Mexico jury would convict this man. He hasn't even been charged, but the victim's family might sue.

Posted by: Scott | 2005-08-29 7:57:33 PM

Happy day!!!
A woman saved from a vengful ex by an armed citizen. If someone in the classroom at that in-famous college in Canada had been carrying some heat the infamous Mark Lapine A.K.A. (gamil Gharbi)would not have been able to separate 13 young women from the rest of the class and murder them. It gave our pinko-lib goverment the excuse to implempent our completely inefectual 2 billion dollar gun registry.The amount of young men murdered in our fair city of Toronto this summer.My god those guns must be from America!!!!!

Posted by: bubba brown | 2005-08-29 8:06:09 PM

There have been many public shootings in the last several years stopped by citizens carrying a concealed handgun, unfortunately the msm usually leaves this detail out of almost every such report. We also never hear about the hundreds of thousands (possibly millions) of every-day defensive uses of guns per year in North America.

Almost every U.S. state now allows responsible citizens to carry concealed guns. There is very strong statistical evidence showing that states that enacted concealed-carry laws in the early 90's have seen violent crime drop much faster than other states.

Posted by: Joel K | 2005-08-30 2:59:03 AM

The difference is this was justified violence prescribed by the constitution. Defensive violence to protect oneself and one's fellow citizens where a peace officer is not present to stop an attack is the exercise of 3 civil right we have been de facto deprived of in Canada:

Civil responsibility to self and civil defense
Citizen intervention/arrest power
right to bear arms for self defence.

In Canada the police have essentially claimed a monopoly on the defensive use of deadly force....this may work in a utopian world but the number of Canadians murdered and injured by violent criminals the police were no able to stop makes the outlawing of civilian armed self defense civilly immoral.

We can draw a parallel between the Stockholm murder of Anna Lindh and the many murders that take place in public in Canada every year...recently a woman was murdered by an ex spouse infront of a crowd at a Sub shop...they stood there slack jawed as she was stabbed repeatedly. Yes the perp was caught but so what? A woman was killed that could have lived had she or anyone in that crowd been legally empowered to citizen armed intervention and self defense....but they weren't ans a woman died on the alter of politically correct sanitization of our civil rights..,,,her murderer is finishing his college degree in a federally subsidized institution, he'll be free in 14 years or less.

Is that justice?

We have a legal system here...not a justice system. We have limited privileges, not rights and subsiquently we have a Pollyannaish "good feeling" about ourselves that has been substituted for true security of the person.

Posted by: WLMackenzie redux | 2005-08-30 8:34:24 AM


Only one person has been charged with a gun related shooting in Toronto, during its "Summer of Shootings". At least in America, they find and punish people for these things.

Yet another reason why Alberta has to leave.

Posted by: Scott | 2005-08-30 8:40:36 AM

Anyone notice in the latest 'Western Standard', the document on 2003 Violent crime stats ? Canada has twice the rate per 100,000 than the big bad United States...bet you won't see those results anywhere else...

Posted by: MarkAlta | 2005-08-30 8:21:12 PM

I visited that same WalMart many times this summer while I was on vacation in Albuquerque. I am pretty sure there were signs at every entrance banning concealed weapons except for law enforcement personnel, typical of what you see in most large stores. Apparently the man carrying the gun had a license similar to what police have, most other people would have been breaking the law to carry a concealed weapon past the entrance of that store.

Posted by: Tresho | 2005-09-02 8:27:52 AM

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