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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A Call to Arms

Joe Clark needs our help! Ok maybe he let a lot of us down, but by voting for him in Calgary Grit's new Greatest Prime Minister Match Up we have the opportunity to knock Trudeau out in the first round and strike a blow against Trudeaupia. Vote Now!

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Where was Clark when we needed his help? Oh, that's right! He was helping out the Ministry of Truth with their propaganda machine.

Posted by: underemployed buddha | 2005-08-24 4:57:31 PM

I never voted for that knock-kneed collaborator Clark and I won't start now...although Trudeau was honest enough to be openly hostile to the west, and no doubt burns in eternity for his treachery towards his fellow Canadians, there's a special place in hell for capitulating traitors like mittless Joe the western quisling.

We note the Clarks call California home when they aren't selling out Canadian conservatives to mushy red policy.

Posted by: WLMackenzie redux | 2005-08-24 5:38:32 PM

Are you on glue???

Posted by: Polly | 2005-08-24 6:35:43 PM

It will a very frosty Friday in Hell that I would ever vote for Joe Clark to fill the least important, most obscure office anywhere. May be never appear anywhere at anytime for any purpose in Canadian awareness ever again. May be totally and utterly forgotten never to be heard of again.

He was no conservative. he was no leader, he had no competence at anything. It is difficult to recall anything he did well. Or not to puff up his over inflated ego.

Posted by: Gary | 2005-08-24 6:54:13 PM

Ah, Lord Kitchener.

Posted by: Parliament | 2005-08-24 7:20:23 PM

Hmm ... Joe Clark or Pierre Trudeau? With choices like this it is no wonder why voter turnout in Canada is so low.

Posted by: Alex | 2005-08-24 8:30:45 PM

I never voted for Joe Clark and won't start now. Even Trudeau was better than Joe. Thank God for Reform and the Alliance parties. They brought sanity to conservative politics.

Posted by: Two Cents | 2005-08-24 8:37:04 PM

This is absolute garbage. It is bad enough that I am a conservative, and therefore was born a federal loser, but you are asking to vote for Joe Who?? The guy who tried to raise gas taxes by 18 cents a galloon, the guy who could not count, the guy who lost his bags, the guy who could not even force his wife to take his name. NEVER, NEVER will I vote Joe McTeer.

Posted by: Angry White Man | 2005-08-25 1:50:28 PM

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