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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Windows Vista

It's official, the first beta of Windows Vista is now available for download. Check here for screenshots, as well as Microsoft's published fact sheet. My first impression is it looks cool. However, keep in mind this OS was basically 5 years in the making. From 1990 to 1995, Microsoft went from Windows 3.0 to Win95. Obviously things have cooled off since 2001. I still think that the "damn kids these days" should have to learn to navigate C:\> before we let them get lazy with a pretty GUI. Damn kids...

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No thanks. I prefer Linux.

Posted by: tss | 2005-07-28 8:41:17 AM

Well, for those of us actually doing productive computing instead of running LAN parties, you're still better off with Windows XP. Vista, née Longhorn, is essentially the same 32-bit OS minus the improved Indexing Service promised to us by Microsoft. The real benefits of Longhorn will not come onstream for another two years. Save your money, folks.

Posted by: Paul Canniff | 2005-07-28 8:09:14 PM

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