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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Wanted: Conservative columnist. Convictions for stalking not a problem.

After eight weeks, the, um, controversial and, er, well, let's say ambitious, Rachel Marsden has "severed her relationship with the National Post." And I'm sure that's exactly how it went down. She spurned the Post the same way she spurned Liam Donnelly's advances. And Michael Morgan's.  And Neil Boyd's.

Sharp-eyed readers may have noticed that Marsden actually mysteriously stopped appearing in the national pages a few weeks ago (she remained in the Toronto section, which has different editors than the comment section). Then, on Friday came news of the resignation of publisher Les Pyette, who had long been rumoured to be the only guy at  Don Mills headquarters who didn't think hiring Marsden was a really bad idea. Not to worry. If Marsden's track record is any indication, she'll be hosting her own national news show in no time.

UPDATE: A reader points out that Marsden's Post column suddenly stopped appearing right after the London bombings, when she apparently wrote this piece on Islam, which appears on her website, but apparently never made the papers. No wonder, with statements like: "Western democracies have to wise up to the fact that “tolerance” of Islam is as much about "freedom of religion" as allowing your kids to trash your house while you're away on vacation." I don't know what that means, exactly, but it sounds dangerous.

"UPPITY DATE" UPDATE: Revisionism is catching, it seems. The third link above, which used to point to the item about Marsden on the Zerbisias blog no longer does, because Antonia has inexplicably dropped the item. Take it from me, you're not missing much. Just AZ suddenly getting all mawkish about  Marsden's, er, severance, and recounting how everyone had ganged up on the poor girl, who never stood a chance—this after her own harsh (but justified) criticisms of Marsden's character and writing (hurry, there's no guarantee how long this post will stay up, folks).

AZ appears to allude in her latest post to something about the comments getting out of hand (again, after she herself greenlighted in the thread a link to an anti-Semitic website (don't ask)). But Typepad (which AZ uses) allows you to turn the comments section off, without deleting the original post, so that couldn't have been the problem. My guess? Marsden's already landed herself a column at the Star. Don't be surprised if AZ never mentions her again.

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Umm.....any particular reason you have such a hard on about this woman???

Yeah so she doesn't have a great deal of maturity in the past about her relationships!! Okay....we get the picture......so is that any reason to extrapolate that she can NEVER be a good writer for the conservative cause????

We all have issues Kevin......the difference is that Marsden's were dragged out into the open.....she is a young lady......and she screwed up to be sure......now hopefully she can turn things around and be a better person for it!!

Are you saying she should never be allowed the right to fight for the right because of pass indescretions?? I am sure you have some skelton's in your closet like the rest of us also..........we all fall short dude....

Posted by: Albertanator | 2005-07-26 11:01:05 PM

What?!? No more fashion advice for Stephen Harper? No more pro-smoking-ban columns pooh-poohing the concerns of hard-pressed pub owners? No more wit and wisdom from Rachel Marsden in the National Post?

Oh well, folks...(sniff)... at least we still have Rebecca Eckler's advice column to get us through our days.


Posted by: Grumpy Young Crank | 2005-07-26 11:55:50 PM

I was never crazy about the decision to hire her in the first place. Her only qualification for the job seemed to be her ability to be controversial, which I thinks sends all the wrong messages to the aspiring writers of the country.

I saw her on TV twice. Once in an interview on Mike Duffy's Countdown. Another time on Michael Coren's TV show. Both times I came away wondering just why she's been hired as a political commentator for one of the country's national newspapers. Not much insight, it seemed.

Now I see she's gone from the job only weeks after having gotten it. Not a surprise.

Posted by: The Cyber Menace | 2005-07-27 12:06:04 AM

In addition to supporting anti-private property measures like the Smoke Free Ontario Act ( http://www.rachelmarsden.com/columns/smokingban.htm Finally, a smart regulation! Now let's make more!) this "conservative" columnist also enjoys shilling for PETA by using junk science statistics to oppose the seal hunt (http://www.damianpenny.com/archived/002553.html), bubble baths, and boudoir photography.

Posted by: Kevin Libin | 2005-07-27 1:22:35 AM

I only read a couple of Marsden's columns, and haven't exactly bothered to seek them out, but it seems to me she's trying to basically pass herself off as a Canadian Ann Coulter. However, where Marsden falls far short is that she has neither the wit or humour that Coulter can throw out, nor has she the legal background that gives her any actual argumentative talent. Coulter can hit a topic with a mix of humour, scathing condensation, and equivalent arguments: in short, just like a lawyer. Marsden's controversy seems far more forced, her writing far more wordy (perhaps just a problem with editing, but Coulter's raw columns don't add much to her newspaper columns, so she does a fair bit of self-editing) and clumsy at getting to the point. And in the end Coulter, unlike Marsden, does clearly hit you with a point (whether you agree or not, or whether its valid or not). I can't recall whether it was 1 or 3 Marsden columns I've read, but I don't seem to recall ever reading her score a Gunther-style knockout punch to close a column.

Posted by: Lars Ormberg | 2005-07-27 4:26:28 AM

Evelyn Waugh had it right:

Scoop; the scooper is the MSM; to wit:

Holy Grail in Ontario?
Authors claim descendants of Jesus Christ settled in Niagara in 1425. Columnist Mike Strobel.

Posted by: maz2 | 2005-07-27 6:49:39 AM

Rachel Marsden's personal life is of no particular interest to me as such. Having watched her on O'Reilly a while ago and also on Mike Duffy gave me the impression she can hold her own in any political cat fight.
One of my memorable TV moments was when she had Duffy blubbering as he attempted to butt kiss the Liberals by quoting on one of their favourite anti conservatism talking points.
Good on you Rachel I said out loud to my TV. (Well almost! ) And as far as Les Pyette and the Aspers go, I suspect Les is too far to the right to suit the Liberal love in to suit David and brother at the Nat. Post.

Posted by: Joe Molnar | 2005-07-27 7:06:13 AM

Marsden has a place. You may not like her style but I welcome her feisty in your face articles. The Post has been going down hill ever since Stein ecommunicated himself from this half hearted Asper effort at producing differing opinion. The trend is for all TO based MSM so sonner or later harmonize their voice to status quo blandness.....Marsden's departure is consistant with the posts process of making the Post indistinguishable from the other TO blab sheets.

Posted by: WLMackenzie redux | 2005-07-27 7:41:12 AM

I like the comments of WL Mackenzie.
Personnaly, I did not read Rachel Marsden articles. Only feedback of her readers.

My feeling after reading her comment about London's bombings is we do need a person like her to wake up citizens before it's too late. Do we want to keep terrorism out of Canada? Rachel Marsden is the person to be used to wake up the people.

Why has she been ousted out of the National Post?
Cowardice. Remember the reactions of many countries when Hitler was in power around 1936? Be conciliant, we don't want war, etc...

Posted by: Rémi houle | 2005-07-27 8:12:03 AM

This journo hits hard; harder, please.

Edward Feser.
Alfred Kinsey: The American Lysenko
A biopic and a PBS documentary whitewash the life and record of this fraudulent pervert.


Posted by: maz2 | 2005-07-27 1:52:52 PM

Rachel Marsden has conservative credentials, but she is - and has always been - a poor writer. Most of her columns were uninteresting, didn't flow well, used language unbecoming of a columnist, etc.

In terms of her TV appearances, she performed terribly on Duffy and even worse (if that's possible) on Coren. She was a poor media representative for her then-employer.

It's not surprising that the National Post dropped her after 8 weeks. She never should have been there in the first place.

Right Ho

Posted by: Right Ho | 2005-07-27 2:48:00 PM

Marsden is gone because she was too brave to speak the truth. So was the guy who hired her, Les Pyette. The Post is full of chicken*^%& spoiled little rich boys who were jealous of Marsden from the get go.

Both will be back. Mark my words.

Posted by: Kia | 2005-07-28 11:46:31 AM

Why do I strongly suspect that at least two of Rachel Marsden's sock puppets have already posted here?

Rachel Marsden is gone from the Post because she was and continues to be a disgrace.

The conservative movement doesn't need her.

Please Rachel -- GO AWAY!

Posted by: Name: | 2005-08-04 6:41:32 PM



Posted by: K. James | 2005-08-14 1:34:49 AM

Marsden was a product of contemporary "conservatism". She is the love-child of neoconservatism and FOX-style tripe'n'hype. The fact she can not write, think or manage her love life is beside the point: she got as far as she did by being a HOT babe who parrotted the current conservative credo. Period. The Post dropped her because she gave them what they asked for: a trashy vixen who shone a mirror up to the neocon community who did not like what they saw (namely themselves in drag) and was too scandalous for Canada. A quick course in Logic and an escape south of the border is all this right wing bimbo needs to resurrect her already over-extended career.

Posted by: Jazz | 2005-08-14 3:30:21 AM

bah, I don't care, she's still hot!

Posted by: bah | 2005-08-14 11:42:53 AM

Rachel Marsden is a disgrace to women in journalism and women in Canada. Coulter is also a disgrace to women in journalism. Um yeah, Canadians were in Vietnam. Check your facts before you scold your loving neighbours up north you twit. Conservative political pundits lie because logic has ceased to support their irrational arguments.

Posted by: Uzo | 2006-04-05 3:47:14 PM

Marsden is a convicted criminal. She falsely accused her swim coach of raping her, a month after the accusation she was still sending him suggestive emails and pictures. Three men and one woman have accused her of stalking. I wonder where little Miss Bisexual sits on the gay marriage issue? She lied about her experience on her resume. She worked for an MP under false name (most likely to hide her criminal past). This woman has no credibility, she is a whack job and in a CBC interview she was very unimpressive. Her columns in the Sun and the Post are infantile. The right needs to find a better spokesperson than Rachel Marsden, she is an embarrassment to large and small c conservatives alike. I have supported the Progressive Conservative party in many elections and the likes of Rachel Marsden we can do without.

*The above information about Rachel Marsden’s criminal history has been obtained from wikipedia.com

Posted by: John Purvis | 2006-05-18 12:10:23 PM

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