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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

"Never, Never Mess With Our Friend, Mark Steyn"

"Sportswriters are clearly entitled to their opinions. Like the Dixie Chicks. And Sean Penn."
Hugh Hewitt throws fastballs at a little leaguer.

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Just in case readers of HH's brilliant evisceration don't know, the "Venona Files" were the decrypts by US and British SIGINT agencies of Soviet diplomatic and intelligence messages. The first important spy revealed by them was Donald Maclean; many Soviet atom bomb spies, including the Rosenbergs, were also identified with the help of Venona. See:

FBI Special Agent, who worked on VENONA, published an excellent book "The FBI - KGB War: A Special Agent’s Story". See:


Posted by: Mark Collins | 2005-07-13 12:07:04 PM

Omitted the FBI agent's name: Robert Lamphere.


Posted by: Mark Collins | 2005-07-13 12:34:39 PM

Nobody can out-wit Mark Steyn. He is the smartest columnist I read and the biggest reason I continue to subscribe to the Western Standard.

Posted by: mallard | 2005-07-13 10:38:57 PM

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