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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

City Hall's twisted "moral standards"

Ng6_thumbThe recent decision by municipal government staff to ban Miss Universe Natalie Glebova from appearing at a festival in Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square is hardly surprising considering the nature of Toronto politics.  The absurdity of this decision (for which Mayor David Miller apologised only after it received negative media attention) has been adequately covered here on the Shotgun.  City Hall claims that beauty contests “objectify women” and cannot be held on city property.  Apparently, this regulation also means that the winner of such a contest cannot set foot on city property to attend the Tastes of Thailand festival unless she is never, and I mean never, referred to as Miss Universe.  As reported in today’s National Post, Miss Universe was upset by the decision saying, “it is a little weird for this happen, especially in my own city that I love.”  The Miss Universe organization said the decision was “shocking.” 

Miss Glebova has much to learn about the city that she loves.  Her appearance at a food festival may have been banned but she may be surprised to learn about an art exhibit at The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery at Toronto’s prized Harbourfront Centre that is currently on display for the public.  The Centre, funded by all levels of government, and touted by City Hall as a great place to bring your kids, is currently displaying the work of Glenn Ligon that includes a collection of photographs of men’s penises.  Apparently it’s a reinterpretation of Robert Mapplethorpe’s “exploitative, homoerotic photographs of black men.”

The more you learn about your beloved city Miss Universe, the more you may find your love for it dwindling.

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