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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Brat Camp

The opening episode of Brat Camp last night was fascinating stuff, despite the bawling teenage drama queens. One thing I noticed - nearly all the parents of these "out of control" (spoiled rotten) teens were well into their late forties or fifties. With Stats Can reporting that the average first time mother is now oround thirty years old, one wonders if the combination of affluence, fewer (or no) siblings, and the "maturity" that one gains with age and experience (read: too much exposure to child rearing experts on afternoon tv) may not prove to be a recipe for indulgence.

It's going to be interesting to watch these brats - and brat is the word for them - deal with the 40 or more days of winter survival camp before them - it's no walk in the park. (They can earn their release after 40 days, but not before. Some students have spent as long as 3 months.) It will be equally interesting to watch the reactions of the bleeding hearts and child psychologistas over the coming weeks.

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