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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Is China supporting al-Qaeda?

D. J. McGuire argues at China e-Lobby  here and here that China is assisting al-Qaeda by laundering Osama bin Laden's drug money, and tells of a deal the PRC government signed with the Taliban on 9/11 (HT:  refWrite, here).  You decide.

This actually accords with long-standing anecdotal and rumoured connections between opium poppy production in the Golden Triangle of Laos, Thailand, and Burma (Myanmar, if you insist), and Chinese drug lords, and the connections between the Burmese generals and the PRC government.  It isn't such a leap from this to connections between Afghanistan's opium trade under the Taliban, and China.

What sorts of cargoes are finding their way down China's New Silk Road, here, here, and here?
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At the same time there are theories that the Chinese are planning a plunge in APEC oil pricing that holds them hostage to coal fired instrial economics.

I note that everytime a cell of AQ is rooted out they have Russian small arms and Chinese made explosives and detonators.

Posted by: WLMackenzie redux | 2005-07-17 11:48:35 AM

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