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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Pyongyang: "We have no such word as 'defector'"

From Watching America;

Pyongyang: On June 15 at the White House, the chief executive of the United States was reported to have met Daily Chosun Ilbo reporter Kang Chol Hwan, an alleged defector from the north, where the two are said to have discussed the "human rights situation" in North Korea. Strictly speaking, we have no such word as "defector."

If there are any, they are just a handful of criminals and hooligans who are in no position to judge others with a clear conscience over the crimes committed against Korea and its people.

We do not expect to hear anything important from such human scum, and we therefore do not care about the nonsense they may say.

Given the fact that the chief executive of the world's only "superpower" sat face-to-face with such human trash conferring with him over "human rights performance" and other "serious matters," it is not hard to gauge the political wisdom and stature of the present U.S. administration.

The story of Kang Chol Hwan, who was sent to Yeoduk Prison at age 10 during a political purge.

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On the local news here (Edmonton, but I forget the channel, maybe CTV or CBC), they were covering some kind of 'workers holiday' in N.Korea (sports and events), and the anchor actually refered to N.Korea as a "socialist workers paradise" (saying that there weren't many remaining in the world)...

Posted by: random | 2005-06-25 4:53:24 PM

Well, look on the bright side, at least they officially prohibit private health care.

Posted by: Tony | 2005-06-25 5:02:17 PM

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